Placement of the washing machine: the best accommodation options, in the kitchen, in the toilet

Placement of the washing machine

The issue of placing a washing machine arises and with a limited footage of the apartment, and with a fairly spacious apartment.

In theory, this technique can be put in any place where you can draw water:

  • bathroom;
  • toilet;
  • kitchen.

In practice, the selection of a location in which it is convenient to place an automatic machine can cause difficulties.


  • Ideally, you should plan the placement of the washing machine during the move before major repairs of the premises. In this case, you can achieve the most convenient installation of such equipment.
  • The machine must be installed on a flat surface. If there is a slope, you need to adjust the position of the adjustable machine supports.
  • When choosing a place for a washing machine, first of all, the dimensions of the unit are taken into account. Also, quite often the machine itself is chosen based on the size of the free space that is placed in the apartment.
  • Be sure to draw a plan of the room, think out a space for easy movement between objects.
Washing machine - room plan
Bathroom plan with washing machine

Ideal variant of

Any housewife's dream is a separate room where you can wash, dry and iron the laundry. However, such an ideal option, providing a room with a large washing machine, dryer, a place for detergents, a place for ironing, is available to a few.

Washing machine in the laundry

Standard placement


The most popular place where the washing machine is located is the bathroom. If its area is quite extensive, it is convenient to hide the machine in a closet with swinging doors, in which above the unit there will be shelves for storage of bath accessories.

Built-in washing machine behind the doors in the bathroom
Built-in washing machine in the bathroom
Washing machine in the bathroom
Built-in washing machine

You can also put a washing machine under the countertop, common with the washbasin( next to it).

Washing machine in the bathroom with sink on one worktop

When the bathroom is very small, it is worth considering installing the washing machine under the sink. This, however, will affect the choice of the machine itself, since under the sink are placed only units with a miniature format( depth to 45 cm and a height of 73 cm).

Recently, there are very stylish solutions.

Washing machine above the sink

Shells, under which this technique is possible, are called "water lilies".Their drain is located behind the washing machine, which is important for the electrical safety of using the equipment. With such a sink, the usable area of ​​the room is saved.

Sink over the washing machine
Washing machine under the sink
Washing machine under the sink

Another solution that is very common and can be considered standard is the installation of an automatic machine in the kitchen.

Washing machine in the kitchen under the counter top


Here there is only one nuance - even with the most accurate falling asleep powder and other detergents in the machine their particles will fall into the air, and, accordingly, can settle on food and dishes. So you need to try to cook, eat and wash at different times. An economical and convenient option would be placing the machine under the countertop. If you want to hide the unit from the eyes, it can be hidden in the cube.

Washing machine in the kitchen built-in


Often in small-sized housing are decided to place a machine in the toilet, although this room is usually the tiniest. If the toilet is spacious enough, the machine can be put next to the toilet, but for a small bathroom you have to consider the possibility of installing equipment over the toilet.

Above the toilet

The idea of ​​hanging a washing machine over the toilet can not be attributed to ergonomic and rational. It is unlikely that it will be comfortable to visit the toilet room during the operation of this technique. Also, difficulties with the loading of laundry are possible, if the owners of the machine have a low growth. Difficulties can be with the installation of the machine, and with its repair.

Washing machine above the toilet

If you still decide to install an automatic machine over the toilet, make sure of the reliability and thoughtfulness of the structure on which the technician will stand. It is also recommended to make a bead that protects the machine from "slipping".The installation height of the machine should be chosen so that the technician does not block access to the drain. To remove the linen without fear to drop it into the toilet, it is necessary to install a drawer under the table top.

We should also mention the existence of a special washing machine, which can be installed under the toilet. It accumulates water after washing and allows it to be used for flushing. This option saves both water and square centimeters, but needs special fixing.

Doubtful versions of

Recently, a washing machine is often installed on a balcony or loggia. However, this decision is good only for the warm season. Most of the balconies are glazed and insulated not enough for the wintering machine-machine. Therefore, before installation, think through this question well and insulate the room.

Washing machine on the balcony

A spare option for installing an automatic machine is the placement of such equipment in the hallway, pantry or closet. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct all the necessary communications to the machine and take care of its design( for the equipment, for example, to fit into the interior of the hallway).

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