Barn with your own hands

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It is not always possible to allocate space in a private house for storage of residual materials, firewood or inventory. And keeping it all under the open sky is simply unacceptable. In addition, any owner may need a special enclosure for animals, which will require the allocation of a large area on the site. In all these cases, no doubt it is necessary to erect a quality shed with your own hands, and to carry out its proper arrangement.


  1. Filling the foundation for the shed
    1. Building of walls and partitions
    2. Roof erection, installation of doors and windows
    3. Features of the construction of a barn at the dacha
    4. Video construction of the shed with their own hands

Filling the foundation for a shed

In any case, such a construction will require a solid foundation. It is desirable to completely fill the foundation and when building an animal shed with your own hands, and when creating a small farm building.

The most correct option will be the creation of a monolithic foundation. It differs in ease of pouring and cheapness of the required materials.

Detailed drawings of the shed will be the best help for a quality work done. It will be necessary to accurately measure the plot under the erection, mark walls and partitions. Then, to prepare the foundation, it is necessary to mark the foundation on the ground, put the formwork, prepare a sand pillow.

The next stage will be reinforcement, and the final stage - the fill. At this stage, the socle will be ready, and you just need to wait for it to completely freeze.

Construction of walls and partitions

It is important to remember that the construction of a shed with your own hands requires careful elaboration of each stage. Therefore, after the foundation is poured, you need to prepare a brick for spreading the walls. Suitable material for the construction of a barn for cottages, a home shed-extension or a shed-pen for animals.

The installation of bricks is quite simple, with its features help familiarize the video of brick masonry. It is also possible to build a shed of wood, such a construction will cost much cheaper than brick.

Roof installation, installation of doors and windows

Once the walls are erected, you can carry the crate under the roof. To perform the task you need strong racks. It is necessary to secure them securely to / in the walls. As a material for the roof, metal tile is ideal. It has an acceptable cost and is easy to install. It is advisable to attach a waterproofing layer to the crate, which allows to protect the structure from falling into the interior of the moisture. With a photo on the construction of the shed with their own hands can be found in the article. A detailed report will make it easy to conduct all the work.

The final stage will be the installation of window and doorways. To do this, you need to secure the boxes in the left openings. Once the base is prepared, the door leaf and window frames with glasses are mounted. You can also use double-glazed windows. They will protect the structure from blowing.

Features of the construction of a barn at the dacha

It should be remembered that in the shed, especially where there are animals, there should be normal ventilation. To do this, in the upper part of the walls you need to make a couple of holes with a diameter of about 10-15 cm. Evaporation will be removed, and an unpleasant smell will not linger in the room.

When building an extension for animals it is important to make an inclined floor for the convenience of cleaning the waste. In addition, you will need to create a thick litter of hay or straw to protect the animals from the cold. It is also important to divide the shed correctly, so that the animals are in separate rooms facing the common corridor.

The general principles of erecting an ordinary shed for dachas, and structures for animals are to use only high-quality materials. A reliable building will last for a long time and will not require repair, and the benefit from it will be maximum.

Video construction of the shed with their own hands

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