Repair of small bedrooms

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Lack of space is the most unpleasant moment for every person during repair. This problem significantly narrows the possibilities, limits its owner in many ways. Very often the owners of apartments complain that they did not have enough room for a table in the kitchen or a closet in the hallway. Of course, there are many options, how can you separate the space;invented even different ways of zoning the territory, but from this, alas, the area does not increase. Visual deception is only an opportunity to simplify the matter, but not solve it in full. If you touched repair the bedroom in a small apartment - you need to prepare for great difficulties. No, this is not an attempt to scare you, rather this article with a photo is a chance for you to prepare in advance for difficulties and questions.

Contents of

  1. What lies ahead?
  2. More details on the little things

What lies ahead?

The fact remains, you have to give up excess. There will be no room for extra things and objects in the room. Your main task is to choose what is absolutely necessary and with a calm soul to get rid of the secondary elements. In this issue, not so important wallpaper and design, as an exact strategic plan for filling the room. It would not hurt to take advantage of the ideas of the repair school in a small bedroom, this step will help to get rid of some confusion and anxiety. It is not superfluous, according to the designers, to seek help from photo materials( they are also presented in this article), which demonstrate different solutions and possibilities for repair in a small bedroom.

Absolutely normal and logical, if in the process of repair work you will constantly encounter difficulties. There is no reason to worry, everything is solved. Follow the pattern that has already become standard: start with the destruction of the old repair elements, then proceed to the complete replacement of the wiring( this is important, so you protect yourself from additional experiences in the future), deal with the walls and ceiling, slowly, but swiftly - go to the stage of incarnationgrandiose repair ideas for a small bedroom into reality.

More in detail about the small things

  1. focus on what materials for construction and repair you buy. Economy here is not the place, but it is not worth chasing after a big price. Be interested in information about manufacturers, read reviews, consult with experts. The more information you collect, the better your purchase will be.
  2. never buy in advance wallpaper and decoration materials, because it happens that the repair of a small bedroom itself slightly adjusts your preliminary ideas and ideas. This is normal and natural, even the situation when they refuse from the already approved stylistic variant of registration and change it to a completely different one, happen.
  3. windows and heating - these are two important points, usually discussed with experts in advance, the installation takes place before the stage of leveling the walls and finishing the space.

Exceptionally pleasant moments are the time when the walls and ceiling are already made and, even if the small bedroom has a holistic and pleasant appearance. Your right to share space with wallpapers or other decorating elements - there are no precise instructions. Much more important is the issue of furniture, here( as already mentioned), do not clutter and oversaturate the room.

Remember, a beautiful renovation in a small bedroom is, first of all, the availability of the necessary furniture. In this case, it should ideally be combined with all other components of the general form( with walls, windows, ceiling, doors).Most likely you will make a difficult choice between a large bed, which is preferred by millions of people and the presence of a closet. Some of the two elements will not be as bulky as they dreamed. But this is far from a tragedy - it's just a little reminder that you just recently made a bedroom repair in a small room.

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