Feet for the bath: for cast iron, acrylic and steel baths( 19 photos)

Bath on the vintage legs
  • How to choose the right legs for the bathroom?
  • Types
    • Under cast iron bath
    • Under steel
    • For acrylic
  • Installation of bath for legs
  • Features of operation
  • Results and conclusions

The bathtub on the legs is an invariable attribute of royal palaces and aristocratic houses. It is interesting that the bath became an ordinary thing in the house only in the 17-18 centuries, before that the European nobility, and commoners did not really like the habit of washing more often than once in several years. Popularization of personal hygiene coincided with the appearance of the Baroque style, the favorite element of the decor is the supports for furniture in the form of lions' paws. On the gilt lion's paws, the beds, armchairs, sofas and, of course, the baths rested.

Royal vintage bath

If you want to feel like a real aristocrat, then the bathroom in one of the European retro-styles, the main decoration of which will be a bath on lions' paws, is certainly your option. But also for fans of other style directions, the bath standing on the legs can be an excellent solution. It is only necessary to correctly define the design - legs, bathroom and accessories. The same lion's paws, but not gilded, and covered with white or silver enamel will look great in the bathroom in the Art Nouveau or Art Deco style.

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For modern bathrooms in stores there is a huge selection of chrome-plated legs under the bath.

Do you prefer country or eco-style? Install the foot bath of the tree or its imitation. Do you want something more original? Make the legs under the bath yourself - use metal pipes, the remains of building materials, spits of trees. The main thing is to ensure the reliability of the resulting design. After all, the legs perform not only a decorative, but also a supporting function.

Bath on chrome legs
Bathtub in Art Nouveau style
Bath on wooden legs

How to choose the right legs for the bathroom?

The legs can be bought complete with a bathtub or they can be sold separately. If you decide to pick up the legs to the bath yourself, then you should consider several important points.

Bathroom legs options

According to the function, the legs for the bath are divided into three types:

  • Decorative legs are designed to serve only as decoration;
  • Support legs support the bath. Installing the font on the support feet is one of the most popular ways of installing bathtubs.
  • The intermediate view of the is an auxiliary leg that is used together with another supporting structure.

Your choice will depend on the type of bath and the way in which it will be installed.

Bath on support legs

There are also several types of tub legs, relative to the way they are attached to the bottom of the bath.

Feet with adhesive tape is easy to install, but can not boast a particularly reliable attachment.

The legs are more durable, which are mounted to the bottom of the bath with special fasteners - brackets, plates or screws.

Installation of the bath on the support legs

An important factor in choosing the legs under the bath is their appearance. It is necessary that the legs are in harmony with the font itself, and with the entire bathroom, forming a style unity with them.

Finally, when buying the legs, be sure to consider the material from which the bath is made.

Modern bath


For cast iron bath

Cast-iron baths return to our apartments together with a fashion for vintage furniture and plumbing. Oval cast iron bathtub on curved legs will give the interior of your bathroom a spirit of antiquity and low-key luxury.

Today, cast iron bathrooms combine a vintage appearance with modern technology. So, in the shops you can find a bath of cast iron with a built-in hydro massage, a thermostat, water lighting and other pleasant and useful functions.

A bath made of cast iron is a heavy enough product, heavier than it, except that a bath made of natural stone, therefore, when choosing legs for such a bath, it is necessary to pay attention to the weight that they withstand.

Cast-iron foot bath
Cast-iron bath with hydromassage
Beautiful cast-iron bathtub on legs

Cast iron baths have been discussed in detail in another article. In it you will learn about the advantages, features, sizes and manufacturers of cast iron baths.

Under steel

The advantages of steel baths are that they are lightweight, durable and inexpensive. The only drawback - the water in them quickly cools. But for those who are not accustomed to basking in the foam for hours, this is not such a big problem. The ease of the material results in a large selection of bathtub design. It is best to buy adjustable legs, in order to later it was easier to install the bath in the desired position. For steel baths also produce special frames that allow you to install a bath in any place, even in the center of the bathroom. The bathtub standing on the frame looks very beautiful and unusual.

Bathtub on a metal frame

Another interesting solution is the decorative pads on the legs of the , which can be bought in order to decorate the standard support legs for cast-iron baths. The choice of these linings is very large, so you are sure to find those that will harmonize with the general situation of your bathroom.

Decorative lining on the legs of the bathtub

For Acrylic

The advantages of acrylic bathtubs have been painted many times already - it is relative cheapness, beautiful appearance and, most importantly, a wide variety of designs. Today you can find an acrylic bath for every taste - in the shops there is a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Baths from acrylic have been discussed in detail in our other article. In it you will learn a lot of interesting things.

Corner acrylic bath on legs

The legs for acrylic baths are installed mainly as a supplement to the main supporting frame, since such baths do not differ in their rigidity.

Otherwise, the choice of legs for an acrylic bath will be yours. There are no special requirements for material or weight. The main thing, make sure that the bath rests on anything else, except the legs.

Bath installation on the legs

It is quite possible to install the bath on the legs with your own hands. The amount of time spent, the tools and materials required depend on the chosen installation method. However, whatever method you choose, be sure to prepare the building level. It will help you to fix the bath in a strictly horizontal plane.

The easiest option is to stick the legs with Velcro. If you chose the legs that are attached in this way, then you just need to turn the bath on its side, stick the legs, wait for the specified amount of time and again lower the bath on the floor. Most often the bath is installed next to the wall. In this case, we only need two legs, since on one side the bath will be attached to the wall using special hooks. On the other hand, the legs are screwed to the bath.

There are several mounting options, the choice depends on the model of the purchased legs. If the legs are already threaded, they are screwed into the prepared holes in the bottom of the bath. Otherwise, you will need screws or bolts.

If it is assumed that the load on the bath will be very high( that is, there will be large enough people in it), it is better to provide additional support. In this capacity, you can use brick or cement blocks. The entire structure is cemented with cement mortar. Close space under the bathroom can be a decorative screen.

Metal decorative screen

Operation features of

The operation of baths standing on the legs is no different from the operation of baths with a different installation method. We will talk about the few differences that we found.

The main difference of the bath on the legs from the podium installed or in another way is that in our case there is empty space under the bathroom.

Positive moment - wash the bathroom floor now is not difficult.

Negative - the space under the bathroom is always in sight, so with the slightest contamination or water ingress, you have to take on a mop.

Bath on forged legs

Another plus - to get a bath soap that has rolled up under a bath or a baby toy becomes easier than an easy one. With the same ease you can check or repair the plumbing equipment, access to which is under the bathroom.

It should be ensured that the bathroom floor remains dry at all times, as water contributes to corrosion. In addition, if the bath rests only on the legs, on the wet floor they will slide and the bath will lose its stability. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the reliability of fastening.

Additional fixing for the bathroom

Results and conclusions

So, the foot bath is an unusual and stylish solution that still looks fresh and original, especially in the appropriate environment. Acquiring such a bath, you should take care that it fits into the interior and does not discord with the rest of the plumbing and furniture.

It is best to buy bath legs at the same time as the mixer, shower and hot and cold water valves. So you will be able to observe the style unity, which will make your updated bath a real bathroom decoration.

Bath legs in one style with an interior