Toilet seat with microlift: fashionable or necessary?

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Modernity dictates the desire for excellence in everything, and in our century, when something new is very difficult to invent, many companies are making enormous efforts to improve existing ones. This statement also touched upon sanitary engineering developments: the toilet bowl and its accessories are becoming more and more sophisticated, stylish, leading designers of the world work on their appearance.

Today, no one is surprised by the hanging models of toilet seats, seat preheating and other gadgets. But one innovation can seriously change your life and nervous system - it's a toilet seat with a microlift."House of Dreams" will help to understand in more detail what kind of novelty it is, and whether it will be useful to you.

Toilet seat with microlift

Toilet seat with microlift

Microlift for toilet: use or whim?

It would seem: what is it in an innocuous cover from all used toilet? No matter how. This subject is able to completely change the life of the family in which it is, bringing it to quarrelsome quarrels, scandals and even, yes, yes, even before the divorce. Undoubtedly, the ill-fated lid is only an excuse, but such an irritating factor as an eternally raised or eternally lowered lid of the toilet is able to pull out any person who for any reason experiences stress and a loud clap from its fall is brought to the state of affect. That is why the lid for the toilet with microlift is an excellent solution for those families where this issue is taken seriously.

Nevertheless, this plumbing invention is useful to those who just love comfort in everything. It is always pleasant to enjoy the achievements of modern technologies, which greatly facilitate our daily life.

Another serious problem associated with the fall of the lid from the toilet, is the injury of toddlers, boys to seven years. Sometimes they are unable to combine the process of urination with holding the lid in the raised position, they sometimes release it from their hands and can get an unpleasant, and sometimes serious trauma to the genitals.

It becomes obvious that the device of the microlift on the lid of the toilet has its target audience and, undoubtedly, is a necessary thing when buying and installing sanitary ware.

How does the microlift cover the toilet bowl and a little more about it

principle of operation of the microlift of the lid of the toilet bowl

How does the microlift work with the toilet cover

? Who rarely thinks about how the TV works or how does the microlift cover the toilet bowl? The end result is most often important for the consumer. However, a few words about the principle of the operation of this plumbing device and what, in fact, the salt, is worth telling.

In previous variations of the toilet seat, the lid, when closed, was sent to a free flight with all the accompanying G and overloads, and fell with a crash to the edge of the toilet. The result is a frequent breakdown of the toilet seat, cracks and splinters of the edge of the toilet bowl, and many negative emotions in the person slamming him.

In the same place where a suspended toilet bowl with microlift is installed or a toilet seat is taken separately with this equipment for the most common toilet, the lid is lowered smoothly, in several stages. The principle of the microlift work of the lid of the toilet bowl is very similar to the work of the door closer in the usual entrance door, but much smaller. Sometimes such a seat is called a "smooth-running device".

It is noteworthy that the installation of the lid of the toilet bowl with microlift is a pleasure relatively inexpensive and available to the absolute majority of buyers.

A brief historical digression of

If the toilet itself was invented more than 130 years ago, then this invention appeared quite recently, already in the XXI century. When the race for the market share of plumbing companies began to depend on the comfort of the buyer, at the same time a lot of new products appeared, so it's impossible to give someone the palm tree. However, today such devices can be seen in almost all venerable manufacturers of sanitary ware. Every year this invention is improved, becomes more aesthetic and acquires more functionality.

Variants, manufacturers and prices

Toilet seats vary greatly in appearance, and in dimensions and mounting methods. Now, firms producing seats with microlifts are many, but the most high-quality and reliable options are found in European and American manufacturers. And although Asian and domestic companies are attacking them "on their heels," the difference in the level is still evident.

The competition in this market resulted in a variety of shapes, colors and pricing policy. The wide color scale allows organically to fit into the bathroom interior this useful invention, and the variety of overall dimensions allows to choose such a toilet bowl even for the tiniest toilet room.

You can buy a good toilet with a microlift system starting from 100-150 $, and elite models with an original design can cost about $ 1000-2500.

lid for toilet with microlift

Toilet cover with microlift

installation of a lid of a toilet bowl with a microlift

Installation of toilet cover with microlift

How to choose a toilet with a system of microlift

From the correct choice of such a seemingly banal thing as a toilet, depends on the health, comfort and psychological climate of your family. Therefore, his choice is taken seriously. So:

  • When choosing a system with microlift, be guided by the products that are in the middle price segment. The model you like is critically evaluated about the harmonious infusion into the interior of the bathroom, drawing attention to the reliability of the manufacturer.
  • Do not be lazy to read reviews on the network on different models and especially on the one that you liked.
  • The seat with a micro-lift must be comfortable, practical and quality. Pay attention to the materials from which this model is made.
  • Do not forget that the microlift cover can have other additional functions, such as seat heating, effective self-cleaning and even a smooth lift mechanism that responds to the right person.
how is the microlift of the lid of the toilet bowl

How is the microlift toilet cover

If you are interested in this plumbing device, then the toilet seat with microlift can be easily purchased separately, without buying a special toilet. You can find it either in any plumbing store or building a supermarket, or via the Internet. Using the latest technology, you can greatly facilitate your life and cheer up!

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