Balcony with carrying out by own hands

When carrying out repairs on the balcony you can take advantage of the opportunity and expand its useful area. It is quite possible to do this if you build a balcony with a carrying out by yourself. More spacious space will provide greater comfort.

Outside balcony on the top floor

Remote balcony on the top floor of the

The main advantage of the reconstructed balconies is the wide window sills, on which you can put bulky flower pots. But in fact before they occupied a useful area. In addition to this, there are several other advantages that make remote balconies so popular:

  • In a vacant space, you can easily build built-in cabinets or arrange room-style flowers on the stands.
  • The wide width of the window sills allows you to grow on them not only flowers, but also seedlings, with sufficient light.
  • If there are cantilever ropes for drying clothes on the balcony, they can be moved closer to the window, freeing up even more space.
  • The load-bearing structures of the loggia or balcony are very well reinforced, which has a positive effect on safety.
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  • The overall illumination level is noticeably increased.

In addition, with a competent and thoughtful approach to design design of the structure, an outward balcony will be advantageous to stand out from the others.

In what order should all the work of

be carried out. The work on removing the balcony should be carried out in a certain sequence. If you decide to conduct the entire procedure yourself, you should familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties of this process.

First of all, you need to depict the layout of the future design on paper, calculate all the loads and perform planning calculations:

  • You need to determine the dimensions of the remote design of the balcony.
  • Make a choice of material for the floor and roof.
  • Identify the required number of windows and their appearance.
  • Competently to think over all options for warming the surface of the fence and stop at the most optimal.
  • Decide on the option of wall, flow and floor finish.
  • Decide on what heating and lighting will be installed on the renovated balcony.

The calculation of the length of the profile that will be used to construct the outrigger structures is impossible without the preliminary execution of the drawing with all the details. For this purpose, it is required to measure the length of the parapet, taking into account the dimensions of the side fences and the gaps between the bridges. Determine the length of the future slanting. The resulting number must be multiplied by 2 and the required number of profiles.

Scheme of a skeleton of a balcony with carrying out

Scheme of the skeleton of the balcony with the removal


The first step is the construction and fixing of the skeleton of the remote balcony. There is no problem in solving this issue if you live on the first floor of a house. In this case it is possible to arrange screw piles, which are installed directly into the ground. The entire structure of the balcony can be built on these very stilts. For the construction of a remote balcony on the upper floors, the entire frame will have to be fixed directly to the walls. This will transfer the load to them from the balcony plate.

Welding of a skeleton for a balcony with carrying out

Welding of a skeleton for a balcony with the removal

The guarding design of a loggia or balcony is made of profile steel corners or pipes. Measure two pieces from the profile for long and short sides. The old metal structure must be dismantled. Leave only needy vertical supports. You can trim an old frame with the help of a Bulgarian. New elements are attached to the attachment point and welded by welding. In the same way, the rest of the parts are installed around the entire perimeter of the balcony construction.

The horizontal and verticality of all elements during the whole construction process should be controlled with the help of a building level and a plumb line. If there are any deviations, then they need to be corrected at the welding stage. Otherwise, it will be problematic in the future. Perform welding operations in full compliance with fire regulations and safety regulations. If you do not handle the welding machine very well, it is better to entrust this business to professionals, since quality welded seams are a guarantee of safe location on the future balcony.

After the frame is welded, it is necessary to install jumper strips that are equal in length to the width of the future window sill. The jumpers are also welded to the level. To the wall the construction is fixed with special strong anchors. When the frame and all the jumpers to it are fully assembled, you need to clean all welds and paint them with a reliable primer that is suitable for outdoor work.

Roof and glazing

As a roof on the balcony, it is best to use a soft material, as it has better absorption of noise. An example is bitumen slate or soft tile. The frame for the roof is made of the same profile in the form of a visor. For this, several supporting trusses are welded in the form of rectangular triangles, which are fastened by anchors to the wall at the correct height. Between each other, the trusses are connected by a crossbeam and the crate is made of brusks of 50x100 mm. If the roof is soft, the crate must be solid from plywood. To somehow reduce the noise from the rain, you can lay a soundproof material under the roof.

Roof-visor for the balcony

Roof-visor for balcony

The next stage is the installation of double-glazed windows with tides and peaks. They are designed to remove moisture from the windows. The tide should go at least 15 cm beyond the edge of the balcony at its edge. This will strengthen it more securely under the window frame. As a glazing for a remote balcony, you can use any double-glazed windows. It can be metal-plastic or aluminum windows with swinging or sliding doors. The type of double-glazed windows depends also on the functional purpose of the balcony. If it is warm, then they must be double or triple. When protection is needed only from the rain and wind, it will be enough and single. The frameless type of glazing will also look great.

Thermal insulation of the balcony

If you want your balcony to be warm at any time of the year, then it will need to be insulated. In addition to this, it is necessary to install heating and ventilation devices on such a balcony. Warming is done with foam, polystyrene or mineral wool. Since the structure of the frame is moved some distance beyond the level of a standard balcony, this space can be completely filled with a heater. On top of it make the finishing with any finishing materials. To insulate the floor on the stove lay logs of wooden bars, between which cover the insulation. The floor is spread over the lag. At the same time, it is possible to additionally provide an electric floor heating system for the finish coat.

Finishing work

Interior finishing involves not only the cladding of walls, floor and ceiling, but also installation of communications and electrical wiring. All this can be hidden inside the frame under false walls. The finishing itself can be made with plasterboard, lining, plastic panels and other common materials.

Finishing work

Finishing work

In general, an outboard balcony can have a volume of about 15 to 20 percent more than the standard one. In this case, the area of ​​its floor usually remains unchanged. It visually expands the space, gives more light and air to all space.