Repair of the faucet for the bathroom and kitchen with your own hands( ball, single lever and with two taps)


  • 1 Repair of single-lever ball mixer for kitchen, bathroom
  • 2 Repair of cartridge mixer with own hands
Repair mixer for kitchen, bathroom with own hands photo

Repair of plumbing equipment by one's own hands. We repair the faucets for the kitchen and the bathroom by ourselves.

You broke the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, what to do? Where to go? It is possible to resort to the help of professionals, having addressed with the application in corresponding establishment. You can get help in a private organization that provides a full range of repair work. And you can and make your own efforts, showing a little curiosity and ingenuity. Let's consider an example of repair of the mixer for kitchen( kitchen single-lever) and a bathroom( with two faucets for a shower) with own hands.

So, always turn off the water supply before proceeding. Prepare any container, in case the remaining water in the tap will drain. The capacity may not be deep, nor desirable with not high edges for the convenience of substitution. If you bought a mixer in a store, then by all trade rules you should have documents indicating the technical characteristics of the crane, perhaps an instruction, or a picture-diagram of the mixer. It may be needed. If it does not, then do not be scared, it's not critical.

Repair of single-lever ball mixer for kitchen, bathroom

Before starting the repair of the single lever mixer, try to determine the visually possible cause of the leak. Just look at the tap carefully. Leakage can be caused by several reasons: the first one is a mechanical damage to the body of the mixer, as a result of which a crack or chip may have formed. The second most common cause of leakage is the wear of the inner gasket. In the case of a feather, you can try to eliminate the leak by sealing the crack sealant, but this is provided that the crack is not large in size. If the mechanical damage is significant, the mixer must be completely replaced. If you did not find any damage and the crane is still leaking, then most likely the cause was wear of the gasket.

To replace this worn out part, the crane must be dismantled. Carefully unscrew the nuts on the main body of the mixer, you can easily do it yourself. On some modern models, the nuts are protected with an additional casing to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the mixer. The body, as a rule, shifts with a little effort and opens access to the main fixing nuts. This applies to the mixer above the bathroom or kitchen.

The gasket is a rubber ring, the purpose of which is to seal the joint. You can buy the gasket in any construction shop. O-rings are manufactured in various diameters and are sold individually and in sets. The diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the diameter of the nest at the point of leakage. Be careful when tightening the nuts after replacing the gasket, wear is not only a long operation, but also with a constriction connection.

If it's a mixer that's built into the sink, then it's not that hard. The reason for the leakage of the mixer may be the wear of the ceramic cartridge inside the crane.

Repairing the mixer cartridge with your own hands

Single lever mixer repair Pick up a sharp object, such as a screwdriver and pry up the top cover - the crane arm. The cover, with a small effort, will be removed, revealing the locking screw to your attention. The locking screw is a part with a hexagonal slot-hole. After dismantling the main lever handle, it is necessary to unscrew the decorative nut, followed by the union nut.

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repair single lever mixer with your own hands photo After removing the flare nut, inside we will see the same ceramic cartridge that caused the water leakage. The cartridge is easy to change, by replacing it with a new one, purchased at the store. Just remember that when buying a new cartridge requires the participation of a sales consultant, it is important to specify the model and brand of your mixer.

repair single lever mixer with your own hands photo

The cartridge will be firmly installed only if the holes on this part coincide with the recesses in the mixer itself. Then repeat all the actions performed in the reverse order - tighten the union nut. The lever knob is returned to its place.

If you notice that in your bathroom the water flows simultaneously from the shower and from the faucet, the reason may also be the wear of the gaskets.

If the cause of the leakage is the damage to the flexible hose, it is recommended to replace it, if this is not possible, we recommend proceeding as follows:

First, pay attention to the two ends of the hose, they both need rubber gaskets. It is difficult to disconnect the hose from the mixer body itself, but if they arise, you will need a special "cobra" tool in the type of a swivel key. Disconnect the shower head from the hose and check the condition of the rubber gasket.

mixer circuit not ball Independent repair of cranes is not a ball type, and having two valves( kitchen and shower) also does not require professional skills, if the failure is not of a capital scale. The most common cause of leakage in cranes of this type is the wear of the stuffing box in the valve. To eliminate the cause, it is necessary to seal the seal or replace it with a new one. After tightening the nut to the stop, it is not always possible to avoid water leakage. Then the problem can be solved by adding packing to the stuffing box. To begin with, you need to get rid of the union nut by means of its not a difficult dismantling, then you need to get the stuffing box bushing. In the formed backlash it is necessary to lay the sealant neatly and tightly wrapping the rod. It should be remembered that after each turn, it is necessary to press as tightly as possible the sealant. Be sure to leave space in the gap for the bushing. Then put the bushing in the place prepared for it, so that you can easily tighten the union nut without any problems.

The cause of the malfunction of the flywheel can be the cause of the breakage of your shower or shower mixer( such as two faucets).The flywheel, like any other part, can fail due to prolonged wear, or simply poor performance. The flywheel can only be replaced with a similar one. Dismantling is not difficult to follow the instructions, but there may be a situation where the screw that secures the flywheel does not want to turn. Then, mechanical impact on the screw is possible with a screwdriver. If this does not cause the screw to break out, break the flywheel. Flywheel of faience quickly breaks, if the body of plastic, then use a hacksaw, a knife. When the flywheel is eliminated, try using a pair of pliers to twist the screw. If this does not work, use the file. Now the repair of the kitchen faucet or shower cubicle, whether single-lever ball or consisting of two faucets will not be an impossible task, because now you can repair and replace yourself, without resorting to expensive help from plumbers. If you have a different kind of crane, then an article about repairing and replacing the crane will help you.