How to properly glue the wallpaper in the corners of the room - the order of work and video

If repairs are initiated in the house, wallpaper can not be avoided without wallpapering. Many have done this many times, and each has its own technology of pasting, its "favorite" adhesive composition. It would seem that you can invent something new here, when working with wallpaper is not very difficult? But does everyone know how to properly glue the wallpaper in the corners of the room?


The fact is that with any, even the most cutting-edge technology used in construction, it is impossible to achieve the ideal geometry of buildings and structures. So, the corners in the room will never be strictly straight. And the corner joint of two walls will not be strictly vertical. But the wallpaper should lie flat, not only on the walls, but also on the corners. To achieve this, you should know a few simple rules for wallpapering on the corners.

Rules for wallpapering in corners

  1. Be sure to check the "verticality" of the corner. This is done with the help of the simplest plummet - the weight on the string.
  2. Never stick a whole strip on the corner. You are guaranteed to get at least a small crease, and not the fact that the joint of neighboring bands will be even. And if the wallpaper with a picture, parts of which are on different stripes, then problems will be added.
  3. When trying the last strip on the wall in front of the corner, leave a small margin in width. It will be needed for laying on the corner and a little on the other wall. This will allow to combine the drawing( or the joint) with the strip that will go along the other wall.
  4. Remember - the wallpaper is glued strictly vertically to avoid spaces between adjacent strips.
  5. If you collide in a corner with a switch, an outlet, which is not uncommon in our homes, turn off the electricity. Carefully remove the cover from the socket( switch) and glue the strip of wallpaper. While the wallpaper is damp, use a small pair of scissors to cut out the circle in the location of the outlet. The diameter is slightly less than the diameter of the bubble box. In this case, after installing the cover on the socket( switch), the edges of the cut circle will not be visible.


If the corner of the room in which you decided to paste the wallpaper is too uneven( which you can see when you trim the old cover off the wall), do not try to hide this unevenness with new wallpaper. The emptiness behind a strip of wallpaper does not lead to anything good. You can somehow unintentionally damage this place, and in the new wallpaper there will be a hole. It is better to spend a little time and align this angle. It is easy to make with the help of various putty, sealing compounds - the choice is great. Especially as you do for yourself.