Toilet bowl reinforcement

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Design of the tank

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The design of the valve body of the tank depends on the type of installation. The main working bodies of the shut-off valves are the filling and emptying units. In turn, they are formed by a number of smaller details.

The main elements of this device are:

  • The regulating mechanism is usually made in the form of a lever or button.
  • Float - controls the level of water in the tank, connected with the trigger of the toilet.
  • Ball valve and lever - allows water to flow into the reservoir of the tank
  • Siphon - it allows water to enter the toilet bowl

It should be noted that there is no separate locking mechanism in the drain tank. The valve closes the water flow, returning to the site under the influence of its own weight. But the device that provides supply of pod in the tank, it seems more complicated. It consists of a supply nozzle, a valve that is mounted on it, and a float.

The principle of this mechanism is that when the float settles on the bottom of the tank tank, the valve opens and allows water to enter. When the required amount of water is collected, the float will float, thereby closing the valve.

How to install the toilet bowl

Before you begin, it is recommended that you make sure that the brand of the valve kit is the same as the toilet itself. This will greatly simplify the installation of the drain system and will ensure its long and reliable operation.

Preparatory stage

Immediately before installation, you should purchase a wrench, a two-inch wrench, a screwdriver and pliers. Also useful ball valve and flexible hose. After all the materials and tools are assembled, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of the tank itself. It is carried out purely on the recommendations that come with the toilet room equipment. After the previous operation has been completed, the installation of the water pipe connection line with the drainage system connection should be done. To do this, it is necessary to install a valve on the water supply pipe connection and connect the flexible hose with the tap.

Installation of the water supply system

The float valve and the tank connection are then connected. The first nut is wound on it and a sealing ring is placed on top of it. The socket is passed into a special niche in the tank body and the second nut is screwed on the outside. Both hangers are brought closer to each other until the nipple is fully adhered to the body and a tight joint is formed. Then connect the hose connector and seal it.

Installation of the

water discharge system The penultimate stage of the operation is the installation of a drainage system. It is necessary to install a shut-off valve above the union. Then it is fastened with the lever by means of a drain pull, in the lid of the toilet bowl over this lever a drain button is mounted. This is the basic installation scheme, which for another tank device will look a little different.

Regulation of the

tank operation After the toilet flush valve has been installed, it is possible to set up and adjust it. In order to do this, you need to fill the tank with water. The ball valve, which was installed earlier, opens and water enters. During this, it is necessary to follow the movement of the float - it must float on the surface of the water, without touching the walls of the tank and the details of the locking and filling mechanisms. In the same way, the altitude of the floating float is adjusted. Recommended working conditions:

  • Tank filling time - 2-3 minutes
  • Water level - below the edge by 5-7 cm.

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Repair of the waste tank valve

If suddenly there is a constant leak from the tank, or when the drain button is pressed, water does not flow into the bowl, the toilet bowl flush valve is broken and needs repair. To do this, close the tap, which supplies water to the tank and empty it, then remove the non-working valve and install a new one. It is not recommended to change individual parts of the armature, as, most likely, it has worn out, and one breakdown will be followed by the next.

To ensure that the toilet works correctly and does not create a sense of discomfort in the bathroom, the correct installation of the flush tank valve is vital. It is best to select the brand of reinforcement in accordance with the brand of the toilet bowl. The most qualitative in the market are plumbing fixtures and parts of Italian, French, and also Czech manufacturers.

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