How to choose a bath with hydromassage

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Bath with hydromassage has long ceased to be a luxury item and is increasingly becoming an indispensable attribute of every home. In connection with the growth of demand and competition within the segment, the prices for such products are falling, and therefore it becomes easier to choose a whirlpool bath. Since the devices are manufactured in a variety of forms, modifications and colors, one should be guided in key parameters that will allow you to buy a functional and ergonomic product.


  • Types of hydromassage products
  • The choice of material manufacturing
    • Plastic hot tubs
    • Production of fiberglass
    • Cast whirlpools
    • Acrylic bath with whirlpool
  • choice of technical components
    • nozzles
    • frame bath
    • Whirlpool function
    • Nanos in products
  • modes whirlpool work
  • Selection according to design

Types of whirlpool

Depending on this criterion, you canHighlight two types of products:

  • ordinary bath;
  • combined.

The usual type of is very popular. This type of product is distinguished by the fact that the whirlpool function is provided by means of air-water jets. In this case, the nozzles are located on the sides of the bath itself.

The combined bath has a different massage system. The influx of jets occurs both in the form of air-water, and air-bubble flows simultaneously. For this, the products include air and hydromassage jets. On the level of comfort, combined products significantly exceed conventional ones.


Selection according to the material of manufacture

Modern baths with hydromassage can be found in such variants:

  • acrylic;
  • plastic;
  • fiberglass;
  • cast iron.

Let's consider in more detail the features of each type of material, so that when choosing to navigate in key merits and shortcomings of products.

Plastic whirlpool baths

The simplest version is made of plastic. Consider the main advantages of :

  • such material looks quite aesthetically;
  • manufacturers offer a wide range of products;
  • the choice of shapes and colors to combine with the bathroom interior;
  • bath with hydromassage at a price significantly different from the analogues.

However, this product has a number of shortcomings :

  • short service life;
  • material is easily susceptible to negative effects of hard water, salts and temperature changes;
  • low resistance to mechanical damage;
  • is not easy to clean, remove scratches or plaque.


Products from fiberglass

This variety is found somewhat less often than just plastic baths, but the has a number of such advantages:

  • low weight of hydromassage products;
  • wide variation in design;
  • simplicity in repair and maintenance;
  • longer service life than plastic products;
  • relative cheapness.

Along with this, it should be mentioned some drawbacks of fiberglass baths:

  • appearance of tarnish over time;
  • low resistance for physical, mechanical and chemical influences;
  • in case of improper use the case is easily broken.


Cast iron whirlpool bath

The most rare option is the cast-iron bath with hydromassage. However, the relevance of such products is dictated by several weighty advantages of , such as:

  • durability;
  • high strength of the product;
  • long heat retention;
  • aesthetics and exclusivity;
  • is easy to clean.

In this case, cast iron baths with hydromassage have some deficiencies in use. Among the main ones can be identified such as:

  • large weight of the product;
  • difficulties in installation and dismantling;
  • high cost of material;
  • small set of functional elements;
  • a relatively small selection of additional options;
  • difficulties in delivery.


Acrylic baths with hydromassage

This kind of products is the most in demand among consumers today. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products in a variety of forms, colors and conditions of completion. Consider key advantages of acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage:

  • simplicity in care and cleaning;
  • high hygiene - in the structure of the material does not accumulate dirt, microbes and microorganisms;
  • good maintainability - any crack or scratch is easily eliminated at home;
  • material for a long time retains the external aesthetics, does not fade and does not lose its luster;
  • low weight of products;
  • high resistance to infrared and UV radiation;
  • long service life;
  • great variability of models.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, the acrylic hydromassage baths have a number of disadvantages of .Consider the most important of them:

  • low resistance to high temperatures;
  • insufficient strength of the frame;
  • susceptibility of the material to chemical care products;
  • is relatively high cost.


Selection according to technical components

The types of massage procedures in the bath and their features determine the technical components with which each product is equipped. Let's consider in detail, on what points it is necessary to make an accent at a choice of a hydromassage bath.


This element is a device that provides spraying of air and water flows. Modern manufacturers equip their products with nozzles of two types - brass and polymer. When selecting a bath, you should pay attention to such features:

  1. The optimum number of elements should be at least 6, otherwise the water will be excessively bubbling.
  2. It is desirable to have micro-nozzles that can provide aeromassage functions.
  3. The water pressure in the system must be at least 2 bar.
  4. For ease of cleaning and hygiene, give preference to nozzles that are mounted on the surface of the product, and not attached to the outside of the walls.
  5. It is advisable to choose baths in which there are adjustable elements with automatic closing.


Bath frame

Before buying a bath with hydromassage, pay attention to the frame of the product. The main features that need to be considered are the following:

  • give preference to products in which there is a reinforcing base around the perimeter of the bath, as it guarantees a uniform weight distribution to its bottom;
  • strength of the entire structure depends on the presence of a bearing all-metal frame;
  • is better if the corner bath with hydromassage will have several points of support.


Hydromassage functions

Depending on the functionality of the bath, the therapeutic effect of bathing can be provided. In this case, the main component actions are:

  • the choice of massage modes;
  • providing the state of weightlessness;
  • relaxation under the thermal action of water.


Application in

The choice of the superficial mechanism is determined by the number of nozzles. In this case, you should pay attention to a number of such features:

  • give preference to deposits made from a special waterproofing polymer with aluminum parts;
  • engine power should be not less than 600 W, preferably within 700-1500 W;
  • engine in high-quality products works noiselessly;
  • select sediment with a performance rating of over 200 l / min;
  • when installing the element, shock absorbers must be used;
  • the best option - the installation of an auxiliary compressor, which allows to include turbo mode.


Operating modes of the

whirlpool The advantage of a bath with hydromassage is precisely in the massage functions. Submarine streams use special elements - injectors, whose operation can be adjusted independently, using the remote control. Many manufacturers of elite products in this segment offer an extensive range of hydromassage procedures. Consider the main ones:

  1. Simulate the waterfall, which is carried out by means of a special crane. Such an arrangement gives the flow of water along a cascade principle.
  2. Traditional hydromassage, the action of which allows you to direct the jets to the acupuncture points of the body. At the same time, the water pressure force can change, which is regulated by the modes - vibrating, pulsating, traveling wave, etc.
  3. Oriental hydromassage - a mode of imitation of pressing the strong fingers of the masseur.
  4. The effect of a spiral, rain or whirlpool.
  5. The regime of air hydromassage, beneficial to the skin and blood flow of the body.


The choice depends on the design of the

The most extensive variety of shapes and configurations have acrylic bathtubs. When choosing products, you may encounter such variations of the whirlpool baths:

  1. Oval products that can be placed in the center of the room or near the walls.
  2. Rectangular bathtubs - optimally suited for installation in small rooms.
  3. Corner products that blend harmoniously into any room design and take up little space.
  4. Round baths for installation in the central part of the room.
  5. Products of non-standard shapes or with bevelled corner.

Thus, the main aspects and product requirements are listed, which should be armed when choosing a whirlpool bath. You can read product reviews on the manufacturer's website and find the optimal and multifunctional attribute of the bathroom will be much easier.

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