Shelves for a bath: will help to be soared with comfort

Every lover of steam in a Russian bathhouse is familiar with such a concept as a shelf - this is exactly the element of the steam room where people sit or lie, heating their body to high temperatures. It is on how well the shelves for the bath are made, the convenience of the person's stay in the steam room depends. But they also influence the beautiful interior of the bath.

Shelves for a bath from a tree

Shelves for sauna from wood

The comfortable process of visiting a steam room is affected not only by the shape and size of the shelves, the material from which they are made is also very important. Most likely, you do not need to explain why in a bath there is no place for any other material, except wood:

  • first, rubber, metals, plastics from heat are deformed and still emit many toxic substances, inhaling which is equivalent to taking poison into the body;
  • secondly, when heated, wood releases a lot of useful essential oils, which, together with high temperature, have a therapeutic effect on the human body. It turns out a kind of inhalation - that's why when building a sauna, the used tree species is of great importance.

What can be shelves in the bath

As a rule, all modern Russian baths are equipped with three-tier shelves - this way a person is given the opportunity not to immediately expose his body to high temperatures, but gradually. First, the lower tier, on which the person is slightly warmed up. Having got used to one temperature, it is possible to rise on a step above and even above. This nuance is directly related to the laws of physics - hot water, steam and air always rises. Therefore, climbing to the highest shelves for a bath, you are exposed to the highest temperature.

Shelves in the bathhouse can be of different shapes and configurations: they are all made for the person to be able to either lie or sit or both at once. A universal version of the regiments, on which a person can come in almost any position convenient for him, is a racks made in the form of wide benches. They are located along the walls of the stairs - and move from the shelf to the shelves is convenient and people located on top, will not interfere with those that are on the lower tier.

Beautiful polka in a bath photo

Beautiful shelves in a bath photo

How to make shelves for a bath

How to make shelves for a bath

Racks in the bath photo

Canopies in a bath Photo

How to make shelves in a bath with your own hands

In principle, making shelves for a bath by yourself is quite simple - if you can use a woodworking electric tool or at least a hand hacksawand a hammer, then this is not a problem. Everything depends on your desire and love of bathing procedures.

Before starting to manufacture regiments, we first determine their dimensions - as a rule, the size of the regiments in the bath is calculated from its area. The width of the shelves is very important - it should be such that a person can quite comfortably sit on them lying or half-sitting, that is, this size should be at least 700mm. This size is typical only for the upper shelf, which is fixed permanently to the wall. All the lower tiers are distinguished by a removable structure and height - the width remains the same. In fact, the first and second shelves are two benches of different heights, which have the ability to move under each other.

This approach to the device of the shelf in the bath ensures not only the convenience of the bathing procedure itself, but also easy access to the bottom of the shelves for cleaning the room of the steam room. You should understand that the adoption of such procedures requires exceptional cleanliness and hygiene. Otherwise, in any way - in badly cleaned public baths it is easy to pick up some sore.

But let's return to our regiments and pay attention to some more features of their design. Asking the question how to build shelves in a bath, one should also understand that the quality and roughness of their surface also plays a very important role. Our body is very prone to injury and, therefore, if the tree is not treated properly, splints and wounds are guaranteed. At a minimum, it must be carefully sanded using abrasive material.

But most importantly - always remember that any impregnation and varnish-and-paint products in the sauna is absolutely forbidden to open. Firstly, it is toxic, and secondly, it is useless - it will still burn out from the heat. If you are thinking about what to process the shelves in the bath, then know that no other way, except for mechanical processing, the tree in the bath does not accept.

Shelves in the bath with their own hands

Shelves in a bath with their own hands

How to care for shelves for a bath

As mentioned above, the issue of cleanliness and hygiene in the bath remains always relevant. And although the temperature in the steam room does its job, killing most of the microbes and bacteria, you still need to remember the dirt and grease coming out with sweat from our body. They should also be washed off periodically, not only from the floor surface, but also from wooden structures. Than to wash shelves in a bath? We hope you understand that no new-fashioned detergents can be used for this. The maximum that can be used to establish cleanliness and order in the bath, so this is an ordinary household soap. In the case of strong contaminants, you can always resort to mechanical cleaning of the wood with abrasive material.

Rags for a bath - how to care

Bath racks - how to care

As you can see, the shelf for a bath is not very complicated, and making it yourself is quite simple. The main thing is to understand exactly how you want to place one or several polka-strips, and to know the main principles of their construction. And in the rest, you can completely trust such a natural material as a tree.

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