Angle bar for curtains in the bathroom: selection and installation( 11 photos)

Corner bar for curtains in the bathroom
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  • Separation of the bathroom into two zones.
  • Protection against splashing water on walls, doors and floors, especially if the bathroom is small.
  • Aesthetics. Cleverly selected form of the cornice along with color and pattern on the curtain will create an atmosphere of coziness, completeness of the image of the room as a whole.
Advantages of the angular bar for curtains in the bathroom
Advantages of the angular rod for curtains in the bathroom


As a rule, the drawbacks are caused by the material from which the rod is made:

  • The plastic bar will quickly become unusable, it has a short operational period.
  • Aluminum can bend, and the appearance of such a cornice is not very aesthetic.
Disadvantages of the corner bar for curtains in the bathroom

Kinds of

If for the classification basis take the appearance, then the rod happens:

  • Straight.
  • Corner.
  • Semicircular.
  • Round.
  • Square.
  • Oval.

For the insulation of a bath located in a corner, a corner bar is used. The fastened curtain surrounds it from two sides. The shape of such a bar can be very diverse: angle, arc, semicircle, letter "G".

The bar is directly attached to two opposite walls and thus fences the bathing area from the room itself. It can be telescopic;to move apart. Thus, its length is adjustable and it is not necessary to cut off the excess part. However, the curtains on such a bar should be light.

Varieties of angular rod for curtains in the bathroom
Shape of angular bar for curtains in the bathroom
Types of angular rod for curtains in the bathroom


For the production of a rod for curtains, use a different material.

Plastic. There is such a bar inexpensive. However, it does not last long. Time has a negative effect on plastic. He can change color, break. He faces a deformation. If you still decided to purchase a bar from this material, then the ideal option will be a high-strength polymer. It is much better than conventional plastic, durable and reliable. Plus the design in noiselessness. The curtain will move gently and quietly.

Metal. The material is very interesting. The choice is the richest: from matte aluminum to shiny stainless steel. The price is higher than the previous material. If the curtain is equipped with metal rings, then the movement of the metal against the metal is quite loud. Rings of plastic are not very strong. The correct solution is to choose aluminum rings covered with plastic.

Chrome. The chrome bar is sturdy and incredibly beautiful. It can resemble gold, silver or bronze.

Wood. The product will look very nice, but will not last long.

Quite often the manufacturer offers combined models. In this case, the metal base of the rod is covered with another material( plastic, enamel).

Materials angular rod for curtains in the bathroom
Wooden corner curtain rod for the bathroom

Tips for choosing

The basic thing to be guided by when choosing a bar is the shape of the bathtub. If you own a non-standard bathtub, you will have to order the bar individually.

No less important is the size of the room itself.

The bar should be in the same style with the bathroom interior. The stainless steel bar is suitable for hi-tech style, and the bronze color fits perfectly into the classic style.

Tips for choosing an angular bar for curtains in the bathroom


  • Before starting the installation of the product, it is necessary to stock up with the necessary tools: a screwdriver( for the lack of a cross-head screwdriver), a knife, a tile drill, a drill, a pencil.
  • Initially, the assembly is performed. There is nothing complicated in this, as the instruction explains everything in detail.
  • Next, take a pencil and note at what height our cornice should be. When measuring, be sure to take into account that the curtain is located below the edge of the bath by 20 cm. This prevents water from entering the floor.
  • Drill holes for dowels. The depth of the holes is 4.5 cm, the dowels - 4 cm. We fasten the bracket with the help of screws to the walls of the room.
  • If the shape of the rod is L-shaped, then additionally it must be fixed either to the floor or to the wall.
  • Telescopic bar is easy to install. It is pushed to the required length, fixed and fixed with an internal spring. If the shape of the bar is a semicircle, then suckers are needed, which will firmly fix it, otherwise it will bend.
  • It only remains to attach the curtain with the clamps.
Installation of angular rod for curtains in the bathroom