Bio fireplaces for an apartment with their own hands

Since ancient times contemplation of living fire for a person is very attractive occupation. Therefore, even with effective modern heating systems, the fashion for fireplaces does not go anywhere. However, in a modern city apartment it is impossible to install a full-fledged wood-burning fireplace. Nevertheless, there is a way out. After all, in urban conditions, it is possible to make bio-fireplaces for an apartment with their own hands.

Homemade biofire can look quite stylish and impressive

Homemade biofire can look stylish enough and impressive

This load-bearing comfort and comfort accessory can be purchased at the store, but its cost is quite high. Therefore, we offer you a step-by-step guide to the construction of a self-made bio fireplace. If you have the imagination, desire and the necessary skills of owning the tool, then you will be able to cope with this task. The bio-fireplace has several standard blocks - a fuel tank, a decorative shell and several working elements. You can make an accessory in a very short time, if you have all the necessary materials.

Drawing and sketch of the future device

As with any work, the construction of a bio fireplace begins with the sketch on paper. In the beginning, it is a conventional pencil drawing in the context of the interior of the room. When the drawing is executed with observance of all proportions, it is necessary to estimate the possibilities. Only after this you can start creating a drawing with all the dimensions and details. This plan will provide invaluable assistance in the creation of composite elements and their assembly in an integrated design.

The approximate scheme of the bio-fireplace arrangement with the sizes in various projections

Example scheme of the bio-fireplace device with dimensions in different projections

What materials we will need

Since the principle of the bio-fireplace is based on the combustion of liquid fuel, the first thing we need to make is a fuel tank. He can have any form - it all depends on your choice. In its simplest form, it is a sealed box with a rectangular cross-section. Make it stainless steel. In its upper part, such a tank has a narrow slot for fueling with biofuel and a flame outlet. To produce this block, galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of at least 2 mm is required. Since it is difficult to independently cut and weld galvanized steel into the required structure, the capacity can be purchased in a fully finished form or ordered by a specialist.

The tank for bio-fireplace - the main element of the construction

The tank for the bio fireplace is the main element of the

design. If you can easily be satisfied with a small desktop bio fireplace, the tank can be made from an ordinary steel or aluminum mug, into which you need to insert a metal mesh. It will play the role of flame dissipator, and adding fuel through it is easy.

Fuel tank from metal mug

Fuel tank from a metal mug

If you show some imagination, then from a few mugs you can make a larger bio fireplace. In this case, two or more identical torches will be present in one composition. If the mugs are equipped with handles, then remove them must be very carefully, so as not to damage the walls and do not make unnecessary holes in them. The manufactured fuel tank is installed in a somewhat larger metal container, which will serve as a protective casing.

Decorative decoration of the bio-fireplace

A great importance is attached to the decorative decoration of the fireplace, because it is not a garage for a garage, but an interior of an apartment that can become its central element. In order to produce a beautiful frame, some kind of refractory material is required. Often choose for this purpose sheets of refractory glass, which not only protects from the flames, but also allows them to admire them unimpeded. The panel around the fire can be inlaid with colored stones that need to be glued or simply chaotically scattered.

Beautiful decor for bio fireplace - sea stones

Beautiful decor for a fireplace - sea stones

We also need a table, a pedestal or a decorative stand, on which we will arrange a bio fireplace.

Assembly of a bio-fireplace for an apartment

There are many design options for bio-fireplaces that you can assemble yourself at home. Consider the two most popular:

The first version of the device biokamina

This version of the bio fireplace is easy to produce. To do this, you will need to acquire the following materials:

  • Heat-resistant plasterboard, from which it will be necessary to make the foundation of the bio fireplace. It is mounted on a profile or wooden blocks of 30x50 mm screws.
  • Finished fuel tank, equipped with a latch and a metal stand.
  • Two sheets of fireproof glass of the required size.
  • Bolts, washers, nuts and soft gaskets for them in quantity of 8 pcs.
  • Metal feet and 4 rubber gaskets.
  • Fire retardant paint in black or other finishing material for decorating the space around the tank.
The first version of the bio fireplace

The first version of the biofire

The process of bio-fireplace assembly should be carried out in a certain order. First of all, it is necessary to construct the base itself, into which the furnace will be inserted. According to the drawing from the profile or bars you need to assemble a rectangular frame. The inner part of the frame must form a niche of rectangular shape, which corresponds to the size of the fuel tank in size.

After that, the frame is screwed with self-tapping gypsum cardboard on all sides, except the bottom. The top panel is cut to install a firebox into it. All edges are processed and shpaklyuyutsya. After the plaster has dried, the gypsum board frame is painted with fireproof paint or trimmed with a material that is not afraid of fire.

In the glasses mark the holes to the size of the bolts and drill them with a special glass. Doing this yourself is very difficult, because the glass can crack. Therefore, it is better to take the blanks and take them to the master, who has a special tool.

Approximate method of attachment and dimensions of glass

Approximate fastening method and glass dimensions

Glass is attached to the panel using prepared bolts using soft gaskets. It should be done very carefully, as the glass, although fireproof, but fragile enough. Then, to the bottom of the glass walls, you need to attach special legs, which are equipped with rubber gaskets. They are sold in construction stores.

When the entire structure is assembled, it must be put on the legs and install a metal fuel tank with a latch in the niche in the top panel intended for it. After the complete assembly of the entire structure, the plane near the tank with fuel can be decorated with decorative stones.

The second version of the bio-fireplace

There is another interesting version of the bio-fireplace that should be considered.

Bio-fireplace, similar to an aquarium

Biokamin, similar to the

  • aquarium. To produce it, slightly different materials are required than in the first case:
  • A wooden or metal pot of square or rectangular shape.
  • Refractory glass, which must be cut into four blanks, corresponding to the size of the sides of the pot.
Fireplace base

Basin for fireplace base

  • Metal mesh for which you want to make a frame around the size of the flowerpot.
  • Silicone sealant, which is used to seal showers and aquariums. It is necessary for reliable fastening of glasses between themselves and on the basis.
  • Decorative sea stones of different colors. The number of them should be sufficient to decorate the entire upper surface of the bio fireplace.
  • Flame wicks can be made from a textile lace.
  • The fuel tank, which must consist of two tanks. In this case, one container is installed inside the other. Their height should be less than the height of the flowerpot by 3 cm. For a wooden pot, provision should be made for a gasket of fire-resistant material between it and the surface of the metal container.
  • When it's all ready, you can start installing the glass. When the vase is made independently, it must be done first.

Glass walls are installed on a ready pot in the likeness of an aquarium. All corners are smeared with silicone and glued together. This work needs to be done carefully and without haste, so that the sealant can easily grasp, securely fastening the surfaces. Completely silicone will dry in a day. Only after that, his excess can be cut with a knife.

Bonding of glass facets

Bonding of glass faces

Then in the very middle of the pot there is placed a metal beaker or a tank and fastened to the bottom with the same silicone. A second tank is placed in it, which serves as a fuel tank. On top of the fuel tank is placed a metal mesh and pass through it a wick, the lower part of which is lowered to the bottom of the tank.

The metal mesh is laid on top of the flowerpot and cut to size. It will be better if you make two layers of such a grid. The stones are placed on it in random order, so that the whole surface is covered. Their purpose is not only in decoration, but also in a uniform temperature distribution.

Decorating with colored stones

Decorating with multi-colored stones

When the stones are laid, glass walls are installed on the vase. They can and do not stick, which will make it easy to disassemble the structure for periodic maintenance. To start the bio fireplace, you need to refuel the tank, which is poured directly through the top. Then the wick is set on fire and rejoices in a beautiful flame.

The fire of the fireplace

Kindle of bio-fireplace

What kind of fuel is used for refueling bio-fireplaces

For bio-fireplace work, bioethanol is required. In fact, this is a technical alcohol made by environmentally friendly biomethod. You can buy it at hardware stores. When burning, such fuel does not emit harmful substances and odors, as it burns almost completely. You can, of course, independently produce alcohol by fermentation and distillation, but it does not have sufficient purity, therefore, when smoked, it smells and exudes odors. There are other ways of producing biofuels independently, but you still have to buy ingredients for its production, so it's easier to buy bioethanol.



If you acquire such a miracle as a bio fireplace for your apartment, you can dream, sitting near the playing flames. It creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere in any home, fills it with coziness and romance. Do not be afraid of difficulties if you are not satisfied with the price of finished products. You can pick up the instrument and do it yourself. Moreover, the above methods of building bio-fireplaces are unlikely to cause difficulties for someone.