How to skin

All for furniture skinning

In order to begin work on skin skin with upholstered furniture, you need to prepare a number of tools and materials:

  • Tools that will be needed to disassemble the furniture into its component parts.
  • Material for packing.
  • Leather.
  • Tools for pattern: pencil, paper for pattern, knife.
  • Hammer for seams. For these purposes, you can use a hammer and gauze.
  • Threads and sewing machine.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Multiple pins.
  • Braid.
  • Cotton swab and vegetable oil.
  • Stapler.
  • Nails and a hammer.

How Skin Furniture Fits:

Action Plan Skin furniture skinning work consists of several step-by-step activities:

  • Deconstruction of furniture into component parts.
  • Separation of old upholstery.
  • Pattern of upholstery elements.
  • Stapling of cut parts.
  • Stretching of furniture.

Leather furniture skin tightening: step by step instruction.

Step 1: Preparing the furniture for the constriction

With the help of pre-prepared tools, you need to disassemble the piece of furniture into its component parts. Separate headrests and armrests.

Step 1: Preparing furniture for the neck

Step 2: cleaning the surface of a chair, a bed, a sofa from the old upholstery

Next, remove the old upholstery and check the quality of the material with which the furniture is stuffed from the inside. At this stage, it is possible to replace loose pieces of upholstery with new ones. Most often, dense foam rubber is used for this purpose.

Step 2: cleaning the surface of the chair, bed, sofa from the old upholstery

Step 3: make patterns for the hull

Using the resultant analysis, the components of the furniture, make a patterning process. This is a very important step, as it will determine how accurately the cut out skin elements will fit the furniture in the plating process. Incorrect shape or size of the pattern can lead to material damage and increased work costs.

Step 3: make patterns for the body

Step 4: We sew the finished leather upholstery for the sofa, chair and other furniture.

Next, you need to make the sewing process of the cut-off elements, adhering to certain rules:

  • You can not cut the cut parts with thread. For this purpose, it is best to use an adhesive tape. You can also use pins, but make sure that they are attached exactly along the seam line.
  • In an area where the paw of the sewing machine will touch the skin, it is necessary to lubricate it with vegetable oil. So the material will be better to slide in the process of stitching.
  • Adhesions should be glued to the inside of the material with glue, for working with the skin.
  • Seams, if possible, can be attached with decorative braid.

Step 5: Bring to perfection the furniture, covered with leather

Tighten furniture should be carefully and carefully. It is necessary to exclude the appearance of the tiniest wrinkles on the material. Also, avoid the free position of the material so that it does not sag. After the termination of the constriction, it is necessary to connect the furniture pieces with each other.

Step 5: bring to perfection furniture, covered with leather

Thus, the article described and characterized the process of tightening furniture with leather material.