Rollers for a shower: types and choice

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Rollers for shower cabins
  • Adjustment methods
    • Eccentric
    • Bolt
    • On sleeves and without bearing
  • Frequent problems
  • How to determine the quality of
  • Bearing selection

As practice shows, more and more people have recently switched to the use of shower cabins, replacing them with traditional bathrooms. This is practical in many cases. Nevertheless, the car requires some care. The most common problem is the rollers that slide the shower door.

Today, the most common rollers installed on the bearing, but there are models on the hub.

Adjustment methods

The rollers can be adjusted in three different ways.


The most popular option is to place the upper rollers in the guide, after which they fall as far as possible down the pitch of the eccentric used. Then it is necessary to start the lower rollers and raise them upwards, also with the help of the eccentric. As a result, you tighten the glass door of your booth in the guides.

Carefully adjust the pressure on the rail, taking into account the full stroke of the door. If the guide rail is sagged, this can result when the roller leaves the roller when it is closed. Please note, there are only a few models of this type of adjustment, which can be rotary. The bulk - non-negotiable.

Eccentric rollers for shower cabin


At the top of a single or double roller is a trolley, or a flag with wheels, which is attached to the roller housing with a bolt. Due to the movement of the bolt, the height adjustment is carried out.

First the upper rollers are installed, since the lower ones are predominantly clamping. Therefore, there is no need to regulate them. The lower rollers need to be brought into the rail and everything, the adjustment will be carried out independently.

With this system, the doors can be swiveled, where the rail is curved, with bends. The wheels are not braked by bends, so the life of the roller is significantly increased.

Rollers for shower enclosures with bolt

On sleeves and without a bearing

In this case, the balls simply rotate on the rods of the rollers, and the fixation is carried out at the center of the plastic component of the wheel. Their main advantage is low cost. However, using this method of adjustment is strongly discouraged.

rollers for shower cabins on sleeves and without bearings

Frequent problems of

Users of shower cabins sometimes face certain problems associated with their new plumbing.

Consider the most popular problems:

  1. Should I use double rollers? Some believe that once the video is double, then its reliability is twice as high. But this is not so. As practice shows, double rollers are not the best option for shower cabins. In this case, one can only recommend paying attention to qualitative single elements. It is better not to save here, but to immediately buy the products of a reliable manufacturer.
  2. Exotic species that are hard to replace. Are there universal rollers? Not so long ago you would have been told that no. However, now the situation has changed, rather highly effective universal elements have appeared.

The main advantage of universal rollers is the availability of a wide range of adjustments of the lower and upper parts, as well as the use of a spring. With its help, the roller adapts itself to the conditions that the shower cabin offers. Such rollers are depicted in the green frame in the figure below.

Rollers for shower cabins

How to determine the quality of

Of course, to get effective, durable videos, you need to pay attention to their quality. Since they now know how to mask fakes very well, to determine high-quality products from low-grade products, it's not such a simple task.

So, pay attention to three parameters:

  • Appearance. Carefully study the element, examine it from each side, check for cracks, chips and so on. In some cases, on this basis, you can understand that before us is a bad, worn or low-grade roller, which is strongly discouraged.
  • Quality of the material and coating. It is better to choose models in which the axle is made of brass, covered with nickel. If the nickel layer is not there, the movie will look out of place in the best way. Plus do not forget, under the influence of a moist environment, brass oxidizes, changes its color.
  • Degree of protection of the bearing. If it is completely steel, it will not last long, especially in conditions of high humidity. The best choice is brass, and the balls must also be made of it. So the element does not rust, although there is an alternative in the form of a traditional bearing with plastic lids on the sides of the product. This allows you to increase the degree of protection of balls.

If you want to make rollers for the shower with your own hands, see the master class in another article.

Bearing selection

In rollers for the shower, the bearing plays a nearly important role. In many respects it depends on it the quality, efficiency and durability of the system of closing and opening the door.

Immediately say that the bearings can be slipping or rolling. The former are not interested in us, since they are not used in the manufacture of shower cabins.

In terms of design, the ideal option for a booth is a single row deep groove ball bearing.

However, here it is also worth paying attention to the material:

  1. Combined product. Often used in European and some Chinese models. The composition of the material includes bronze, plastic. And from the plastic make the separator, and the outer and inner clips, as well as the balls themselves - made of bronze.
  2. Ceramic. Excellent solution for all characteristics, except for one - a high price. As the analysis of the market showed, the cost of the ceramic bearing exceeds the standard approximately 10-14 times.
Selecting the bearing for the shower roller roller

Alas, such products are not very easy to find, so we have to look for alternative ways out of the situation.

Please note that this is a closed bearing with plastic caps, not metal. So you protect the product from moisture, and also avoid rust.

Of course, do not forget about the dimensions. To select the right bearing size, you need to know the three parameters - width, inner and outer diameter. Measure them with a ruler.

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