Fixtures for mirrors in the bathroom: above the mirror, wall-mounted, LED

Lamp for a mirror in the bathroom
  • Why is it needed?
  • Illumination characteristics
  • Types
    • Wall
    • Mirrors with built-in backlight
    • LED backlight
    • Led tape
  • Pros of LED lights
  • Location
  • Advice for choosing
  • Installation

Why is it needed?

The bathroom room is one of the few places in the house where sunlight does not penetrate. In the absence of natural light, sources of artificial light are particularly important. The ceiling lamp is often the only lighting device in the bathroom. This, of course, is economical, but not very convenient. The most optimal option is the presence of two lamps - the main and additional.

Fixtures for a mirror in the bathroom

An additional lamp is often installed next to the mirror. At this point the device can perform several functions:

  • mirror lamp will provide the necessary lighting for daily cosmetic and hygienic procedures( shaving, applying make-up, etc.);
  • if you want to relax and spend some time in the twilight( for example, taking a bath), the lamp for the mirror will become a source of soft, soft light;
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  • at night the lamp for the mirror can be responsible for the lighting of the bathroom.
Lamp for a mirror in the bathroom
Fixture for a mirror in the bathroom

Illumination characteristics

The mirror in the bathroom is a kind of work area where the right lighting is important. There are several basic rules concerning the illumination of the mirror in the bathroom:

  • The luminaires should be positioned in such a way that the light illuminates the entire working surface, at the same time, without getting into the eyes.
  • With simultaneous operation of the main lighting work and the lamp for the mirror, the uniform lighting should be created, without disturbing the operation of the shadows.
  • Most artificial light sources distort colors. If you are accustomed to painting with a mirror in the bathroom, then get a lamp for the lamp, whose light is closest to the natural spectrum according to the color spectrum.
Rules for the illumination of mirrors in the bathroom

Types of

There are several options for organizing the illumination of the working area in the bathroom.


Wall bracket is a traditional lighting fixture that can be installed in any room of the house, regardless of its purpose - in the corridor, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, etc. For the bathroom, special waterproof wall lamps are produced, which can be used in conditions of high humidity. The sconce creates a diffuse soft light, so lamps of this type are loved by those for whom the bathroom is a zone of solitude and relaxation.

Wall-mounted bathroom luminaires for bathroom
Lamps near the mirror in the bathroom

Mirrors with built-in illumination

New items on the bathroom equipment market can not be named, but they are not yet widespread everywhere. Variants of a combination of a mirror + a lamp exist huge set, and all of them look very effectively. A mirror with a built-in backlight will be the main decoration of your bathroom. The built-in lighting releases the space that would be allocated to the wall lights - and this is one of its main advantages.

Mirrors in the bathroom with built-in lighting

LED Lighting

LED bathroom fixtures can be of all kinds - wall-mounted, built-in or ribbon. In stores you can find LED lights, designed directly for the illumination of mirrors( they are also used for lighting pictures).Such lamps create an even light, do not glare and do not distort the image.

LED Mirror Light in Bathroom
Mirror with LED backlight


LED strip is actively used today to organize lighting of various interior elements - stairs, paintings, podiums, decoration of building facades, etc. Led-tape consists of LEDs with resistors, on one of its sides is glued composition. To fix it near the mirror in the bathroom it is enough to cut the tape into pieces of the right size, remove the protective film and paste it to the chosen place. LED strip is very plastic and thin, which makes it possible to embody the most daring design fantasies. The only thing to consider is that it is poorly compatible with old electrical equipment.

Led-tape for a mirror in the bathroom

The advantages of LED lights

  • LED light bulbs help you save on paying bills for electricity. They consume significantly less energy than incandescent lamps and modern energy-saving lamps.
  • Despite the fact that the power of LED bulbs is less than that of other types of lighting, the level of illumination that they create is not lower.
  • The service life of LED lighting is very high. They cost more than incandescent lamps, but they work dozens of times longer.
  • LED light bulbs are considered to be the most optimal for use in the bathroom, as they tolerate temperature changes and high humidity levels.
  • LED light bulbs of various colors are on sale, which is sure to appeal to fans of experimenting with lighting.
LED spot lights for bathroom mirrors
LED lamps for bathroom mirrors

Placement of

There are two options for placing lighting around a mirror. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Above the

mirror This arrangement of the luminaire is most beneficial in terms of space saving. The location above the mirror usually remains free, while on the sides of it you can hang lockers and shelves for hygienic supplies. The disadvantage of such a location of the light source is that the light falling from above highlights all defects of the skin. Of course, this does not bring practical harm, but the mood in the morning can spoil fairly.

Lamp located above the mirror in the bathroom

Side mirrors

Lamps located on both sides of the mirror create an illumination effect that is as close as possible to the natural daylight of the .That is why, for women who prefer to apply makeup in front of a mirror in the bathroom, this arrangement of lighting is considered preferable. Minus this option is that the lights occupy a lot of space on the wall. In addition, to evenly illuminate the mirror of one side lamp is not enough, you must install two. And this - twice as many installation works.

Lamps on the sides of the mirror in the bathroom

Tips for choosing

There are several determining factors that influence the choice of the lamp for the mirror in the bathroom:

  • Degree of protection against moisture. In the bathroom you should choose only waterproof lamps. Is this the lighting device you have chosen to be on the packaging. The abbreviation IP and two digits indicate which class of protection against moisture and dust the lamp belongs to. For use in the bathroom, a luminaire with a protection class of at least IP 44 is suitable.
  • Brightness. Both men and women use a mirror in the bathroom, first of all, to put themselves in order. That the result of all hygienic and cosmetic manipulations does not turn out completely opposite to what is expected, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient degree of illumination of the room. The brightness of light is measured in lux. If you add the brightness of all lighting fixtures in the bathroom, then the sum should be no less than 200 lux.
  • Design. It is easy to determine the required technical characteristics of a mirror for a bathroom, but to choose a design is a much more complicated task. The luminaire should be selected for the rest of the interior of the bathroom, including finishing materials, furniture and sanitary equipment. The luminaire can be a bright accent in the interior or, conversely, do not attract attention. A huge selection of lighting devices, which offer construction hypermarkets and online stores, allows you to find what you need, even the most demanding buyer.
Tips for choosing a bathroom mirror
Recommendations for choosing mirrors for the bathroom
Design of lamps for bathroom mirrors


In this section, we will show you how to install a wall lamp for a mirror in the bathroom.

Determining the location of the installation, it is necessary to take into account the growth of each member of the family. Select the position of the lighting fixture so that the face of the viewer is illuminated brightly and evenly. Installation of wall lights requires a hidden electrical wiring leading to the place where you want to hang the lighting fixture. To conduct concealed wiring it is necessary to pierce the strobes in the wall, lay wires in them, seal the strobes with cement and mask them with ceramic tiles or other finishing material. Usually this job is assigned to professional electricians.

So, the installation sequence:

  • disable the electricity in the bathroom;
  • assemble the lighting device in accordance with the manual;
  • attach the body of the luminaire to the wall and make a marking for the fasteners;
  • in accordance with the marking to drill into the wall of the hole;
  • through the mounting holes fix the lamp on the wall;
  • power cable coming from the wall, pass through the housing of the luminaire and screw it to the terminal block;
  • turn on electricity and test the work of the lighting device.
Sequence of installation of a lamp above a mirror in the bathroom
Installation of a lamp for the mirror in the bathroom