Steam generator for shower enclosure: selection, installation and connection

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Steam generator for shower cabins
  • Construction
  • Types
  • Selection Tips
  • Wiring Diagram and Installation
  • Control

The installation of a shower enclosure in the bathroom has become a popular solution in a modern design. With many of its virtues, there is a drawback. For many, this minus becomes decisive when choosing between a bathroom and a shower. The cabin does not allow to create those conditions under which it is possible to warm up well. But the manufacturers of showers caught this trend and we were presented with a steam generator for a shower cabin.

Steam generator for shower cabins

Modern cabins are equipped with such a built-in generator, but, unfortunately, this is immediately reflected in the price.

Shower cabin with built-in steam generator


Any steam generator includes a control unit and a housing that contains a water tank, a pump and the water heating element itself. With such an abundance of filling elements, the housing of the household steam generator does not take up much space, unlike its industrial counterparts. Outside there are cranes for water inlet and outlet. The control unit helps to change the temperature regime, control the flow of water and steam.

Steam generator construction

Types of

The possibility of making a shower room is like a sauna. And the cost looks much more interesting than a finished cabin with a built-in gadget. It is only necessary to purchase a steam generator with the smallest list of functions. Now they produce aggregates, which differ in the way of water heating and steam production.

  • Electrode steam generators. Water is heated by means of electrodes. When the current passes, the water is converted to steam. Scum on the electrodes does not appear, in this connection they do not burn. Undoubtedly, the big plus is that the price tag is the lowest among the steam generators.
  • Thermostatic steam generators. They produce steam with special heating elements. Such generators can operate on distilled water, which allows using the remaining condensate in a new circle. But this advantage is overlapped by a number of minuses - the complexity of the design and as a consequence of a higher price.
  • Induction steam generators. As it becomes clear from the title, the heating is due to electromagnetic induction. Their huge advantage is that they do not have consumables, such as electrodes or heating elements.
Heating element for the steam generator of the shower cubicle
Steam generator for shower cabins

Advice for choosing

Generally, steam generators are powered by electricity. Their main difference is only the way to convert water into steam.

Before you make a choice, first, look at the amount of energy it consumes. Secondly, its power. It is also important to pay attention to its functions.

  • Very important characteristic is the water pressure in the water pipe. The higher this index, the higher the volume of steam that will be supplied. The normal pressure is from 2 to 10 Atm.
  • Of particular importance is the material from which the body of the steam generator is made. Preferably, if it is stainless steel. Because it is not afraid of corrosion and it is very strong. Although it is heavy.
  • The higher the power - the faster the water will heat up, but the higher the electricity consumption.

With stainless steel, neither plastic nor aluminum can withstand competition, as the former can not cope with high temperatures and release toxic substances, and aluminum is able to oxidize and deform.

Steam generator for shower cabins
Steam generator for shower cabins
Steam generator for shower cabins

Too powerful a steam generator may prove to be unprofitable financially. Experts recommend to select power from 1.5 to 6 kW.

Steam generator for shower cabins

Wiring plan and installation

At once it is necessary to notice, that experts do not advise to make installation of a steam generator directly next to a cabin. It is located separately, and only the steam supply pipe is supplied to the cabin.

But the maximum range from the shower room to the generator installation site is 10 meters! If mounted on a wall, then the height is not less than 0.5 meters. If the device is placed on a wall, then it is attached to self-tapping screws.

Then, using a metal hose, we connect the ball valve to the water supply. The steam pipe to the generator is docked with a copper pipe. And already with a plastic tube we make a connection with the sewerage system.

Only after the completion of these manipulations is electricity supplied to the generator.

Connecting the steam generator to the shower
Connecting the steam generator to the shower
Electronic circuit for connecting the steam generator


The control unit communicates with the steam generator. Turning on, off, setting the operating mode - all these functions are set from the control panel. Professionals advise placing it next to the generator.

The temperature mode changes with the regulator. This operation can be performed both before switching on the device and during operation.

Installation and configuration were successful. This is evidenced by the appearance of steam when turning on and vice versa after turning off the steam disappears. Now you can enjoy the bathhouse right in the shower. Easy for you a couple!

Steam generator for shower cabin and control unit
Shower unit control unit

After the temperature is set and the generator is automatically filled with water for several minutes, you can wait for the steam to start.

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