Kitchen design with a bar counter: changing the idea of ​​the functionality of the kitchen

The kitchen with a bar counter will be a perfect decoration for a modern apartment. This interesting design can carry a functional load or play a decorative role. We must say right away that the bar counter is suitable for a small kitchen, and with the skillful placement of it you can harmoniously fit even in a Khrushchevka. A beautifully designed kitchen design with a bar counter is suitable for any style of interior.

Accommodation of a bar in the kitchen

The location of the bar in the kitchen - Photo

The design of the bar

Many mistakenly believe that picking a bar counter for kitchen design is difficult. This is not quite true. The task is simplified by the fact that you can come up with and implement your individual model. In furniture stores and catalogs, you can choose individual parts of the rack: legs, shelves, accessories and even lighting options. Functional elements can be made from materials of different shades, with a matte or glossy surface and chrome details. Such diversity provides ample opportunities for design fantasy.

Bar counters can consist of two levels or have additional lower shelves. Multilevel structures are rarely ordered, as they are suitable only for spacious kitchen-dining rooms. They are attached by means of consoles, and the unusual design gives a mystery to the interior. The most popular are bar counters with cornice, which are equipped with lighting and special decor. To the stand became a continuation of the kitchen, its design should correspond to the general interior of the kitchen.

The design of the bar in the kitchen should match the entire kitchen

The design of the bar in the kitchen should match the entire kitchen - Photo


Today, the bar counters in the kitchen rarely perform their direct function - a bar for storing and tasting drinks. They are more often used to separate space, denoting a kitchen area and living room.

  • The bulkhead is as simple as possible. It consists of a small table top on the supporting legs. As an addition to it, high stools with soft pads or armrests are often used.
    Zoning kitchen small bar counter

    Zoning kitchen small bar counter - Photo

  • Combined bar counter is also suitable for zoning kitchen or kitchen combined with the living room. It has two functional parts: the understated level serves as a table, and the high part replaces the bar counter.
  • Kitchen design with bar counter called "island" is suitable only for spacious rooms. The multi-level design includes a hob, a sink, a shelf for storing dishes and built-in lockers. It is a real cooking center. As a rule, an overhanging hood with holders for glasses and illumination is mounted from above.
    Bar counter island in the big kitchen

    Bar counter island in the large kitchen - Photo

Location of the bar in the kitchen

Regardless of the design of the kitchen bar can be installed in any place. It all depends on the size of the room, the design of the rack and its functional load. The main thing is that it should not obstruct passageways and interfere with movement.

The area of ​​the room plays an important role. If the kitchen is small, then select a narrow bar counter without drawers, consisting of one table top. It can be used as a cutting table. In this case it is necessary to avoid multi-storiedness and piling up. Then the design of the kitchen with the bar counter does not seem "overwhelmed".

Interaction with interior

Despite not selected location of the structure and its appearance, the design of the kitchen with a bar counter should comply with two rules:

  1. The stand is a constructive and semantic continuation of the kitchen. It should divide the room into zones, serve as an element of decor and perform other functions stipulated by its structure.
  2. Bar counter is an additional element of the interior. Do not use it as a dining table, especially for children who will be uncomfortable in high bar stools.

Kitchen design with a bar counter should be designed taking into account the vertical structure of the space. All the decorative elements and various accessories surrounding the rack are its continuation. Curtains, lamps, hanging towels become a functional addition to the general style. In this case, do not forget about the principle of horizontal, in accordance with which the direction and level of furniture lines is selected. Thus, all objects in the room interact with the bar counter, forming a single ensemble.

Today, the bar is used to separate space and decorating the interior. It rarely has another purpose. Even if your kitchen is not combined with a dining room or living room, the rack will still perform the zoning function. For example, separating the cooking area from the location of the dining table. And do not forget to pay attention to the issues of aesthetics.

Perhaps the design of the kitchen with a bar counter is not suitable for this room or does not match with the style of your interior. Before you start choosing a design, you should think about all of its details or turn to professionals for help.