Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

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Rohli is the general name for all hydraulic trolleys. They are widely in demand in industrial warehouses or factories where heavy items need to be moved. All hydraulic lifters They have a solid structure and are easy to control compared to others. Detailed information about them will be written below.

What to look for when choosing

You need to start looking for a suitable option with the maximum load capacity and type of roach. These are the main points to consider when purchasing. It would also be a good idea to read reviews and visually inspect the product before purchasing. The cart should not be scuffed, chipped, etc. A new product is most often packed in film.

Types of weevils

There are many options for hydraulic pallet trucks on sale. It is worth looking briefly at each of them.

Hand-made bastards

One of the simplest types. The trolley is equipped with a wheeled platform and a hydraulic jack. Using the latter, you can lift the load to a height of no more than 200 meters. As for the maximum permissible weight, it can reach up to 5 tons. Budget models have a carrying capacity of about 1 ton.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

These models are ideal for rooms with a flat floor. The lifting mechanism is most often equipped with a foot drive, which in some situations can be inconvenient for the worker.

Electrically driven

The most convenient and popular models. They are further divided into self-propelled and escorted. The latter are ideal for simultaneously transporting a large amount of cargo in a large warehouse. Self-propelled rakes are inexpensive, but at the same time have excellent performance.

With scissor mechanism

The scissor design allows you to significantly increase the maximum height to which the load can rise. Moreover, the rollers are made in such a way that the cart does not tip over even under heavy load.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

Trolleys with a scissor mechanism are widely in demand in large production facilities where the height of a conventional trolley is not enough.

Wide and standard

The choice of the appropriate option depends entirely on the future purposes of operation. Wide models have the ability to transport a large amount of cargo at a time. But due to the high dimensions, the level of maneuverability is noticeably reduced. Standard trolley options can fit through narrow openings, but it may not be possible to transport all the cargo at once. If the warehouse is large, then it is worth purchasing 2 options of carts at once.

With scales

An extremely convenient option for a hydraulic trolley, since it can be used not only to move cargo, but also to weigh it. In this case, the indicators will be as accurate as possible. This model eliminates the need for additional purchase of scales.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

Increased load capacity

Everything is clear from the name - these types of trolleys allow you to transport more cargo than conventional options. The purchase of such a product may be justified in large warehouses where it takes a long time to move from one point to another.


An ideal option for small industrial premises where narrow openings predominate. The cart is easy to maneuver. The only drawback is that you can transfer less cargo at a time.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley


Allows you to accommodate a large amount of cargo at a time. Although the option is long, this did not negatively affect maneuvering, since the width remained the same.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

Low profile

Allows convenient loading of pallets and boxes. Due to the low profile, the passage on the floor is impaired, so it is desirable that it be level.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

For aggressive environments, refrigerators

Such carts are made of special materials (stainless steel, zinc) that are not subject to harmful effects. You shouldn’t buy regular rags, as they can quickly deteriorate.

Tips for choosing the right hydraulic trolley

For reels, rolls

A characteristic feature of this option is the wider arrangement of the forks among themselves. It is with the help of this that it is possible to reliably fix the position of the roll or reel when moving.

Load capacity and fork size

The lifting capacity of a conventional hydraulic pallet truck can vary from 1500 to 3500 kg. Some individual models with a reinforced mechanism are capable of lifting weights of up to 5 tons. As for the forks, their sizes start from 800 to 2000 mm. The longer the forks, the more cargo can be transported at one time.

Which wheels to choose depending on the place of work

If the hydraulic trolley is used in difficult conditions, then it is worth choosing polyurethane wheels. They withstand long-term exposure to alkalis and are also not afraid of high loads.

Nylon wheels are good for moving on flat surfaces. For use on uneven surfaces, you should pay attention to rubber-coated wheels.

Handle coating

The handles may have a rubberized layer that protects your hands from slipping. Often a special protective layer is applied to the coating. Thanks to it, the handles better withstand sudden temperature changes, as well as chemical exposure.

Price segment


The cheapest options on the market. Most often, carts from little-known brands and with not the best characteristics fall into this segment. Before choosing, you should read reviews, as there is a risk of running into a bad model.


The most popular price segment. It has a large number of decent hydraulic pallet trucks of different types. It is recommended to start your search there.


Here you can find only professional roaches from well-known brands. Most often they are purchased for work in large industries, where high load capacity and quality are important.

Country of Origin

The cheapest rokhli are made in China. Options from the middle price segment are made in European countries. Premium quality hydraulic trolleys are produced in Germany, Poland or Sweden.

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