Low pressure controllers-calibrators: what are they and how are they used

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In the world of modern measurement technology, there are many tools that support the accuracy and reliability of the data obtained as a result of measurements. One of these devices are low pressure controllers-calibrators. Let us consider in more detail what these devices are and how, for what they are used.

Low pressure controllers-calibrators: what are they and how are they used


  • What are
  • What are controllers for?

What are

Low pressure calibrators are high frequency controllers designed to calibrate, test and adjust other low pressure applications. They typically operate over a pressure range from a few pascals to several bar (1 bar = 100,000 Pa), providing a high degree of accuracy and stability.

What are controllers for?

They are used for such purposes:

  • Perform calibration and verification of instruments. The main purpose of low pressure controller-calibrators is the calibration and verification of other devices such as pressure gauges, pressure sensors, transmitters and others. During operation, measuring instruments may be subject to wear and tear, and their accuracy may decrease. Controllers-calibrators allow you to establish how accurate their measurements are, and, if necessary, make timely corrections.
  • Adjustment and calibration of automatic control systems. Many industrial and technical processes require precise control of low pressures. Calibrator controllers can be used to set up and calibrate automatic control systems that regulate process parameters in accordance with predetermined pressures.
  • Testing and calibration in laboratories. In laboratory conditions, they can be involved in the implementation of tests of various devices and materials sensitive to pressure, as well as for the calibration of instruments involved in scientific research.
  • Technical support services. Used by service technicians and engineers to test and adjust equipment on site.

Low pressure controller-calibrators belong to the category of important instruments, whose task is to provide accuracy of serious measurements in conditions where even small errors can matter (are invalid). They are widely used in various fields and meet the high quality standards in measuring technology.

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