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Energoservice specialists on the basis of their own electrotechnical laboratory perform tests of electrical equipment of any complexity. In order to ensure the safety of citizens living in apartments or private houses, employees of enterprises need to install protective grounding. It is important not only to correctly install the equipment, but also to carefully monitor its condition and performance, comply with operating requirements, and periodically monitor the technical condition. The cost of work depends on the size of electrical installations, the period of operation, climatic conditions and a number of other factors. We recommend ordering a grounding measurement on the official website of our company Energoservice.

Grounding measurement

Grounding devices are designed to reduce the risk of electric shock to a person in the event of such a voltage on the equipment. The fact is that the human body is a good conductor and its resistance is 1000 ohms. In order for electricity to go into the ground, less resistance is required. According to regulatory requirements, this value should not exceed 4 ohms.

Equipment in production must perform its functions in full. To do this, it is important to carry out periodic and mandatory studies of the protection system using measurements. Measurements are performed using a special device - a multimeter. If the system is operating normally, then during the occurrence of an emergency, the current will go into the ground through the grounding conductor.

Even with careful operation of systems, it is impossible to avoid negative changes. An oxide film forms on metal surfaces. This is due to the fact that the equipment is in constant contact with the soil and active chemicals, which leads to metal corrosion. Corrosion interferes with normal electrical contact. The more the surface is occupied by corrosion, the lower the electrical conductivity becomes.

Energoservice specialists are ready to test the ground circuit in the laboratory, as well as test the loop resistance. These studies will determine the actual condition of the equipment at the time of the test. As part of this process, it is important to strictly follow the rules and measurement methodology. Performing such manipulations can only be carried out by experienced specialists with specialized education and permission to work with electrical equipment.

As part of the research, the specialists of our company perform a full range of activities. Research begins with a visual inspection. Every six months, a specialist must examine the devices for any mechanical damage, breaks, contamination, oxidation of contacts, and corrosion. All detected shortcomings must be recorded in the passport of the technical device.

We start work immediately after signing a formal contract with our customer. The team goes to the site and implements on-site research, and then laboratory research. After completion of the work, a detailed technical report is drawn up with recommendations for the further operation of the equipment.

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