Non Woven Geotextile for Engineering Works

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Geotextiles are also called non-woven materials with fibrous filling. They are based on polyethylene, polypropylene or viscose. Widely used in construction due to the possibility of use in any climatic conditions, high chemical resistance, low weight and low coefficient of friction. Buy geotextile 600 on the site possible with the appropriate technical specifications.


  • Material Advantages
  • terms of Use

Material Advantages

It is used in road works, in the construction of foundations, in the construction of roads and in strengthening slopes. It is also used in drainage systems, including highway construction, as a separating layer and as a filter element. In addition, geotextiles are used in the laying of pipelines, the manufacture of greenhouses, landscaping and landscaping. The main advantages of non-woven geotextile:

  • high tensile strength;
  • excellent filtering properties;
  • resistance to aggressive environments;
  • resistance to moisture (including groundwater);
  • ease of installation.

Depending on the purpose, you can buy geotextiles for landscape design and road construction. It differs in density and structure. To create drainage systems, geotextiles with a density of 300–350 g/m2 are most often used. This material does not pass moisture, but passes water. Recently, geotextiles are increasingly used in the construction of roads and railways, as well as in the restoration of old ones. In addition, it has found its way into road construction, where it is used in conjunction with geogrids to reinforce embankments and slopes.

terms of Use

As for landscape design, Dornit geotextile, as a material designed to protect the soil from erosion processes, is assigned one of the leading roles. This is explained by the fact that geotextiles are able to create a kind of micro-ventilated layer between soil and soil, which greatly reduces the risk of erosion. In addition, geotextiles are used to increase the service life of concrete structures, in the arrangement of lawns and ponds.

Despite the fact that geotextiles are made of polypropylene, it can be used both in the ground and on the surface of the earth. This material is widely used for soil reinforcement, drainage systems, creating drainage wells, arranging sites, strengthening slopes and slopes.

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