Air conditioner size: indoor unit for apartment wall mounted

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Installing an air conditioner (split system) today is not a luxury, but a necessity. Such a device will cool in the heat and can warm in the cold.

When choosing a unit, many factors must be taken into account so that the device maintains the desired temperature and lasts for more than one year. One of the main ones is the size of the air conditioner. Read more about how dimensions affect the device and how to choose the best option.


  • Why you need to know the standard sizes
  • Effect of air conditioner size on performance
  • Standard dimensions of air conditioners (height, width, depth)
  • Dimensions of indoor units
  • Minimum
  • Standard
  • For cassette air conditioners
  • For wall split system
  • Outdoor unit dimensions
  • Mobile split system
  • Air conditioner size selection
  • If the standard air conditioner does not fit
  • The smallest split systems
  • 1st place - Ballu BSWI09HN1
  • 2nd place - Ballu BSWI12HN1
  • 3rd place - SUPRA US41007HA
  • 4th place - Pioneer KFR20IW
  • 5th place - Zanussi ZACS07 HPR
  • Small mobile air conditioners
  • 1st place - Electrolux EACM10DR/N3
  • 2nd place - Electrolux EACM12EZ/N3
  • 3rd place - Electrolux EACM12EW/TOP/N3W
  • 4th place - Zanussi ZACM09 MP/N1
  • 5th place - Zanussi ZACM07 MP/N1
  • Conclusion

Why you need to know the standard sizes

It is important for people who care about creating a comfortable indoor microclimate to know the standard parameters for the optimal selection of an air conditioner. Often, the installation of a split system is planned at the stage of apartment renovation.

According to the recommendations of suppliers, the equipment should be mounted at a distance of 100-150 mm from the wall. But first of all, here you should be guided by the advice of specialists who perform the interior decoration of a house or apartment.

Another factor that requires you to initially study the standard dimensions of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is its effective work in maintaining the desired temperature level.

It is especially important to consider the size of the air conditioner for small rooms. Large split systems will look bulky. In addition, there is a risk of buying such a device that does not fit in the room.

If you ignore the requirements when selecting a device, the power of the product will be low.

Effect of air conditioner size on performance

Each brand produces models with its own technical and operational characteristics. When choosing, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the external and internal units that are in the room and create an optimal microclimate. Power depends on their size. In addition, the larger the air conditioner, the higher its technical characteristics will be.

The dimensions of the split system, including the indoor unit, are determined by the dimensions of the internal parts. The larger the compressor, the evaporator, the more air it can process in the same period of time.

In this case, one should take into account the factor that devices that are not always compact in size have low power. For example, some brands increase power by installing a more efficient fan. But then the air conditioner becomes noisier in operation. Such a device should not be installed in the bedroom, as constant noise will interfere with sleep.

Standard dimensions of air conditioners (height, width, depth)

Air conditioners are produced in different types depending on the needs of the user:

  • household models - for the house, summer cottages and other premises, for example, an office;
    air conditioner size
  • semi-industrial air conditioners - suitable for enterprises where a large number of employees are involved: banks, shops, restaurants;
  • industrial split systems - large enterprises.
    apartment air conditioner dimensions

A wide range of equipment makes it possible to choose the option that is ideal in terms of characteristics and design. In order not to get confused in the choice, you should look at the dimensions of the indoor unit of the split system and its external part.

Dimensions of indoor units

The indoor unit is the part that is located directly in the room. The product heats or cools the air. The module has many varieties and can be installed anywhere.

Device settings may vary depending on specifications.


Small air conditioners are easy to use and do not take up much space. Size Standards:

  • height - from 240 to 250 mm;
  • depth - 180 mm;
  • width - from 700 to 730 mm.


Common models that are most often found in Russian stores. Their dimensions vary within the following limits:

  • length - from 700 to 850 mm;
  • height - from 250 to 290 mm;
  • depth - from 200 to 240 mm.

If the indoor unit of the air conditioner is made in a non-standard form, then the dimensions of the air conditioner may be different.

air conditioner dimensions

For cassette air conditioners

A cassette air conditioner is a type of device represented by a square body shape. Such a unit is placed on the ceiling.

A significant advantage is the use of a minimum amount of space. Its length and width is 500-800 mm, and its depth is not more than 300 mm. This is a smaller variant when compared with rectangular models.

air conditioner height

For wall split system

The maximum height of the air conditioner varies from 300 to 320 mm, and the depth is about 300 mm. The standard width of the product is within 110 mm.

Outdoor unit dimensions

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is a device that is placed on the facade of the building. It contains the main components of the system: the condenser unit and the compressor. The refrigerant allows you to adjust the desired temperature in the room.

The element is placed at a distance of 15 cm from the wall of the building. Taking into account all the components, the system protrudes approximately 42 cm from the cladding.

Standard block sizes:

  • height - 420-600 mm;
  • width - 660-800 mm;
  • depth - around 500 mm.
air conditioner outdoor unit height

Mobile split system

Mobile air conditioners are popular. They can be located anywhere on the floor. They are convenient to carry if there are many rooms in an apartment or house.

The design is similar in appearance to wall-mounted options, but the compressors are different. This node is in the internal module.

Standard systems are equipped with wheels for transportation, the length of the air conditioner in this version varies between 500-600 mm.

split system size

Air conditioner size selection

There are many factors to consider when choosing the size of an air conditioner unit. First, determine where the device will be located and in what part of the room.

The dimensions of the split system must be sufficient to create the required microclimate. For the calculation, a formula is used that allows you to determine how much area you need to cool or heat: multiplying the length of the room by the width.

Split system manufacturers label devices with numbers: 3, 9, 18, 30. To determine what area the air conditioner is designed for, it is necessary to multiply the parameter applied to it by 3. For example, if a split system is planned to be installed on a room of 27 sq.m., then nine should be preferred.

air conditioner indoor unit dimensions

If the standard air conditioner does not fit

Storerooms, wardrobes and rooms made in a non-standard layout require an individual approach in the selection of an air conditioner. In such rooms it is difficult to arrange standard devices. The way out of this situation is the purchase of a split system for the ceiling. You can also buy a window air conditioner.

The smallest split systems

Compact air conditioners are a compact solution for any room, which allows you to significantly save space. It is better to give preference to those options that are popular and have already collected a lot of positive reviews.

1st place - Ballu BSWI09HN1

A simple powerful option for small spaces. The inverter air conditioner covers a room with an area of ​​21-30 m2. Users note that the device quickly cools and heats the room, works silently.

conditioner length

2nd place - Ballu BSWI12HN1

Split system for rooms with an area of ​​31-54 m2. It has three additional modes that allow you to adjust the optimal temperature to the needs of the consumer.

3rd place - SUPRA US41007HA

A variant from a well-known manufacturer that has hundreds of positive reviews. The device does not take up much space, it works quietly. Users recommend buying a warranty, as situations with a quick breakdown are possible.

air conditioner unit size

4th place - Pioneer KFR20IW

Air conditioner with power "7". It has additional modes: ventilation and dehumidification. There is an airflow adjustment.

air conditioner indoor unit length

5th place - Zanussi ZACS07 HPR

The split system is marked with a power of "7". Heats a room up to 25 m2. Antibacterial filters produce additional air purification.

air conditioner outdoor unit dimensions

Small mobile air conditioners

If you need to transport the air conditioner from one room to another, then the only option is mobile devices. They have a lower capacity, but the right choice will allow you to control the temperature at the right level. To do this, when selecting, you should focus on small-sized and powerful models.

1st place - Electrolux EACM10DR/N3

Inexpensive model that fits in any room. Can heat large areas. Of the minuses - a short wire, which is often mentioned in reviews. The problem is easily solved with an extension cord.

width of indoor unit split system

2nd place - Electrolux EACM12EZ/N3

A device for cooling a room with a power of "12". The air conditioner is equipped with an additional dehumidification and ventilation function. You can set automatic temperature maintenance, turn off timer.

split system size 7

3rd place - Electrolux EACM12EW/TOP/N3W

The air conditioner cools a room of 21-40 m2. It can dehumidify and purify the air. The maximum noise level is 52 dB, which is not critical, but still felt during use.

air conditioner unit width

4th place - Zanussi ZACM09 MP/N1

The air conditioner is designed to cool a room up to 25 m2. Included is a remote control that allows you to set the operating time, control the temperature. Of the minuses, users note the fragility of the plastic from which the case is made.

air conditioner indoor unit height

5th place - Zanussi ZACM07 MP/N1

The split system works in the "cooling", "dehumidification" and "ventilation" modes. The remote control has an on/off timer. Users note that the device is much noisier than other air conditioners, so it will not work at night.

air conditioner indoor unit size 9


Split system is the best solution for creating an optimal indoor climate. The main thing is to choose the right dimensions of the device, power and other characteristics, focusing on the cost and size of the room. Then the use of the air conditioner will bring only positive emotions.

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