TOP-5 filters for cleaning and reducing water hardness

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Damage to household appliances, scale on dishes and other problems are eliminated with the help of a filter for purifying water from hardness. How to find the best option for equipment of the corresponding category, we will figure it out using a step-by-step algorithm of actions. Its use will eliminate errors in the selection of functional components, and prevent unforeseen difficulties during operation.

The best filters to reduce water hardness

Harm of water hardness salts for technology and health

Whitish deposits on the dishes after boiling confirm the presence of calcium and magnesium compounds in the liquid. They are converted into solid particles when heated, so the most intense scale is formed in the relevant parts of the equipment.

How damage occurs can be studied in more detail using the example of a heating element of a washing machine. Scale particles are successively fixed on its surface during the execution of work cycles. This porous layer disrupts the heat dissipation provided by the technology. The overheated protective casing is deformed and destroyed. The penetration of water into the structure provokes a short circuit.

Similar deposits accumulate on other surfaces in contact with contaminated fluid. Damaged heat exchangers, pumping equipment, taps. Scale, together with other mechanical impurities, is able to block technological openings and ducts in pipes. In the worst situation, restoration of performance by washing with an acid solution or in another way is impossible - you will have to dismantle the corresponding components of the engineering system.

An excessive concentration of salts, which is determined by the characteristic bitter taste, can cause harm to health. This level is defined according to SanPin as 7°F. Accurate recommendations on the admissibility of drinking water with calcium (magnesium) impurities can be given by a specialized dietitian.

Harm of salts

The level harmful to household appliances is not defined by special regulatory documents. The standards for "hard" and "soft" water can be called conditional, as they differ significantly in different countries. It is generally accepted that a value of up to 2 ° W is considered acceptable. But with an appropriate concentration of salts, the process of scale formation only slows down.

In professional standards for industrial boilers, a more stringent restriction is established - not higher than 0.1 ° F. Specialists in the field of water treatment recommend reducing hardness to a minimum or blocking the formation of deposits by special treatment - electromagnetic or reagent.

TOP 5 best main (flow) filters for cleaning and reducing water hardness

We will use the advice of experts for an objective assessment of filters from water hardness. We will study the popular models of the corresponding purpose, which are presented in the product lines of reliable brands. The selected samples of equipment are designed for high processing speed, therefore they are suitable for installation in the main section of the water supply network.

1 place. AquaShield

2nd place. Aquaris

3rd place. Aquaphor Gross 20

4th place. Aquaphor Viking Pro

5th place. Geyser Typhoon


The equipment of this category works on the principle of electromagnetic influence. It eliminates the conditions for scale formation, but does not change the composition of impurities. With it, you can get a maximum protection range of up to 700 or 2000 meters, depending on the power of the generator - 5 or 20 W, respectively.


An additional advantage of the brand's technology is an extended operating frequency band with an upper limit of up to 50 kHz. Such a signal in the working area has a strong effect on large and small crystals, which improves the quality of processing. A more powerful force field destroys not only the entrenched layer of sediments, but also the shells of pathogenic bacteria.

An important advantage for ordinary users of AquaShield is ease of handling and a high level of comfort. The device works correctly without special settings. It does not make noise and does not affect the pressure in the pipes. Regular maintenance is not required.

Individual models of equipment are available in a version that meets the IP68 standard. They can be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. The electronic board is encapsulated in a compound that prevents oxidation of the conductors and increases vibration/shock resistance.


These in-line filters with hollow fiber membranes perform versatile functions, as they are suitable for reducing water hardness and removing other harmful impurities. They do not pass pathogens, so they can be used at the final stage of cleaning.

The main difference from analogues of competitors is the possibility provided by the manufacturer to flush the working module after clogging of small pores (from 0.01 microns) and technological channels. Contaminants are drained into the prepared container through a separate pipe in the body. It can be connected permanently to the drain pipe through a valve to simplify maintenance.


The brand offers modifications with a capacity of 1 to 5 cubic meters per hour. The standard membrane maintains a good working condition for a long service life. The resource for the passport is 500 thousand rubles. liters. It should be emphasized that this indicator is not affected by the degree of contamination of the connected source.

Aquaphor Gross 20

A typical budget-level flow filter with a 20 ”plastic housing, which can be used to purify water from hardness salts. This problem is solved with the help of a specialized cartridge - the SOFT series. It is filled with Puresin PC002 cation exchange resin.

Aquaphor Gross 20

Download Features:

  • produced on the basis of polystyrene with a gel structure;
  • uniform granulometric composition;
  • possibility of regeneration with saline solution.

The calculation of the schedule of recovery cycles can be performed according to the following data (Hardness, ° W - Amount of prepared liquid, l):

  • 2 – 3024;
  • 3 – 2016;
  • 4 – 1512;
  • 5 – 1210.

Calculations are corrected at a flow different from the nominal - 168 l / h.

Aquaphor Viking Pro

In the middle price category, the manufacturer offers cases made of reinforced polymer or stainless steel. The reinforced structure is tested for resistance to water hammer. It is not damaged by an increase in line pressure up to 30 bar.

Aquaphor Viking Pro with cartridge

Replaceable Pro modules (600 l/h) are produced with Aqualen-4 filler. This proprietary loading consists of high-quality activated carbon and a fibrous sorbent with ion-exchange properties. An additional layer of composite materials reduces the permeability to 5 microns, increasing the working life in contaminated water.

Geyser Typhoon

This manufacturer produces stainless steel cases in branded and universal versions. When choosing the first option, the possibility of using a replaceable cassette of the same brand with Aragon filler is implied. It traps dissolved substances, so it can be used as a water filter against hardness.

Geyser Typhoon with cartridge

The second option is a housing for SL and BB standards. In addition to matching the dimensions, it differs in the mechanism for attaching replaceable modules. The noted features allow the use of cartridges of other brands to reduce operating costs and more accurately reproduce technological processing.

The best filters to reduce the hardness of water for washing

At the final stage of water treatment, unpleasant tastes and odors, residual impurities are removed. In this case, high performance is not needed. Of greater importance are the size of the equipment and the quality of the cleaning performed. For conditions with high salt concentrations, manufacturers produce specialized models.

Barrier Expert Rigidity

This kit contains 3 branded modules:

  • Mechanics;
  • Mitigation;
  • PostCarbon.

The connection is made to a line with a pressure not exceeding 4 bar.

barrier stiffness

To work with the installation with the number of consumers 2-3 people. and water hardness of 4-5 °F, a schedule for replacing cartridges is set every 4 weeks. At higher salt concentrations, other equipment is recommended.

Brita Maxtra Rigidity

You can not install a filter for water hardness under the sink, if you are satisfied with a resource of up to 300 liters. For appropriate conditions, the use of a jug with a compact cartridge is suggested. Standard equipment includes an indicator that reminds users of the need to replace the working module.

Brita Maxtra hardness

What filter is better to buy in an apartment and in a country house for water from a well?

Before checking the current offers of sellers, it is necessary to precisely formulate the criteria for choosing the best option. The first step is to determine the actual level of contamination of the connected source. Samples are taken according to the instructions of a specialized laboratory so as not to distort the test results.

At the next stage, the preparation is divided into a general and finishing part. In the first, it is planned to install a productive filter to soften water hardness to a safe "technical" level. Instead of expensive and complex softening, electromagnetic protection can be used. Impurities harmful to transport communications and connected equipment will be retained by the hollow fiber membrane.

The hardness and other control parameters of the water after the pre-treatment filters must be checked. It is possible that the performed procedures will provide a sufficiently high quality. If necessary, supplement the system with a set of cartridges or a jug.

Filter connection diagram

Compliance of the filter for water purification from hardness with the project is determined by the following criteria:

  • performance;
  • working temperature;
  • pressure in engineering communications (input/output);
  • concentration of contaminants in the source;
  • required level of water treatment quality;
  • dimensions;
  • complexity of connection, service.

The total costs are considered taking into account the performance of routine maintenance during the operation of the equipment.

Conclusions and recommendations on the article

It is inexpensive to buy a water hardness removal filter in the version with replaceable cartridges in the brand's branded network store. But this quick fix won't always be the right one. Frequent installation of new working modules can increase costs by several times compared to the cost of buying a few months.

The noted feature makes it necessary to carry out the calculation for a period of 5-10 years. It will help not only clarify the financing plan. A long-term study is necessary for a realistic assessment of labor costs. Experts recommend professional preparation of the project with a thorough check of the initial conditions.

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