The best main (flow) fine water filters for an apartment and a house

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The need for special measures is obvious if the liquid coming from the source is clogged with rust and other contaminants. But how to determine the best main cold water fine filter in order to eliminate problems and unnecessary costs during operation? To prepare an answer to this question, use a step-by-step verification algorithm that will eliminate erroneous actions.

The best main filters

The main pollution of cold and hot water from wells and water pipes

Fractions in undissolved form are determined by visual methods. Organoleptic - chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, other specific impurities. According to the brown precipitate that appears after settling, it can be concluded that the liquid contains ferrous iron. Deposits on the walls of the kettle after boiling indicate contamination of the liquid with calcium and magnesium salts.

If you want to make an accurate calculation of the equipment, take water samples to the laboratory. These services offer:

  • specialized trade enterprises;
  • specialized companies;
  • branches of regional SES.

Professional research is carried out on several dozen positions. The list of indicators to be checked can be changed when placing an order.

In the results transmitted to the client, the contractor notes the excess of SanPiN standards. However, this data does not always reflect the real level of problems.

As an example, let's take a closer look at the fight against stiffness. This indicator according to the standards is permissible up to 7 ° F. Higher levels are determined by the bitter taste. But even a concentration of 10°F is not harmful. Appropriate mineral compounds are necessary for the human body to strengthen bone tissue, reproduce metabolic processes, and other functional processes.

Water pollution

The level allowed by the standards is dangerous for household appliances. Scale damages heating elements, clogs individual parts of the pipeline, provokes an increase in heating costs.

If you have any difficulties with assessing the initial water quality, contact a specialist. A professional will prepare proposals for system components, help to compile a list of requirements for suitable working units.

TOP 5 best main (flow) fine water filters

A simplified scheme is used for self-preparation of search criteria. Typical filters for coarse and fine water purification retain mechanical particles with the following minimum sizes (data in microns):

  • mesh - 50;
  • cartridge - 5;
  • hollow fiber - 0.01.

When choosing the last position, you can get at your disposal a means of combating microorganisms. Pathogenic bacteria (viruses) are much larger, so the placement of such a fine water filter completely prevents the possibility of dangerous impurities from entering the well.

Cartridges can be used for more than just removing suspended solids. Manufacturers offer a wide range of specialized downloads:

  • absorbents;
  • iron removers;
  • softeners, etc.

The grid is placed at the entrance to an apartment or a private house. It will not let sand and abrasive fragments of rocks, silt and other large fractions through. Its additional function is to protect subsequent working modules from damage and rapid clogging.

We will consider the noted cleaning methods using examples of serial products. These models are marked by positive feedback from the owners. They are recommended to be included in the project by the developers of water treatment systems.

1 place. Aquaris 2000

2nd place. Honeywell FF06

3rd place. Tim JH-1001

4th place. BWT INFINITY AP

5th place. Aquaphor Viking

Aquaris 2000

As the manufacturer assures, this fine filter for water in an apartment replaces one whole system of specialized preparation. There is some exaggeration in this statement. In any case, it will be necessary to carry out a preliminary removal of large impurities in order to slow down the fouling of the membrane. However, in fact, with the help of ultra-fine hollow fiber filtration, it is quite possible to obtain high-quality drinking water at the outlet without additional treatment.

Aquaris 2000

An important advantage of the Aquaris technology is the high rate of water treatment - up to 2000 liters per hour without a significant impact on the hydrodynamic resistance. For the full operation of the equipment, an increase in pressure and installation of a pump are not required, as when choosing an alternative solution - reverse osmosis.

A separate plus is the flush function. Having found the blockage of the module by the pressure drop at the outlet, open the valve on a separate nozzle for flushing. The procedure is performed in a few minutes without unnecessary difficulties, if you connect the unit to the drain line to the sewer. This feature extends the life of the Aquaris 2000 to 5 years.

The disadvantage of this model is the limited temperature range - from +5 °С to +45 °С. Hollow fiber filtration technology means that only cold water is purified. Nominal pressure - from 1.38 to 7.9 bar.

Honeywell FF06

Manufacturer Honeywell confirms a reliable reputation for the high quality of its products. The FF06 series includes fine mesh filters for cold (AA - up to +40°C) and hot (AAM - up to +80°C) water with a threaded connection for a ½” main. With this nozzle diameter, the manufacturer recommends not to exceed the processing speed above the nominal value of 1500 l/h.

Honeywell ff06

Additional options are provided in other models:

  • manometers;
  • pressure limiters with adjustment;
  • automatic flushing by timer.

Fitting is installed in standard equipment. Through it, contaminated water is drained into the sewer or a special container during cleaning.

Tim JH-1001

The Tim JH-1001 brand is less well-known compared to Honeywell, which has been presenting its products on the international market for over 100 years. But for an attentive buyer, significant value does not mean a big name, but the final result.


Tim JH-1001, according to passport data, is not damaged by an increase in the temperature of the treated liquid up to + 80 ° C. The grid of the main hot water fine filter is made of durable stainless steel. A manometer is installed as standard. With a pressure drop of up to 0.2 bar, the output is 3,200 l/h.


If there are no financial difficulties, a convenient 3-4 inch fine water filter with a built-in control device and pressure gauge should be studied in more detail. The most expensive model of equipment in the review independently performs flushing according to the pressure drop or time specified by the user.


Other features of BWT INFINITY AP:

  • filtering module - mesh 90 microns;
  • the ability to choose a threaded connection - from 3/4 "to 2";
  • additional equipment with check valve, pressure reducer;
  • dismantling the flask without a key;
  • operating temperature - not higher than +30 °С;
  • special design that prevents the penetration of bacteria when connected to a sewer pipe;
  • protective and decorative plastic casing on a brass body;
  • maintaining water supply during flushing.

These models are produced in Germany. The estimated service life of the equipment is 30 years. It is recommended to replace seals and mesh every 3 years and 6 years, respectively.

Aquaphor Viking

If you prefer universal technical solutions, choose equipment in this series. The manufacturer produces cases made of plastic and steel in budget and standard versions. By adding a specific cartridge, you can assemble a fine mechanical water filter with basic / advanced functions.

Aquaphor Viking

When installing the B520 cartridge, productivity up to 1500 l / h is provided. Complex loading with a proprietary fiber filler Aqualen effectively removes the smallest particles of colloidal iron.

Which fine water filter is better to buy for an apartment and for a house

The review presents compact models that are suitable for installation in a cramped space under the sink or behind decorative trim near the cold water riser. When choosing the location of the device, convenient access for inspection and maintenance should be provided. Sufficient distance is left to adjacent parts of building structures to eliminate difficulties during disassembly.

Where to buy replacement cartridges for filters 1 2 and 3 4 inches

For exact compatibility, it is recommended to use 1 2 and 3 4 inch cases and working modules of the same brand. In some designs, it is not possible to install analogues of other brands.

Manufacturers of coarse water filters in Russia

The presented brands ensure the high quality of their products in each batch. They provide certificates confirming compliance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Companies that install filters

You can buy a main fine water filter along with equipment installation services. This will eliminate errors during installation and will allow you to issue a comprehensive official guarantee. The work is carried out by employees of the service departments of the store or specialized regional representative offices.

Issue price

The cost of the models presented in the review is given in rubles according to the data indicated on the websites of the stores of the official retail chains of the respective brands:

  • Honeywell FF06 - price 4970 (AA) and 7900 (AAM);
  • Tim JH-1001 - price 1570;
  • Aquaris 2000 - price 49200;
  • BWT INFINITY AP - price 91600.
  • Aquaphor Viking 300 - price 16380 (in a set with the B520 module).

General costs increase preparatory work, equipment setup. When planning, the corresponding payments should be taken into account in order to correctly calculate the amount of financing.


We list the important features of the products of individual brands:

  • Aquaphor – a wide range of cartridges for organizing cleaning, taking into account a certain composition of impurities;
  • Honeywell and Tim - typical mesh filters with similar technical parameters of a reliable and new brand, respectively;
  • BWT INFINITY AP - expensive equipment with an automated flushing function;
  • Aquaris – washable ultra-fine cleaning modules with a long service life.

Choose fine water filters for your home based on the criteria established during project preparation. Use the help of professionals to obtain additional information, correctly and quickly perform complex work operations.

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