Online store of paints and varnishes with delivery in St. Petersburg and all of Russia

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Looking for paint materials? We know where to buy quality products at the best prices! Present to your attention online store of paints and varnishesoffering for purchase products from well-known and proven brands on the market: Bioneutral, Senezh, NEOMID, ROGNEDA Group of Companies.

Online store of paints and varnishes with delivery in St. Petersburg and all of Russia


  • Online store assortment
  • How to choose the right paint products
  • How to order and buy materials with delivery

Online store assortment

The online store "Lucky Paints" presents a huge range of products intended for the preparation, finishing and finishing painting of various surfaces. The catalog contains:

  • enamels;
  • decorative plasters;
  • varnishes;
  • antiseptics and impregnations;
  • oils;
  • primers;
  • facade cleaners;
  • putties;
  • construction adhesives;
  • painting tools;
  • acrylic, water-dispersion, latex, oil paints for indoor and outdoor use.

Also in the online store you will find tinting compounds and even insect repellents. You can order any product with delivery in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and all of Russia.

How to choose the right paint products

When choosing products, consider:

  • type of material, its purpose and scope;
  • composition and main function (protective or decorative);
  • type of treated and/or painted surface;
  • the main characteristics of the paintwork material (for example, adhesion, drying time, water resistance, impact resistance, fire hazard, etc.);
  • the possibility of using the product in certain conditions (outdoors, indoors, medical or educational institution).

No less important factors when choosing a paintwork are the price and comfort of work. The last criterion is determined by: the presence of odor, the level of toxicity, the need for surface preparation, the drying period and the method of application.

How to order and buy materials with delivery

You can place an order through the site basket or by contacting the manager by phone +7 (962) 685-43-13. The call within Russia is free. The company is available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00. Information on the timing and cost of delivery to St. Petersburg, regions and outside of Russia can be obtained in the "Delivery and payment" section.

On a note! During the purchase, you can use the "Quick order" option. It allows you to make registration in one click. The manager will contact you and clarify all the details of the order, as well as advise you on any issue related to the choice of products, their application and purchase conditions.

Published on 05/22/2023 Updated on 05/22/2023 by User Alexander (administrator)

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