What is the working height of the ladder?

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The manufacturer manufactures ladders from different materials, different heights, widths of steps. Residents of houses or apartments use a mobile ladder for construction and repair work. Choose a stepladder in height depending on the distance between the ceiling and the floor, if you are going to use it only in a house or apartment.

How ladders are classified

For construction work, stable stairs made of aluminum and duralumin are selected. Painters buy reversible ladders with wide steps to reduce the strain on their feet. When carrying out electrical work, a portable ladder with rubber pads is chosen.

What is the working height of the ladder?

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The dimensions of the ladder depend on the ladder structure:

  • classic L-shape. The step-ladder consists of two profiles and ladders-beams. Manufacturers make such structures up to 3 - 4 meters long. Some of them have an additional third ladder, which increases the working height to 6 meters;
  • A-shaped. The design consists of two profiles interconnected by a platform on which you can get up and carry out various repairs without loading your legs. This is the most popular type of mobile stairs. They may be small. Made of aluminum with a variable number of bars from 2 to 5. They are suitable for repairs in apartments and houses with low ceilings;
  • L-shaped. This is an attached type of ladder. Some designs consist of 2 or 3 steps. These ladders can reach a length of 5 meters. They are equipped with two support rails for attaching to various building ledges.

Mobile ladders are classified by size:

  • 60 cm These are painting ladders or stools. The maximum number of steps can be 3 pieces. Working height - 2.5 meters. Such stairs are bought for repairs to a house with a standard distance between the floor and the ceiling - 2.5 - 3 meters;
  • 150 cm. The height of such a ladder will be 3.5 meters. She is considered the best stepladder among all. The ladder is suitable for all finishing works;
  • 180 cm. Such ladder structures are used for outdoor work, in commercial premises or in private houses with high ceilings;
  • 280 cm. These are structures with retractable parts. They are also used for outdoor work and in trade pavilions. The structures are large and folded high. Therefore, it is pointless to use this type of portable stairs in everyday life.

There is also a mobile type of stairs. It differs from folding and sliding in that it is equipped with small wheels.

with platform

Modifications of mobile ladders have their own characteristics:

  • wheel fixation. Such ladders are stable only if the wheels are securely fixed when the ladder is installed;
  • the possibility of removing the clamps, if you need to move the ladder;
  • the possibility of raising the front of the stairs.

Sliding structures consist of two sections. One of which goes to the other for the convenience of transferring the ladder over long distances. Such ladders are purchased for work at high heights.

What is the working height of the ladder?

Among the advantages they note:

  • quick adjustment in a few clicks;
  • equipment with rollers of the upper section for quick extension to the desired height. Here it is necessary to take into account that not all models are equipped with such rollers;
  • use of each section as an independent structure. Clamps and fasteners securely connect both sections of the ladder. Therefore, a person will always remain safe when working at high altitude.

Mobile stairs are classified according to the material of manufacture. Popular materials for the production of staircases are aluminum or steel. However, there are also plastic models. They differ from the first in their small height and stool shape. The maximum height of plastic products is 67 centimeters.

There are also fiberglass stairs. Such ladders are used by electricians. This material does not conduct electricity, so a person during electrical work will be completely safe.

What is the working height of the ladder?

While metal structures and fiberglass easily conduct current and are not suitable for work related to electricity. In this case, you will need to use dielectric shoes and buy a stepladder with special rubberized pads.

When choosing a ladder, you need to know its working height.

What is the working height of a ladder and how to calculate it

Lifting equipment is selected according to one of two main criteria. This is the maximum and working height. The first is indicated in the product description. Only then do they pay attention to the material from which the stairs are made, the presence of handrails, rubber pads, and the thickness of the metal.

Attention! The ratio of a person's height to the height of the ladder platform is called the working height of the ladder. It consists of two parameters: the distance from the floor to the site and the height of a person with an outstretched arm. Manufacturers calculation formula: platform height + 2 meters. The last figure is the average height of a person with outstretched arms.

The average height of the ladder steps is 25 cm. This is the most optimal size between the two crossbars. Manufacturers can sometimes change it by +/- 5 centimeters.

In order to correctly calculate what height of the ladder is needed for work, you should find out at what height the work will be carried out. For example, if a person needs to pick apples from a tree, the maximum distance from the ground to the last fruits on the tree is 3.5 meters. This figure will be the working height for a person picking fruit. From here, the dimensions of the ladder are calculated:

  1. 2 meters are taken from the working height. Get 150 centimeters or 1.5 meters.
  2. 1.5 meters is the distance at which the platform should be located on which a person will stand when picking apples.

The standard number of steps for a mobile staircase with a platform height of 1.5 meters is 7. This means that a ladder with 7 steps should be chosen for outdoor work, in this case, when picking apples.

How much higher or lower to buy a portable ladder is up to the person himself.

How to choose the right ladder

To understand which ladder to buy for home repairs, you need to determine the place of work, the height from floor to ceiling. Regardless of the type of work being done: painting or electrical, you should choose a ladder that is comfortable to stand on.

Duralumin ladders with wide steps and rubberized rungs are considered the best ladder structures. Duralumin structures are both light and can withstand high body weight. The steps on them do not bend from the weight of a 100-kilogram person. And rubberized crossbars protect against electric shock during electrical work.

Selection guide

How to choose a stepladder if a person does not understand stair structures:

  • pay attention to the presence of instructions for working with a portable ladder. The manufacturer attaches it to each product. The manual for the operation of the ladder must be written in Russian;
  • if there is a platform, then it should not bend under the weight of a person, its surface may be slightly ribbed for the stability of the worker;
  • correct stepping. Rungs should not be riveted to the ladder frame. Because over time they will loosen and fall out. The rolled step acquires additional rigidity due to the fact that it forms a single whole with the ladder skeleton;
  • the standard size of the width and length of the step is 28x28 cm. At the same time, you need to remember that the greater the width, the more confident the step of the person. The optimal step is 125 centimeters;
  • pay attention to how much higher the platform is above the ground;
  • the presence of two-component shoes on the legs. The hard plastic ensures a secure grip on the floor, while the rubber makes it stable to grip on smooth surfaces. At the same time, the shoes have a flat sole. Oval loses in stability in front of flat;
  • corrugation on the steps - longitudinal. The transverse will not save you from slipping. As a result, a person may fall from a great height and injure his leg and arm;
  • the presence of railings when climbing stairs and on the platform. Such ladders provide complete comfort and convenience when working on it. In addition, they are as safe as possible for humans.

Lightweight ladders include aluminum and duralumin. They don't rust. Steel portable ladders with the same number of steps weigh 2 kilograms more. For example, an aluminum ladder with five steps will weigh 4.7 kg, while a steel one with the same set of functions and rungs will weigh 6.5 kg. Weight must also be considered when choosing a ladder.

Attention! Almost all aluminum and steel stairs are designed for the same load. It is equal to 150 kg.

At buying ladders for picking fruit or for repairs, it is best to choose from those that have a tool shelf. On it you can place a bucket for picking apples or a tray with tools. This will make it easier to work or harvest.


The choice of a mobile ladder for repairs or other purposes affects the comfort and convenience in the work process. Therefore, it is recommended not to neglect the advice from experts, and before you go to buy a ladder structure, carefully consider the choice and take into account all the above nuances.

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