Powerful Wollmer M909 meat grinder with vegetable cutter and juicer functions

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A reliable machine from Wollmer easily copes with the main task - cooking minced meat and fish. The multifunctional meat grinder shows excellent results with other products. You need to understand its capabilities so that you can choose the best option without overpaying.


  • What is a grinder made of?
  • Characteristics and features Wollmer M909
  • Which meat grinder to buy for your needs
  • What dishes can you cook

What is a grinder made of?

Inside a durable metal case is a 2500 watt motor. The machine is turned on and adjusted during operation using the touch screen. Velcro legs are located at the bottom of the case, which perform several functions during operation:

  • prevent displacement of the device;
  • suppress motor vibration.

The body, auger, nozzles, knives and gratings are made of high quality material. It is important that the Wollmer M909 electric meat grinder does not contain harmful metals and plastic in its parts.

Characteristics and features Wollmer M909

The productivity of the device is 2.5 kg of food processing per minute. This is a powerful meat grinder that you can use to prepare meals for the largest company.
The main advantages of the model:

  • 2 sharp sickle-shaped knives included;
  • touch screen;
  • 6 speeds and smooth switching;
  • Built-in stopwatch.

You will not get tired of working with the appliance in the kitchen all day long. The Smart Fix neck fastening closes and opens in one motion. The gears of the meat grinder are metal, but thanks to the Safe Motion engine, the device is quiet.

Which meat grinder to buy for your needs

Meat grinder Wollmer M909 developed in three configurations. The basic version contains a minimal set, with which you will not have to overpay for extra parts. The Basic composition includes the following components:

  • Product pusher;
  • Nozzle for kebbe and sausages;
  • Metal tray with lid;
  • 3 grids, 2 sickle-shaped knives.

Fresh juice lovers who need a new meat grinder should take a closer look at the Profi Plus package with a juicer and vegetable cutters. The Profi version contains the basic equipment, as well as vegetable cutters. If necessary, nozzles can be purchased later.

What dishes can you cook

On grinder Wollmer any modification of the attachment makes cooking easier. With their help, you can create meat delicacies even if you have little time. The kebbe tool forms the typical shape of a sausage, and you add the filling and press the two pieces together. With the help of the sausage attachment, you will delight yourself and your company with delicious chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian dishes.

Published on 04/24/2023 Updated on 04/24/2023 by User Alexander (administrator)

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