What to look for before buying an apartment in the secondary market

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Purchasing a home is a laborious, lengthy and complex process. It is important not only to take into account your preferences and correlate them with your capabilities, it is necessary to clearly understand the procedure and know the so-called pitfalls that may occur on your way. Find out what factors the buyer should pay special attention to when choosing a secondary home.

What to look for before buying an apartment in the secondary market?

District and home

According to residential real estate experts, about 60 percent of the buyers of the "secondary" in Moscow are the so-called locals, that is, those who initially intend to purchase an object in their district, district, and sometimes even in the same block where they lived many years. For them, this area is familiar, loved and convenient, even if the subjective opinion does not correlate with the objective qualities of the housing stock and infrastructure.

Also in high demand are areas where inexpensive objects are presented - for example, the cheapest apartments in the old boundaries of Moscow can be purchased in Nekrasovka, Biryulyovo Zapadny and Vostochny. However, it is precisely because of the cost-effectiveness of the lots that the activity of buyers is growing, which contributes to a rise in price: In 2021, the average cost per square meter in these locations increased by about 30% - this is also necessary take account of.

Scandinavian style

When buying a secondary apartment, anyone can see the difference in quality between "Khrushchev", "Stalin", "Brezhnevka" or a modern house. The price difference can also be significant. However, take a closer look at the old "Khrushchev" buildings: it is quite possible, having bought a living space in such, you will soon move to a new building under the renovation program. Study the plans of the city authorities in this regard. But keep in mind: if the house is to be demolished in the near future, the value of the objects in it will jump by 10-15% in relation to the old buildings in the neighborhood, which will not be resettled in the near future. But if you have to wait longer, it is likely to get a good deal and it is quite reasonable to be patient before moving into a brand new apartment.

Before viewing

If you liked a certain object, before going there, study the surroundings: are there any highways or railways in the neighborhood, industries, stadium, 24-hour shopping and entertainment centers and other harmful and noisy infrastructure that may adversely affect the quality life.

Look on the Internet for information about the house and reviews - are there any problems with heating, soundproofing, water, is everything in order with the management company. Examine the extract from the Unified State Register of debts on utility bills. Then you will go to the screening prepared.

It makes sense to come to the viewing before the agreed time and walk from the metro station or ground transport stops - you will accurately calculate the time, study the path and look around: are they suitable for you neighborhood. Inspect the local area for parking spaces. At the entrance, walk up to the desired floor - you will learn a lot about future neighbors.

You came to the object

Take a notebook and pen with you to write down all questions and information about the lot, a small flashlight - in order to check wiring and illuminate dark places, something to study the performance of sockets, a level to check the floor screed and whether walls. Don't forget to take photos of all the features of the apartment.

checking the operation of window fittings

When inspecting the premises, pay attention to the condition of the window and balcony frames - if there are any gaps. Traces of mold on the walls will warn you of a disturbed temperature regime, if there are smudges, then the neighbors are flooding. Check the health of the plumbing. Believe me, there are no trifles when studying an object - any will require elimination in the future, which means additional financial investments. This is an additional reason for reasonable bargaining.

Be sure to ask if the redevelopment of the premises was carried out, whether it is legal - according to experts, in capital, about 12 percent of the sold lots were reworked, and many without coordination with the necessary authorities.

What should alert

First of all, suspicions should be caused by too low cost of the lot: this can mean both a catch for the buyer and a desire to hide some legal flaws in secondary housing. Another point is that the seller offers to arrange not the sale and purchase of an object, but a donation. Of course, we are not talking about a gift to you, just the seller does not want to pay tax on the amount received from the sale. Either you acquire a share, and according to the law, the co-owner of the housing must be the primary owner of the share, and in this way the person is trying to circumvent the law. And the consequences of such violations will have to be disentangled by a frivolous buyer.

Changes to the contract

In any case, the most reliable way would be to entrust the verification of documentation and the execution of the transaction to a reliable real estate agencywhere experienced market specialists and competent lawyers work. A thorough study of the legal integrity of the acquired property is a guarantee of the buyer's peace of mind.

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