In which district of Irkutsk is it better to buy an apartment

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Irkutsk is a fairly large and very picturesque city in Russia, geographically located in Eastern Siberia, on the banks of the Angara River. Every year, thousands of people from the surrounding area and villages come here in search of work, prospects for growth and development.

But not only from small settlements, but also from other cities of Siberia, many people dream of moving to Irkutsk. The city is original and architecturally beautifully complex, so it is often called Little St. Petersburg or the most beautiful Old Slavonic Village. If you have never been here, we highly recommend that you come at least as a tourist. But if you are planning to buy apartment in Irkutsk, we recommend that you approach the choice of the area as responsibly as possible. We have compiled our top 3 to make it easier for you to navigate.


It is located on the left bank of the Angara River and there are a large number of parks, squares and greenery in general. This is the largest and most densely populated region of Irkutsk, which is divided into 15 microdistricts. There are no problems with transport accessibility, and there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. daily life of the whole family: hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, entertainment venues and etc. The ecological situation of the area is favorable, because there are many locations with natural resources nearby.


Spread out on the right bank of the Angara River, very close to the center (Kirov and Kuibyshev regions). The city authorities pay much attention to this area, take care of its territory and ennoble the streets in every possible way. Here, too, there are all social and service facilities and many cultural heritage sites. The area is remote from busy central avenues and large industrial enterprises, so the air here is clean and fresh. Prices for apartments in the Oktyabrsky district are quite high, but the choice of housing is simply huge. You can find anything from duplex apartments to elite class housing.


This is an area that is territorially united with the central part of the city. The business district of Irkutsk City is located nearby, so it will be convenient for office workers and those who work in the city administration to live here. Public transport runs regularly, the roads are not busy and there are all socially significant facilities. There is no subway in Irkutsk, but there is already a project to build a subway for high-speed transport, and construction will begin from here.

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