Advantages of building houses from aerated concrete

If in the near future you plan to start building a private house, then we recommend that you approach the choice of not only builders, but also the materials themselves very responsibly. Only then can three main requirements be met: fast, inexpensive and high quality.

We consider houses made of aerated concrete to be the best option in terms of price / quality ratio, so we will talk about this technology in this article. We would like to point out right away that turnkey country house It's cheaper to build than to do it yourself. In this case, the contractor company provides you with a guarantee for its work and you can be 100% sure of the quality of the structure.

The obvious advantages of building houses from a gas block

Good thermal insulation. This is important for owners of private houses that are built far from city communications. When heating is produced exclusively by electricity, the indicators of thermal insulation when choosing a material are far from last.

Steam and breathability. In simple terms, the walls of the gas block "breathe". In such a house, an optimal level of humidity is provided in a natural way, which allows you to maintain a microclimate that is comfortable for year-round living.

Environmental friendliness. Unlike the same cinder block, aerated concrete has a minimal radiation background. The material is completely safe for human health and the environment.
Fire safety. The material does not support combustion and is resistant to open fire.

Frost resistance F5. This means that aerated concrete without destruction and loss of strength and thermal insulation properties is able to withstand a large number of freezing and thawing cycles.

Ease. The finished house has a small specific gravity, so its construction does not require a massive expensive foundation.

The ability to build a house of any configuration. The blocks are easy to cut, so a house with a bay window or any other complex shape can be built without problems.
High build speed. Aerated concrete blocks are even and easy to stack, that is, builders work quickly.

Construction of a turnkey house We recommend ordering from Mera, as its specialists have extensive experience in this field. For more than 30 years, IC "Mera" has been the leader in the construction of country houses, and during this time more than 400 cottages up to 1000 m2 have been built.

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