What is stretch film. Where does it apply

Stretch film is a stretchable material that is used in various fields of human activity. However, it should be noted that such a film is most often used for packaging products and other products that have different dimensions.

Online https://bikra-m.ru/guard/plenka-ograzhdeniya-i-ukrytiya/plenka/streych/ different types of stretch film are offered, which can be used for specific purposes.

What it is

This material acquired its name due to its unique quality characteristics. Stretch film is perfectly stretched, after which it can take its original shape. Several layers of the film are able to wrap goods, products, objects well, but do not stick to them.

Stretch film creates a strong, reliable shell that allows you to transport goods over long distances. distances, store them in warehouses, stack them on racks, while not changing their external kind.

Due to the fact that the stretch film is a transparent material, it allows you to see the packaged products, food, etc. this material can be used under different temperature conditions, which makes it possible to use the film in different climatic conditions.

Depending on what materials the stretch film is made of, its elasticity, moisture resistance, thickness and strength, the material can be used for various purposes. Exactly:

  • in printing;
  • in the food industry;
  • in construction;
  • in medicine;
  • when transporting goods;
  • at home, etc.

What are the types of stretch film

This material can be produced in two ways:

  • manual;
  • machine.

A distinctive feature of the manufacturing methods is that hand-made film stretches less compared to machine-made film. For example, hand-made material can stretch between 70% and 100%, while machine-made film can stretch up to 300%.

Stretch film is available in rolls. Weight can be from 1 kg to 2.5 kg. This is a fairly durable and reliable material used for solving various problems.

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