How to choose varieties of zucchini

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Zucchini is grown by many gardeners.

However, they are often not satisfied with the fruits of these crops due to the need to choose varieties correctly. The best varieties of zucchini - these are tasty and healthy fruits, from which you can cook a lot of dishes and make preparations for the winter.

So, which varieties should be preferred.

  1. Cavili F1. This variety is early. Such a variety can bear fruit even in the most unpretentious conditions. The fruiting period begins in June and ends in early October. This variety of zucchini differs from other crops in that its bushes are small, the leaves have light spots. The fruit reaches about 23 cm. an equally important indicator of this variety is its resistance to powdery mildew.
  2. Zucchini varieties Aeronaut. This variety is zucchini. The fruits ripen very early. The bushes are small, compact, have a small height. The fruiting period is no more than 2 months. However, during this time, you can collect about 30 fruits.
  3. Iskander F1. This variety is hybrid. It is unpretentious in care, gives a good yield, differs from other varieties in a long fruiting period. The bushes of this variety are powerful, however, small in volume. The surface of the fruit is pale green with a pronounced ribbing. The length of the fruit is about 20 cm. The pulp of the fruit remains the same even if the zucchini is overripe.
  4. Zucchini varieties Zebra. This variety belongs to the early maturing varieties. Often, namely, such zucchini are grown in cold conditions, where sunny days are rare and the day is not at all long. The Zebra variety is soft with a sweet aftertaste, which cannot be said about other varieties of these crops.

This is not a complete list of zucchini varieties. Other varieties are no less interesting for their taste, and the ability to produce an excellent harvest.

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