Choosing a single-phase voltage regulator

Each electrical network consists of several phases and zero.

The number of phases can vary from one to three. The single-phase power grid is often used in residential buildings. The three-phase power supply is mainly used in industrial plants. A single-phase stabilizer can be used in cases where there is a need at home to have a high-quality voltage in all respects. This device is designed to normalize the voltage when it changes within certain limits.

This voltage then changes positively or negatively, depending on the design of the device. As a result, a value appears at the output that ensures the normal operation of household appliances and electronic devices. You can order single-phase devices for

The required power of the stabilization device is selected depending on the power of all consumers connected to the device. The most important thing is to correctly calculate this power taking into account active and reactive loads.

Active loads include elements of lighting, electric heating, electric stoves, stoves and kettles. If only such devices are connected to the voltage stabilizer, then it is enough to add up the powers of all consumers and add 20% to determine the required power.

Among the additional properties, one can take into account the noise that is present in the operation of servo and relay stabilizers and is completely absent in electronic systems, as well as the form of the output voltage. If the connected load requires a smooth sinusoid for its operation, then this parameter is decisive when choosing a device.

It is good if the single-phase voltage regulator is equipped with a bypass system. This means that at normal mains voltage, the consumer receives it directly, bypassing the stabilizer, which is connected to the circuit in the event of a deviation from the set value.

These devices can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. The design options depend on the size of the device. If the stabilizer is used in an unheated room, it is necessary to check its temperature characteristics.

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