Reasons to Implement Frameless Glazing

This glazing method appeared relatively recently, but immediately won the attention of the owners of country houses where there are verandas, terraces and other open spaces where you want to save, and sometimes even visually increase their size, while making them warm and cozy.

If someone has a desire to provide themselves with such glazing, then you can go to the site For the first time this technology was developed by the Finns, therefore, glazing in this way is often called Finnish.

Frameless glazing technology provides a lot of advantageous features, which are:

  • Due to the absence of frames, an excellent view of the surrounding area is obtained. The room provides a sense of spaciousness due to the lightness of the structure;
  • seals are installed between the canvases, which reliably protect the room from the effects of negative environmental factors, street debris, etc.;
  • frameless glazing can be used in any case, be it a balcony, loggia, terrace, veranda, etc. This makes the technology versatile;
  • when glazing with frames, the maintenance of structures is complicated due to the fact that the dust gets clogged, as well as street debris between the frame and the glass. As for the frameless glazing, it is several times easier to care for them due to the fact that there are no frames.

Many people think that frameless glazing is not safe. This opinion is fundamentally wrong due to the fact that glass with a thickness of at least 6-8 mm is taken for the manufacture of canvases, and the material itself is tempered, which gives it strength and strength. So there is no need to fear for human health with such glazing.

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