Acceptance certificate of completed apartment renovation works: 14 samples

The most demanded area where acts of completion (ATS) are most often used is the construction industry. These are not necessarily forms KS-2 and KS-3, often the customer and the contractor need simplified acts, which are not regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Repair certificate - this is the most important document that fixes the fact that the repair was carried out by the contractor and the absence of claims from the customer.

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Most often, this document includes information such as the terms of the transaction and the performance of work, as well as obligations and responsibility for their failure to comply with each of the parties. Also, a typical act of work performed / services rendered includes the following information:

  • the name of the document, the date of its preparation and the serial number of the act;
  • a list of works or services, as well as the timing of each of them;
  • the cost of the work performed or the specified services, including VAT;
  • details of the customer and contractor; signatures and seals of the parties.

Are there mandatory requirements for completing this document?

There are, however, not many of them. The main one is the availability of information about the customer and the contractor, as well as their details. Since the act of work performed is an annex to the main agreement, it must necessarily contain information about the number and date of the work contract. Also, in the contract itself, it is necessary to indicate that the acceptance of work will be carried out in accordance with the acceptance certificate. The document of the act indicates all the work or services prescribed in the contract, as well as their cost.

It is important to understand that the act signed by both parties is evidence of the absence of claims from both the customer and the contractor. In addition to signatures, the contract must contain the seals of both companies. If the parties to the agreement are not organizations, but individuals, only signatures will be enough.

It is also important to note that the act of completed repair work implies the obligation of the customer pay for services or work, as well as the obligation of the contractor to guarantee the quality of the work provided or services.

How to draw up the ACT of completed work correctly?

There is no approved sample for drawing up an act of work performed. Nevertheless, the act of acceptance of repair work must contain the necessary details specified in paragraph 2 of Article 9 of Federal Law No. 402-FZ "On Accounting" dated November 28, 2018.

The act specifies the following components:

  • name and date of registration of the document;
  • the name of the organization and the full name of the customer and the contractor, indicating the positions held;
  • the name of the services provided or the work performed;
  • terms of services performed;
  • volume of work performed;
  • the cost of the work performed;
  • personal signatures of the customer and the contractor;
  • stamp certifying the authenticity of the document.

Contents of the certificate of completion

Let us consider in more detail the content of the act of completed work. In addition to the main ones, it is recommended to indicate also additional details for more comfortable reporting.

The act of completed work on the repair of the premises must contain information confirming the absence of claims from the parties to each other. This text is written in the document.

In order to avoid disagreements between the parties, the act should indicate a detailed description of the work or services performed.

The basis for drawing up an act of work performed is a contract. It is recommended to indicate the details of the contract in the act to confirm the reality of the provision of services and work. In addition, the act containing the details of the contract, during any kind of verification, will confirm the existence of a transaction.

In the act of completed work, information on the amount of work and timing should be indicated. This information is indisputable evidence of the fulfillment of the conditions in the event of claims from the customer.

It is recommended to indicate in the act the estimated terms of payment for the services provided. In this case, the contractor can count on the receipt of funds within a certain time frame.

What is this act for?

The acceptance certificate is a kind of guarantee against litigation and disagreement. If such proceedings nevertheless arise, the act becomes an evidentiary document. The absence of an act can be regarded by the court as a disregard for the legally established procedure delivery and acceptance of work, which in turn may entail the imposition of penalties by the controlling structures.

A table is made from the list of work performed. The document also fixes that the work was performed properly and the customer has no complaints against the contractor.

In cases where the customer was dissatisfied with the quality of the work performed, this should also be reflected in the act with a detailed listing of the identified deficiencies, as well as an indication of the time frame for their elimination.

Instructions for drawing up an acceptance certificate for work performed

  • The first part of the act includes information about which document it is attached to (application number, date, contract number). Then, in the middle, the word "act" is written and its essence is briefly indicated (in this case, "delivery-acceptance of work").
  • The second part includes a table, but first, the very fact of acceptance of work is recorded, as well as that the document on the basis of which it took place (its name, for example, "Agreement", the number and date of its compilation).
  • Then, in order, all types of work performed are entered into the table, indicating the deadlines, cost, quality, and the customer's comments.

Columns about the name of work, quality and comments should be filled out especially carefully, since it is this information, in the event of litigation, will be the main arguments in court.

  • Next, you need to make a point that the work performed has been checked and the customer has no complaints. If this is not the case, then in the paragraph below you need to describe in detail the identified shortcomings, as well as introduce the terms and procedure for their elimination.
  • At the bottom of the document, indicate the name of the organizations-parties to the work contract (in accordance with the constituent documents).
  • And in the end, the acceptance certificate of work must be certified by the signatures of the heads of organizations or persons authorized to carry out this procedure.
  • If necessary, the act can be certified with seals.

After the signing of the acceptance certificate of the work performed, all claims can only be considered in court.

Acceptance certificate of work performed

It is useful to approve a sample of the acceptance certificate in the text of the contract. This document is required to confirm that certain work has been performed by the contractor and accepted by the customer. Also in the act, you can register a separate item with the text of the receipt for the receipt of money by the contractor. If the work is accepted by the customer without comments and he is ready to pay their cost to the contractor, the fact of the acceptance of the work and the fact of transferring money to the contractor will be confirmed by one document.

Download a sample contract with the Acceptance Certificate >>>

Acceptance certificate

Act of completed plumbing work sample

Almost everyone is faced with plumbing services, both owners of new buildings and secondary housing. This type of service includes: installation / dismantling of plumbing, installation of underfloor heating, adjustment and connection of finished equipment (system water treatment, water heater, pressure station), connecting a washing machine and much more - all this is included in the list of services plumbing.

ABP - is a confirmation and basis for payment, which you can download free of charge link.

Certificate of completion of design work sample

Download a sample of completed works by link. This act is executed in a tripartite form, because in case of an error revealed at the installation stage, it is possible to determine which of the designers made it.

Test measurement certificate for completed work sample

According to "tacit" statistics, the postscript of work performed at state construction sites is from 30 to 40%. Therefore, together with the ATS, an Act of control measurement of the work performed is provided, which can be downloaded free of charge from our website at link.

Certificate of completion for the installation of PVC windows / windows sample

Quite a simple act, but it is necessary primarily for the window installers themselves. Therefore, it is made of two parts - the second is tear-off and remains with the representatives of the company who performed the work. This document contains a column stating that PVC windows are installed, and there are no complaints against the contractor. Link to sample.

Certificate of completion of work on the assembly of furniture sample

Standard furniture assembly services: installation of kitchens, wardrobes, wardrobe systems and others. The act of completed work on the assembly of furniture is a confirmation of payment for these services. It is necessary to indicate the furniture in the required column of the act submitted by link.

Certificate of completed electrical work sample

The problem with our legislation is that any Vasya Pupkin can perform the work of an electrician when repairing an apartment, without having the proper qualifications and education.

But this is all lyrics, we are interested in the act of completed electrical work, you can download it by link.

Electrician's certificate of completion

It is similar to the previous document, however, the customer and the contractor are not legal entities. Accordingly, there are no details, VAT and stamps and other standard fields for acts based on KS-2. Link to sample.

Certificate of completion for the installation of stretch ceilings

Over the past 10 years, stretch ceilings have ceased to be know-how, having become the "gold" standard. Due to its practicality and long service life, companies give it up to 15 years of warranty.

But here, read the contract carefully, because often the interpretation is as follows: they say 25 years for the canvas, and 1 year for the work performed.

In any case, you will need an ATS for the installation of stretch ceilings, which you download from link.

Certificate of completed installation work sample

Anything can be perceived under assembly in construction, from assembly of primary converters to metal structures. Therefore, in the corresponding document, we indicate what the installation is, who performed other standard fields. You can download the AVR you need by link.

Completion certificate for finishing works sample

Finishing work involves a wide field of activity: plastering, putty, installation of MDF panels and much more. Therefore, when an apartment or office is being renovated, intermediate acts of completed finishing work are drawn up. For example, if you have completed the plastering of the “N” room, you have signed the ATS, and you will receive a monetary reward. Link to sample.

AVR for repair of an entrance sample

Usually, the renovation of the entrance is not distinguished by intricacy and variety. Therefore, these works are performed quickly and there is no point in splitting them up and signing intermediate acts.

Free download software link.

The act of acceptance of the completed work on the renovation of the apartment sample

The most recent act, in which references to intermediate acts of acceptance, if any, are possible. This act is the basis for the final settlement with contractors, in the absence of claims. Link to sample.

Certificate of completion for the renovation of the premises / office sample

It is similar to the previous document - only the object of repair is not an apartment, but an office or production facility. Accordingly, if apartments are mainly renovated by private individuals, then commercial objects are legal entities.

Therefore, in the act in the column customer there are the necessary changes in the ATS, which you can download by link.

Claims for the performance of work on the repair of the premises

The act of completed work on the repair of the premises is a document that obliges the parties to fulfill the established obligations. In case of non-fulfillment of any clause of the act, certain claims arise.

Reasons for making a claim by the customer to perform work on the repair of the premises:

  • the repair was not done in accordance with the plan or sketch;
  • poor-quality work (uneven wallpapering, poor-quality wall painting, improper tile laying, use of low-quality materials);
  • untimely performance of work;
  • incomplete work by the due date;
  • the presence of shortcomings in the work requiring alteration;
  • untimely start of work;
  • failure to fulfill the obligations prescribed in the act of work performed.

According to p. 3 tbsp. 29 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the customer has the right to file a claim with a requirement to eliminate defects discovered during the warranty period. After the expiration of the warranty period, the customer has the right to present this claim within two subsequent years from the date of acceptance of the work.

Procedure for drawing up a claim

In the water part of the claim, the reason for its preparation is indicated. The reason includes the circumstances of the situation and the facts. In addition, it is important to indicate the legislative acts on the basis of which the requirements are put forward.

Requirements may include the elimination of shortcomings in the repair of premises, refund, compensation, etc. The customer has the right to offer a solution to the problem at his own discretion or ask for assistance in solving it.

The main part of the claim begins with the word "Please". This is followed by a request with a full description of the details of the situation and citing event facts.

The facts are supported by the terms of the concluded agreement and act, referring to them when writing a claim. Each thought is highlighted with a paragraph to improve the perception of information.

The term for consideration of the claim by the bailiff is one month from the moment the document was received by the addressee. However, the processing time may vary, depending on the method of sending the claim and the need to re-check the quality of the work performed.

The documented requirements of the customer (applicant) are justified and, as a rule, they are satisfied by the court. The recipient of the claim undertakes to comply with the applicant's requirements in court.

Reasons for rejection of the claim:

  • the absence of an agreement and an act confirming the conclusion of a transaction for the repair of the premises;
  • excessive emotional overload of the appeal;
  • unclear formulation of the reason and essence of the claim.

The applicant is notified of the rejection of the claim in writing. In the deviation, the reason and the reference to the normative acts are indicated.

It is important to note that most claims are resolved out of court, with the help of a peaceful settlement of the situation. Nevertheless, the main principle of both the customer and the contractor remains adherence to the prescribed agreements in the act of performed work on the repair of the premises, as well as honesty and high-quality performance of work.

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