How to choose a construction team for apartment renovation: where to look

To perform plumbing work, electrical wiring, work on the heating device, installation of lamps and plumbing fixtures, you need to attract specialists. Unprofessional performance of these works can damage property and pose a danger to life and health of people.

Construction team

Who to contact?

Be sure to consider the risks. If you hire a private trader or a team that does not have all the necessary documents for admission to work, you will face the inability to present claims to contractors.

Ideal if the repair team acquaintances who are satisfied with their work will advise you. It is doubly good if these acquaintances have lived in a renovated apartment for at least a year - during this time you can find obvious and non-obvious flaws. In this situation, you will be confident in the professionalism of the workers. And in case of minor flaws in the apartment of your acquaintances, you will know what to pay special attention to when interacting with the team.

When choosing a team, never put the cost of work first.

That is, there is no need to choose those who declare the lowest prices. Often minimum prices are presented in order to interest the customer. And then, in the course of construction, prices are increased due to the detailing of the work.

For example, in the presented estimate the laying of parquet is indicated, costing $ 15 sq. M. Subsequently, this cost can rise to $ 25 and more. To the questions of the surprised client, the contractor will answer that this was the price directly for the installation, which does not include sanding and varnishing.

Therefore, studying the estimate provided by the contractor, specify what kind of work this or that item includes or ask for a detailed unfolded estimate.

The builder calculates the estimate

The second option for the "cheap brigade" may be even worse. The builders will work at low prices, but the quality of their work will be below any criticism. In this case, the builders will not necessarily make the marriage on purpose. More often than not, they simply do not have the qualifications to do the job well.

When negotiating with the construction team, check if the workers have their own tools and equipment to carry out the declared work. It is not uncommon for workers to ask the customer to buy a particular instrument or to pay a large advance payment that will be spent on the purchase of the instrument. It's better not to mess with such builders.

The provision of the brigade with construction tools, as well as the maintenance of these tools should not be carried out at the expense of the customer. The maximum that can be paid to builders is consumables (drills, discs, sanding skins, etc.).

Where to look for a construction crew?

The easiest way to hire qualified builders is to contact a construction firm. Don't worry if you have a small amount of work or if you need to do one type of work. Many construction firms take on small amounts of work. Of course, the smaller the volume, the higher the cost per square meter will be.

Searching for builders on the Internet: pitfalls

Have you decided to look for contractors on the Internet? There are good firms and skillful private teams for apartment renovation, but how not to be mistaken with the choice? Check out a few tips for finding worthy ones:

  • Do you think you've found a good team or company? Hammer in the search for "company name, teams + reviews" or "+ blacklist" - people are always happy to share negative things online. Has this company / firm / brigade already "made" someone's houses or repairs from "manure and branches"? You will see this.
  • Do not "get fooled" by a beautiful site with long laudatory reviews - making it cheaper than paying for the work of professional workers, and reviews are easy to order. It could be the Horns and Hooves office, a one-day company - it will sell your contacts to another company or team that you have no idea about.
  • Look at the contacts on the site: if only mobile numbers are indicated, but not the office address, these are private traders.
    All statutory documents must be posted on the site.
  • Also, a sign of a bona fide contractor is the ability to pay by bank transfer.
  • Try to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the firm / team. If the gallery is presented on the site and looks too attractive, make sure that this is not a 3D rendering (the interior looks flawless, people in it is not, the weather is sunny) and photographs not stolen from other, possibly even foreign sites (check using the Google-Search service pictures).
  • Private teams may not have a portfolio at all - do not hesitate to ask for contacts of previous customers, call them. Professionals have nothing to hide!
  • Learn about the composition of the brigade. Ideally, you should get to know the designer, foreman, workers before signing the contract.
  • Serious company or the right team never will not tell you the full cost of the repair if you have not seen the object yet and did not carry out the necessary measurements and calculations. When making an estimate together with the foreman / foreman / representative of the company, keep in mind that the final cost may be higher than the original one (additional purchase of building materials, breakage of tools during work).

Working with a construction company gives the client a number of advantages.

  1. You can see the finished or under construction objects of this contractor. If possible, it is advisable to inspect both. On finished projects you will see the finishing quality of construction work, on those under construction - the organization of the construction process.
  2. The second positive point is that all the issues arising during construction, you will decide not with the builders (workers), but with the person in charge (foreman or the head of the company).

If you don't have much money, try hiring a construction team using advertisements or advice from people you know. When hiring a team of builders, sign a contract with them. Citing a written source is always preferable to an oral agreement.

What should be alarming

1. Too low price tag. Professional workers know their worth and will always find a well-paid job. And if you are offered to renovate a living space for a cost that is half what others offer for the same job, you should not be too happy. Most likely, in front of you are novice repairmen who, at best, will do everything twice as long as you plan, at worst - they will do it so badly that later they will have to turn to more expensive masters.

Alternatively, ordinary swindlers can appoint a low cost. The calculation is very simple: someone will bite into the cheapness, pay an advance, with which the scammers will hide.

2. It is better not to mess with teams that are involved in multiple sites. It’s okay if the workers are simultaneously renovating one apartment. Especially if the stages of finishing are different - there is already finishing, where the masters for laying laminate and gluing wallpaper are involved, and for now you only need specialists in leveling the walls. Otherwise, the deadlines for the delivery of your apartment may be delayed. In addition, quality may suffer when trying to finish work faster and take on another order.

3. Workers who call themselves specialists in plumbing, in electrics, and in the construction of partitions, etc., should be alerted. Of course, there are professionals who are able to do everything, but you still need to look for them. To avoid any trouble with wiring or leaking pipes for a job requiring a certain skill, it is better to involve narrow specialists.

Inattentive pays more

If you want to get a really good apartment renovation, do not be lazy - pay attention to the following points.

Take a look at your estimate. Make sure that all the necessary work is indicated in it - otherwise it will then start: “and who will pay for skirting boards? " previously. Plenty of room for shenanigans!

Always review the estimate

You may not know exactly how much the skirting boards cost and how the door installation is paid - nothing will prevent the cunning craftsmen from specifying a larger amount, the difference is in your pocket. A smaller footage of premises is indicated, the discount of a contractor purchasing building materials from a supplier is “forgotten”, "Left" items in the estimate (for example, you do not have to pay for the installation of scaffolding) - all this increases the cost works! The amounts in the estimate and in the contract must match.

Control the "hidden" side of the work - rough finishing of surfaces, laying of electrical wiring and heating. If there are "shoals" subsequent rework will hit the wallet hard. Rough finishing of the bathroom - cement plaster, other rooms - gypsum, fix this in the contract, the price of finishing depends on the type of plaster.

Do not hesitate to invite technicians from the organization in charge of building management to accept engineering communications and put their signatures on the acceptance certificate. If an accident occurs - fire, short circuit, pipe break - the team or company will be held responsible for poor quality work.

There are no trifles and delays ("then it will be evened out by itself") in the repair work! Then you want to "admire" protruding seams, unsuitable joints, sloppy wallpaper, unevenly painted surfaces, crookedly installed switches and sockets in the wrong places?

Do you love skewed doors and non-closing windows? Be sure to track how the work is done in these areas. Describe any flaws and set a deadline for correcting them.

The final act of acceptance of all works must be signed by the contractor and you. Date of signing - the beginning of the warranty period for the work (the contract must contain information about this period!). Before the designated date, employees are obliged to eliminate all defects and defects - and do it free of charge.

Plan and estimate

Before you start breaking walls, moving partitions, changing wiring, you need to think over the repair to the smallest detail. First of all, you need to decide whether redevelopment is needed, where the sockets (and, accordingly, household appliances), kitchen sets, furniture will be located.

Experienced workers should help in drawing up the plan - they will tell you if you have forgotten the sockets and where the kitchen apron should be. Ask the foreman to calculate the approximate cost of the materials - this way you will have an idea of ​​the amount that the repair will cost and save yourself from unexpected expenses. And at the same time, at the very first stage, make sure whether you can find a common language with this particular team and whether it suits you.

How to check the repair crew?

Make sure that the repair team has all the necessary documents: passports, construction college diplomas or other documents confirming the qualifications of the master. Certification documents confirming the competence of a specialist are issued at the Centers for Continuing Education, who conduct training programs for the preparation of finishers, painters, plasterers, tilers, finishing specialists work.
Check the work experience of the repair specialists and ask if they have a portfolio, reviews and recommendations from previous clients. A good specialist will never refuse to demonstrate examples of his successful work.
Pay attention to whether a potential contractor asks you questions about the specifics of the facility, the specifics of the project, and how the process will be organized. Qualified craftsmen, before announcing the cost of repair work, come to the facility to draw up an estimate, which is needed in order to calculate the amount of repair costs. Make sure that all organizational points are documented. It is important to understand what work will be done and what exactly you will pay money to the repair team for. There is an estimate - and we work on it.

Everything should be included in the estimate and contract

Questions that a good master should clarify:

  • House type.
  • What type of renovation are you interested in.
  • Terms, schedule and working hours.
  • Whether during the renovation the team will live in the apartment or come every day.

If the repair specialist does not ask additional questions, this should alert you and make you doubt his professionalism. Imagine that at a clinic appointment, the doctor does not ask you clarifying questions and prescribes treatment as soon as you voice your complaint. Strange, isn't it? It's the same here. In essence, repair is the same treatment that requires a detailed medical history.

It is better to speak all organizational aspects at once, do not be afraid to discuss "inconvenient" details: your own comfort and peace of mind in the coming weeks (and months) depends on it. When the issues are settled, you can start drawing up an agreement in which all these points will be spelled out. In the contract, you must definitely indicate the rights and obligations of the parties.

How to build relationships with builders?

Specify in advance the technologies and materials used and do not pester the builders with unnecessary questions (“a why are you doing this? ") and unnecessary advice (" but my neighbor said what to do differently").

It is necessary to keep under control, first of all, the compliance of the work progress with the schedule. Not all construction crews are capable of high-quality implementation of complex technical solutions. Specify these points in advance. And if the builders are not confident in their abilities, then it is better to change the decision than to redo a complex decor element ten times later.

Costs and supervision

Usually, workers are engaged in the purchase of rough finishing materials. This is logical, since they understand them better. And plaster is not wallpaper; when buying it, you can do without the personal presence of the owner of the living space. However, entrusting the procurement of materials for the repair to the brigade, you still need to control the process. Otherwise, seeing your indifference, workers may start carouseling with materials - buying excess in order to resell on the site of free ads (or to your neighbors), and putting the money in their pockets. Feel free to ask for receipts for every purchase and account for every bag.

Also, you cannot let the repair process itself go by itself, otherwise it may drag on for an indefinite period. If the workers are not urged on, they will not rush anywhere, but in parallel they will take on other apartments.

Therefore, it is imperative to inspect the construction site and check each stage at least once a week, and preferably two. repair: and leveling the walls, and installing tiles and plumbing in the bathroom, and wallpapering, and painting walls.

What should be in the contract with the repair team?

First of all, make sure that the terms in which the repair team must meet are clearly spelled out in the contract. Lawyers also advise to indicate a forfeit, this will give you guarantees and a share of peace of mind, because repairs, as you know, are nerve-wracking, even if you just have to control the process.
Next, you should indicate what kind of work will be carried out in your apartment. Do not forget to write down the exact address of the place of the planned repair, as well as the initial, intermediate and final dates.
Do not neglect the points where the quality requirements will be indicated, which means most often decoration of ceilings, walls, floor coverings and screed filling, installation and dismantling of systems heating. It is customary to carry out such work in accordance with certain standards, because it is important that the repair is not only beautiful, but also of high quality.
And, of course, the material side of the issue, which is also necessarily spelled out in the contract. The calculation procedure is indicated, it can be of two types: upon completion and upon prepayment. This moment is decided individually by the customers and the performer.
Under a construction contract, the repair team undertakes to perform all work with high quality and on time, while as the customer is obliged to create all the necessary conditions for the performance of the work and, accordingly, pay for it according to completion.

The contract should definitely include:

  1. Repair type (cosmetic, major).
  2. Price.
  3. Timing.
  4. The procedure for paying for repairs and materials.
  5. Obligations of the parties (including who will select and purchase building materials and how to deliver them).
  6. How will the acceptance take place (better - by stages of repair).
  7. Warranty obligations.
  8. Responsibility of both parties for the failure of obligations, poor-quality performance, failure to meet deadlines.
  9. Force majeure circumstances.
  10. Conditions and procedure for termination of the contract.

How to minimize risks during repairs?

In order to competently approach the repair and execution of the contract with the repair team, you will have to at least fluently delve into topic: navigate the materials market, familiarize yourself with the technologies that will be applied at each stage process. Of course, you do not need to study all this in detail, but it does not hurt to have a basic understanding. You will feel much more confident if you have at least a rough idea of ​​what happens to your apartment during the renovation.

In any case, contacting specialists is a sensible decision, especially if you are not sure of your own capabilities. The repair team, following a clear plan, will be able to perform all the work efficiently and on time.

How to pay

The repair is divided into several stages.: dismantling, installation of communications, erection of partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceilings, finishing. If you agreed with the foreman to work in stages, then you also need to pay for the work in stages: you removed the old wallpaper - paid, replaced the wiring - here's another translation for you.

It is better to indicate each stage in the contract and estimate: This will make it easier to understand how much you spent on materials and work. Builders must keep all receipts for the interim report so they can always answer the customer's financial questions.

Mistakes when choosing builders

  1. The main mistake most often made is not concluding a contract with random people, often having a very vague idea of ​​the services they provide. It's too late to grab your head when the crew left, leaving behind peeling wallpaper and burning wiring. Solving these problems retroactively usually ends with nothing, and at best, costs a lot of money to the victim. On the other hand, any self-respecting company or private team will conclude an agreement with you and give a guarantee for the performance of work.
  2. Do not admire the colorful albums and picturesque photographs on the site - any reputable organization will not against organizing your personal visit to already handed over objects and will provide feedback or coordinates of previous clients. Do not follow the lead of eloquent businessmen, stunning photos of luxurious apartments taken from other people's portfolios or foreign magazines.
  3. Rely on first impressions, they are rarely deceiving. The beginning of a business relationship should always be preceded by a personal meeting and at least minimal personal sympathy. This will greatly help in work, since it is difficult to communicate with a foreman who behaves inadequately or dismissively, even if he is at least three times a professional. Remember - You do not have to know the intricacies of the construction craft and this is not a drawback that should cause a condescending attitude from the craftsmen.
  4. From the first day of work, put yourself in charge. This is your apartment, this is your home and You have the right to make comments on the merits and dictate your terms. You pay for the service and you can safely express your wishes and comments, even in an awkward and unprofessional form. You are not a builder - you are a customer and your word is a law.
  5. One of the most important things that is often overlooked is the drafting of a formal contract.signed by both parties. Remember, in case of trouble, if you manage to find unlucky "specialists" and bring the case to court, then before the law Your words will be against the words of your opponents, and this does not at all guarantee understanding and support of human rights defenders. At the same time, the contract in which the services of your employees are stipulated is a serious document that will have to be reckoned with.
  6. Za priori stipulate the cost of work, such moments as the purchase of building materials, their delivery, the availability of a special tool from the contractor. No one will argue that unforeseen moments can always arise in the course of work, but it is better to minimize them. It is unpleasant to know that instead of replacing linoleum, you will also have to pay extra for dismantling the floor screed and installing a new one, especially when you do not count on it, and the floors have already been torn off.
  7. You should also be alerted by "specialists" who call the cost of work right in the office or by phone without seeing the object. It is better to stay away from such "gentlemen of fortune" - their services will rise in price every day of renovation.
  8. If you are busy and cannot control the execution of work, ask friends or neighbors to come to your apartment during the day. The prolonged absence of visible activity and construction noise is an alarming sign, especially if there is no contract or the deadline for the completion of the object is not spelled out in it.
  9. Negotiate how will the process of purchasing materials goit will save your nerves and money. It’s not bad if you make your first visit to a hardware store or a wholesale warehouse with a foreman - this will allow you to immediately reach mutual understanding and help avoid misunderstandings in the future.
  10. Do not hesitate to bring an independent expert from your acquaintances or even from another firm to the apartment being renovated. For true professionals, this is not offensive or biased.
  11. You should not go to the object every day without the need - it often annoys the foremen, and in a small apartment it also interferes with the work process. Business relations are also usually hampered by familiar conversations "for life" and the appearance of the customer drunk. Do not give a reason to treat you dismissively or familiarly.
  12. The basic rule - remember that repairs will end sooner or later, but human relations remain. It will be great if, despite all the working moments and disputes, you part with the contractors easily, leaving pleasant impressions about each other. This will help you next time, even when you just call the foreman to find out how to disassemble the mixer in the bathroom and get free and friendly advice.

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