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Ceiling Molding - 5 advanced options

In this article I will talk about the five types of advanced baseboards. This will allow you to independently estimate the pros and cons to make an optimal choice. Example of the baseboards in the ceiling. Types of ceiling moldings. So, ...

December 28, 2016

The false ceiling of plasterboard - all you need to know to carry out the work yourself

Want to make a false ceiling plasterboard on its own, but I doubt that will cope with the work? Then this article is just what you need. It all works are described in great detail, so that anyone can understand them. You just have to ...

December 23, 2016

Making the ceiling of MDF, so that even the big-eyed neighbor does not distinguish them from the timber!

The ceilings are made of MDF hardly a popular interior design solutions: make them relatively rare, and in most cases, when a panel of the material used and wall covering work. Still, this version finishes has its advantages ...

July 15, 2016