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Housing issue: the design (30 photos) Kitchen in different color schemes

At some point, we are faced with a repair housing problem: the kitchen design. On the intricacies of selection of colors, shapes, furniture and finishes today in our article. Color spectrum. So whether it is important or not a significant difference, you select the kitchen design in ...

July 18, 2012

Kitchen design ideas (33 photos): facing materials, the combination of decor, color

The kitchen can be different - modern and classic style have a modern, hi-tech or country, be smooth or textured, bright or neutral. But the most important thing at the same time to all the ideas of kitchen design brought to her warmth and comfort. ...

July 17, 2012

Kitchen design in a wooden house (45 photos) design features, lighting and methods

Houses made of wood, it seems, will never go out of style. Accommodation of environmentally friendly material, many associated with the nature, rest, something real. Kitchen design in a wooden house - a special question, whose solution will require not only creative ...

July 17, 2012
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Kitchen: Design 8 meters (39 photos). Instruction, especially zoning

The kitchen is an area of ​​8 m² is considered a small room. But the owner of the apartment and would like to post a comfortable working area and a table for dinner and the reception of guests, and even make the interior a unique and stylish. Small kitchen: 8 design ...

July 17, 2012

Kitchen design in the style of Provence (36 photos): characteristic features, finishes and options

Provence style is the perfect embodiment of family traditions and comfort. Therefore, in recent years, the kitchen, decorated in this style, and are very popular. It should be recalled that the Provence - located on the Mediterranean ...

July 17, 2012