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Snow removal equipment for summer cottages and houses, its features. Review of the best manufacturers and models, their advantages and disadvantages. Characteristics of snowblowers.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: overview of varieties, comparison of tools, characteristics, prices and manufacturers of household machines.

Disc cutting machine for metal: types of structures, their characteristics and features. Review of the best machine tool manufacturers. Comparative characteristics of prices.

Do-it-yourself metal cutting machine: design features, preparation of tools and materials, step-by-step technology for making machines based on a disc and a grinder.

Homemade metal lathe with your own hands: components and assembly. Choice of engine power. Creation of a machine tool based on a drill. Safety engineering, modifications.

Thicknessers for wood: prices for the most popular models. Components, features of work and defining characteristics of the units. How to choose the right machine.

Homemade machines and accessories for the home workshop. Descriptions and technologies for the manufacture of useful structures for the arrangement of a garage workshop, recommendations.

DIY garage accessories: the most popular and practical ideas, manufacturing tips, step-by-step technologies and drawings of structures that allow you to equip a garage.

Rating of the best models of electric grass trimmers: the best rating models, technical and operational characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of devices.

Rating of the best models of electric lawn mowers: popular modifications of lawn care devices, advantages and disadvantages of rating mowers, their repair.

These are daily articles about construction and renovation, arrangement of an apartment and a country house. Helpful information with interesting ideas and step-by-step instructions.

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