How beautiful and practical to close the pipe in the bathroom, the most simple step by step guide ways +

Often, when planning the future of the bathroom interior, we do not consider some of the nuances. To one of these can include tubes which are not covered by anything and frankly spoil the whole appearance bathrooms. The most reasonable solution in this situation would be to hold a disguise released details of communication.

Next we will talk about the most popular ways of masking, as well as give an explanation on the installation and maintenance of all necessary material.

Options for masking

There are many different ways to mask the tube. They all differ from one another shape, the materials used, the complexity of the operations. Consider three of the most popular options.

Option 1. Installation boxes from GCR - step by step guide

One of the most practical materials can be called gypsum board, with its help you can easily solve many stylistic problems. One of these is the masking of water communications.

Plasterboard used in the finishing bath, characterized by its water resistance, and protected against various microorganisms. These properties he owes a special impregnation, which is in the normal GIC is not applicable. For simplicity differences waterproof material colored in green colors.

Mounting gypsum valve is as follows:

Step 1. The first step is carried out scribing future construction. On the ceiling and the floor of the mark applied along which are mounted sheets of material.

Step 2. According to the incised lines are installed racks, which will be attached cross. Fixing conducted by means of special clamps, placed at a distance 20-25 cm.

Step 3. Next in line comes the firmware. plasterboard sheets is applied to the outer contour of the frame and produce fixation with self-tapping screws, which dipped for hats 1-2 mm. inside the sheet.

Step 4. It is necessary to make the door of the resulting structure. For this purpose propylene hole diameter necessary, put on future door hinges, lock on a common web. After these steps, you can proceed to the final finishing.

Step 5. Powertrowel and otshtukaturte surface.

Option 2. Facing by a tile

Such an option of finishing very similar to the previous one, but it is believed more time consuming. The main advantage of such an arrangement can be considered as its resistance to moisture.

The order of execution of works, when embedding water communications, should look something like this:

  1. Delayutsya measurements of pipes.
  2. Then, from wooden planks, boards and metal bases erected frame, Which is attached to all the adjacent surfaces.
  3. The resulting construct sewn moisture-resistant materialSuch as sheets of chipboard.
  4. On the main frame side cut compartment under future door.
  5. In the waterproof material attached metal mesh.
  6. On top of the grid lays tiles, It also lays the door.
  7. Overwritten tile joints and processed antibacterial composition.

Further development of this option will allow you to make masking functional advantages in the bathroom operation. Extend the general framework to sink and you will receive additional storage space useful things.

Option 3. finishing plastic

The most amazing and easiest option. In the market of construction materials has a large selection of plastic panels for every taste and for a variety of prices. A significant drawback of such material is its low resistance to open flame. Major manufacturers are assured that their products do not burn and has self-extinguishing properties, but releasable smoke, no less frightening than an open flame.

Attention! If your choice falls on plastic, remember that should guard against fire, as well as smoking in such premises.

Installation is carried out on the assembled frame of metal parts. The panels themselves are fixed by screws, not to be seen their caps, fastening is carried out through the shelf, which is closed following a superimposed panel.

These three options will help you without too much trouble and cost, bring the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom in order.

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