Repair Secrets: step by step instructions for laying laminate

Laminate - one of the most common types of floor covering. He looks good, is easy to clean and long. And perform the installation of a liner you can own hands. But if you have to do it in the first, it is not necessary to hurry. It is better to pre-acquainted with the process in theory.

Substrate preparation

It is best to lay laminate flooring on the concrete floor. If there are irregularities, they should be eliminated. Here it is necessary to take into account that the difference in height should not be more than 2 mm per meter. If you want to align the base, it should be pre-cleaned and primed, and then - to fill the screed. An ideal variant in this case - leveling mixture.

With clear concrete. But whether it is possible to lay laminate wood floor. It is said that this event is quite risky. Especially when the old coating. It is wise to dismantle it and pour a concrete base. However, this procedure is quite laborious, time consuming and the costs a lot. Therefore, as a variant, it is possible to prepare a wooden floor laying laminate coating. But this, if the board in the normal state.

In preparing the wood floor must be secured all the loosened boards. The base under the laminate should not creak. If there are very prominent areas, they should be skived plane. The slots are sealed filler. After that, you need to lay a wooden floor leveling material. There suitable plywood thickness of 10-12 mm. Sheets of material are screwed with screws.


There are several types of material. When choosing a substrate for the wooden floor should be borne in mind that such a foundation can not be laid hydroprotective option. The wood must evaporate moisture, waterproofing and simply did not give her such an opportunity, which will adversely affect the coating.

In general, manufacturers offer a variety of materials. Substrates made of polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam, cork and polyurethane foil. The latter option can be called optimal. It is made from natural materials and is suitable for concrete base (if not planned installation of floor heating), as well as wooden floors. But also costs from expensive.

The substrate is placed along the wall, from which will start the installation of the laminate. Better not to obscure the entire floor at once, during installation to not go through the material. The next strip of the substrate can be spread when the need arises. Fragments material tightly joined and glued shut. It is impossible to lay the substrate overlap, since the laminate must adhere well to the surface.


When laying the material should withdraw from the walls of 10 mm. This is to ensure that the expansion of the laminate will not be deformed or broken. To this end, between walls and floors and a wedge. Also, experts recommend installing laminate trim along the luminous flux. In this case, the incident light from the window will not create shadows on the joints, so that the surface will look perfect. coating installation is performed as follows:

  1. The first row of lamellae stacked so that they are positioned to the groove wall. The panels are joined to each other by a locking system "tongue and groove" both longitudinally and transversely.
  2. For connecting the panels to each other must hold one lamella on the floor, and the second lift by 20 degrees, to insert the tenon into the groove and firmly squeeze omitted. As a result, should hand a click.
  3. When laying the next row of the panel is displaced a third of its length. That is, the installation is "herringbone". All slats must fit tightly to each other that there are no gaps between them. Cut laminate is best with the help of mounting knife. However, this process is not easy. So it is often used for this purpose jigsaw. In this case, the cutting should be done from the rear side to the front surface was not chipped.
  4. After the paving mounted baseboards. They are attached by means of hardware, which are screwed through each 40-45 cm. Then install the plug.

As you can see, the installation of laminate flooring with your own hands - it is quite workable. Home base to prepare a good, not to forget the gap between the walls and the cover and tightly interconnect all panels.

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