Choosing a modern gypsum panels and how to give the interior volume of their own hands

Decorative 3D panels from gypsum - the latest interior solutions. Product quickly gained popularity among ordinary people and designers. Recommendations regarding the selection of products and competent their application in interior design, as well as step by step instructions on self - on.

What it is

This panel of plaster with a three-dimensional patterns, which may have a rectangular or square shape. The image is applied only onto the front side plate and the rear part remains flat. There panel where the rear side duplicates curves of the front and vice versa. This approach to manufacture is significantly reduces the weight of the productand simplifies its installation.

The first 3D panels from gypsum have been developed in the US in 2008. Decor rapidly gained popularity in Europe, and later in Russia, which three years later launched its own production of the plates.

The cost of the panels can not be considered low, but they will help you quickly and transform the interior beyond recognition, adding the notes of originality.

Advantages and disadvantages of decor

Eco-style in the interior is gaining popularity, and environmental security used in the repair and construction material today - an indispensable condition. Gypsum 3D panels fully comply with this criterion.

In addition to the unusual appearance and low weight of some models, 3D panels are easy to install. Installation is easy to carry out with his own hands, saving on the services of skilled craftsmen. Gypsum normalizes the humidity in the room, and from the material products almost do not attract dust and dirt.

Other advantages of the panels:

  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • protection against noise;
  • resistance to fire;
  • resistance to radiation;
  • insulating properties;
  • ease of care.

In addition, three-dimensional designs and images will be appropriate in any environment. If desired, the plates may be repainted in any color, cover with varnish or even wallpapered.

The disadvantage is considered not a cheap price on the product: about 4000 p. / 1 ​​m2 and great weight Most varieties of panels. So if you decide to decorate a 3D plaster wall plates rather big, so the decor is costing you a lot of money and will create additional load on the supporting structures of the building. That is why in most interior decor can be found only on 3D panels fragment partitions or walls.

Recommendations for choosing a

Before going to the store, Decide exactly what you want to draw. Make the necessary measurements to contact a consultant, you can accurately trim sound area.

selection boards criteria:

  1. Manufacturer. Pay attention to the products of proven brands. So, a little overpay for the company's reputation, you are guaranteed to get quality products.
  2. Appearance. The choice of form and ornament plates will depend entirely on your personal preferences.
  3. cost of. Do not be tempted by the low price of the goods. As a rule, such a "gift" of fate can be insidiously hiding fake.
  4. Quality. Put the next two slabs. In qualitative products ornament is an ideal match, and gaps in the expansion joints should be minor. The front surface of the touch plate must be flat and smooth.
  5. The consignment. Always try to purchase custom-made decorative items from the same batch as minor variations may be from different parties.

It is also worth noting that if the plate is broken on impact or fall, so she really made of plaster and does not contain any impurities. However, such a check on the quality will cost you dearly.

Step by step installation instructions

Installing only sustained panel. That is, after the purchase will last them about 2 days in the room where you are going to mount. Attached panels, usually directly on the wall, and in the case of the curvature - by lathing.

The installation process:

Step 1. Prepare the surface by eliminating the curvature and major defects. We treat the wall primer, Do the same with the back side of the plate.

step 2. Put on the wall layout. It is important to identify the horizontal and vertical, which will be established according to the decor.

Step 3. Apply glue to the seat panel mounting, distribute with a notched trowel. Leans against the panel and align it according to the markup, we press and hold for a while. Thus, the horizontal line should be laid row upon row of plates, building level controlling process.

At the final stage of finishing joints remains, which is manufactured using the filler or of the same adhesive.

Successful renovation!

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