Insane idea of ​​a simple transformation of an ordinary lamp in the exclusive interior detail

Each house is worth the usual and boring design lamp that you bought a long time ago in a simple store e.g., IKEA, Hoff, Stolplit or HomeMe. It has long dreamed to prove himself as a designer, but do not know how it to do? Now you have the chance. This article provides a simple way of decorating lamps, which helps you to create a truly exclusive thing. Well let's not procrastinate, let's go!

Normal lamp of wholesale shop

Normal lamp of wholesale shop

Materials needed:

  • Easy lamp;
  • scissors and brush;
  • film prints or negatives;
  • glue for decoupage.
Materials for

Necessary materials for decorating bulbs

lamp Transfiguration

  • You must first disconnect the lamp and leave only the shade, that is the basis.
  • Measure out the right amount of negatives for decorating a lampshade, remove unnecessary part of the film.
  • When applied with a brush part adhesive decoupage, but before it is required to disinfect the surface of the lamp.
Operation of the first to third paragraphs

Operation of the first to third paragraphs

  • Perform adhesion negatives to the lamp. Note that each layer must adhere to the surface.
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Decoupage lamp

Decoupage lamps - a simple way to transform beyond recognition thing

  • To lamp served faithfully, it is recommended to miss the mark on top of another 2-3 layers of glue for decoupage.
  • Then better to leave the design to dry the whole day in a dark place.
  • A day later, connect the lamp to the power and enjoy the work done!
The final work result

The final work result

Today, you try yourself as a designer, not only things, but also the interior as a whole. I hope that this experience like you. As it turned out to transform an ordinary lamp very easy, and most importantly - fast. We just need to show a little imagination and hard work. I wish you success in all your endeavors!

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