How to sheathe the walls with his own hands clapboard + step by step instructions on choosing and preparing for installation

To paneling in your home served for several decades, we should listen to our instructions for installing it. After all, from the competent installation and the quality of the material depends on the service life of this type of skin.

Step by step guide of the preparatory phase

Step 1. The first step is carried out the alignment of the wall. This can be achieved by installation of lath. Of course, if the walls are sufficiently smooth, the installation is carried out directly on the work surface.

As it is necessary in advance to determine the direction of the installation, there are three mounting options: horizontal, vertical and angled. The first takes place visually increase the space up in the second - increasing the total area, and the installation angle will allow you to create a unique look of a room.

Step 2. The same method is determined in advance between a fixing lining. Screws can be fastened in a protruding tenon board thus hide the next row lining mounting cap previous layer. If you have chosen a classic way of fixing it is necessary to use special wooden plugs which are easily hide elements stand out.

Step 3. It is necessary to pay attention to the storage condition of lining. It is desirable that the room in which the material had an optimum temperature and humidity value. It is important to the absence of direct sunlight, which contribute to discoloration of wood. Before installation should wipe every single element from mechanical impurities.

Step 4. After that, you should consider the protection of the future coating - a special treat with antiseptic composition of the board, which can be purchased at any hardware store, allow the material to dry. Installation must be carried out under certain conditions. The room temperature must be less than five degrees, and the humidity does not exceed sixty percent.

Coating paint products is much easier to carry out direct mounting. This will ensure uniform conditions for staining and drying. Remember, it is not recommended to use paint and varnishes at plating bath rooms, as at higher temperatures the release of dangerous vapors.

Installation frame for fixing lining

Longevity life cover will depend on how much quality you will make a base for its installation. Wall paneling is secured only on the leveled surface.

An exception is the house, which initially consists of a wooden material and has no distortions significant irregularities - in this case to the installation start bypassing step sheathing installation. If the material of the wall has made significant irregularities composed of bricks, concrete or metal, then this stage is inevitable.

Fits wooden shell of slats which have a thickness in the 20-30 mm, They mounted a small longitudinal boards. Mounting the entire structure may have both the wall and the ceiling. In the case of ceiling mounting, the gap between them equals 40-45 cm, The wall - increases to 60-80 cm.

It is important that the attachment was carried out at an angle 90 degreesOnly in such circumstances it will be possible to ensure reliable fastening lining in the future. Perform work will help you the maximum quality level of the building. Savings in this step is invalid. Pick a good material for the frame, do not skimp on it, spoil wooden structure - will have to alter all anew.

The installation process of lining

The very first board is mounted in a corner, on the right side. Run it is necessary, as can be qualitatively - depends on the directness of the whole structure. Use level. Boards for initial fixing should differ in their perfect flatness and smoothness settings.

Subsequent fixing is performed by one of the methods described above. Each successive wooden board is fixed in the groove of the previous one, for secure mounting, use a hammer - tight Fit into the groove. Upon detection of irregularities in the installation, it is necessary to remove the board and make the operation of the new. Do not forget about the control angle of 90 degrees between the floor and mounted lining.

The final element coating is adjusted in size, trimmed if necessary. To create the most pleasant aesthetic appearance, can close angle wooden charcoal element.

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