Boom garden hand - we make the tool for the suburban area

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Boer garden hand - we select materials

In shops it is possible to find set of different manual Boers. But what to do when there is no surplus to buy? You can set a goal and make a garden drill with your own hands. The costs associated with the acquisition of materials for this tool will be significantly cheaper than buying it.

The garden drill consists of several parts. This is: a screw or a drill that drills a hole, a metal pole or a stand and a handle to work with it.

Now, in stages, we'll look at how to make a drill bit for poles. The principle of this instruction can be applied to any manual drill. In order to start the production, you need a strong sheet metal, a bushing of 1.5-2 meters. Still need a drill for metal. Since later the drill can be used for other purposes, it is possible to produce several augers of different diameters.

Garden earth bur - how to string the blades correctly?

Several sheet blanks are cut from the sheet metal. If you initially plan to make a manual drill for poles of a certain size, the diameter of the screws should be 5 mm larger than the hole itself.

Several holes for the rack are drilled in the center of the blades. What diameter should be the hole? Such that on 1-1,5 mm was more, than diameter of a rack of a borax. By the way, smooth armature is perfect for it.

In order for the armature to be smooth, it is possible to process it on a lathe or turn it out from any other metal. This rack is fixed in a vice and we drill two transverse holes. Threaded thread is cut into them. There will be screwed a bolt to hold the blade.

Here is our homemade garden drill began to acquire some form. We return to the blades-blanks. With Bulgarian we cut the radius of the workpiece. Such a cut will be necessary so that the flat blade can be stretched to the screw. At an angle of 45-60 degrees, the lower side of the notch is ground.

Homemade garden drill - the final steps

After retreating from the end of the bushing 10 mm, we make on it an emery circle of flatness, the depth of which is 3 mm. The very end is sharpened to a piciform appearance at an angle of 30 degrees. Bolgar on the lower end of the rack make the helical grooves. Since our homemade hand garden drill can come up against hard ground, a drill can also be welded on the end. The diameter of the drill should not be larger than the bushing or, conversely, smaller.

It remains to handle the handle. Weld it to the counter it is not necessary. It is better to put it on a bolt or on a thread, if it's T-shaped. Why? So you can extend the rack to the desired size, if you have to drill to a greater depth.

Our garden earth drill can be used for digging wells. A number of threaded studs are made, and they are connected by means of transition sleeves. For deep work, you need strong bushings of good diameter.

When considering the question of how to make a garden drill, we noticed that it is not as difficult as it might seem at first. To make the drill easier, from time to time it must be pulled out to remove the next layer of earth. Also it is necessary to paint it with anti-corrosion paint and take care of it so that it will serve as long as possible.

In addition, since the main load will be fed to the blades, the metal from which it is to be made must be chosen to be strong, non-bending and not prone to brittleness. Periodically, inspect the blades for damage to the edges and the formation of large burrs. All damage should be removed and the surface covered with paint.

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