Cartridge for shower enclosure: choice, mixer replacement and repair

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Repair of the mixer in the shower cabin with cartridge change
  • Device
    • When to change the cartridge
    • The main reasons for the failure
  • How to choose
  • Replacement

Few people want to face the problems of the operation of sanitary ware in its own shower. Nevertheless, sometimes it can not be avoided. The only option is to solve the problem immediately, and not postpone it for later. Otherwise, the consequences can be most unpredictable, up to the flooding of neighbors from below.

Problems with the equipment of the shower cubicle

In cartridge mixers for a shower cabin, one of the most important roles is played by a cartridge. It is he who is responsible for such parameters as mixing of cold and hot water streams, pressure and, of course, temperature. If the cartridge fails, the entire system suffers.

Now most residents of apartments and houses prefer modern faucets for the shower, which differ in the presence of ceramic elements in place of the old valve systems. The design has become more reliable, more convenient and more durable. However, it is not possible to get rid of possible breakages even the most expensive crane.

device As practice shows, brass mixers( body) , are most often installed in shower cabins inside which are located two cartridges, holders, flywheel and divertor. The latter is responsible for changing the flow regimes of water.

The device of the mixer from a brass for a shower booth

Acquire the necessary cartridge in our time is absolutely no problem - there are all sizes, shapes, design features and so on. Their body is mainly made of special plastic, and the bottom is made of ceramic. Rubber inserts are located on the holes. These seals allow a reliable and airtight connection between the cartridge and the mixer.

Cartridges for shower cabins

As we have already mentioned, the shower cartridge serves to change the water supply modes. These devices differ among themselves on several parameters:

  • Size of the rod;
  • Diameter;
  • Number of modes;
  • Surface of the divertor;
  • Type of seat for the stock.
Different cartridges and diverters for shower cabins

When you need to change the cartridge

Immediately answer the most important question - can I repair the cartridge. As a rule, the cartridge is not subject to recovery and the only solution is its complete replacement. So the repair is to remove the old cartridge and install a new one in its place.

Reasons for replacing the cartridge in the shower

There are several situations that clearly indicate the need for replacement:

  • From under the lever, water flows with the shower on;
  • Only one water is supplied - cold or hot;
  • It is not possible to adjust the mode;
  • The temperature of the water spontaneously and dramatically changes;
  • There is a crunch when switching;
  • The distributor is jammed;
  • Water flows are mixed poorly, do not correspond to the established mode;
  • The lever moves too loose or tight.
Situations in which you need to change the cartridge of the shower cubicle

The main causes of failure

Let you replace the old cartridge with a new one, but you should also find out the reason why the element failed. Perhaps this will help to protect the installed cartridge from the fate of its predecessor.

Low-quality water. It's no secret that the quality of water in our plumbing systems leaves much to be desired. It can be eliminated only by installing filters at the input. Although it is unlikely that someone will install expensive equipment for the shower.
  • Inaccuracy. Often the cause of the failure lies in users. Sharp twitching, mechanical shocks and so on. Try to be careful with the plumbing, and she will thank you for this for years of faithful service.
  • Substandard components. Can crack the enclosure, break the integrity of the seals, wear out the rings, etc.
  • How to choose

    Before you go to the plumbing shop for a new cartridge, be sure to answer a few questions:

    • How many operating modes does your old cartridge have?
    • What is the diameter of its drum?
    • What is the height of the metal rod without the plastic element?

    This can only be done by removing the element from the mixer design. We will discuss this in more detail later.

    The rules for choosing a new cartridge for a shower room


    So, you have determined that your mixer in the shower cabin urgently needs a replacement cartridge. Therefore, it should be determined which cartridge is used in plumbing to go to the market and buy a replacement.

    Try to choose items made by the same manufacturer as your plumbing. Otherwise, carefully study whether the new component will fit the old one.

    Unfortunately, not always consultants in stores can answer your questions, because they do not understand the nuances of sanitary equipment. Therefore, it is better to learn everything at once, rather than relying on the qualification of the seller.

    How to replace a broken cartridge in the shower room

    There is nothing complicated to replace. You just need to perform a few simple and consistent actions:

    • Remove the handle of your mixer. To do this, unscrew the small screw located below it.
    • Remove the decorative nut, which you can easily notice on the edge of the lock. It does not hold the device, because it is called decorative.
    • Already beneath it is a brass nut, the role of which is to fix the element. It is quite easy to unleash it.
    • Having unscrewed both nuts, you will need to remove the cartridge.
    • Do not rush to replace it with a new one. Beforehand, be sure to remove all accumulated debris, dirt, carefully remove the lime scale.
    • Now take the purchased new item and perform the procedure in reverse order.
    • Do not remove the tools until you are convinced of the efficiency of the new cartridge. Turn on the water, check all modes.
    • The replacement can be considered successfully completed.
    Replacement cartridge in the shower
    The process of replacing the cartridge in the shower room
    Replacing a broken cartridge in the shower
    The process of changing the old cartridge in the shower room to a new one
    Changing a broken cartridge in the shower

    As you can see, the cartridge, despite its small size, plays an extreme role in the functioning of the shower cubicle. Calling plumbing does not make any sense, because you can completely replace the replacement yourself, without having the special skills and experience in repairing plumbing equipment.

    If you are afraid of choosing a new cartridge, then just pull out the old one and take it with you to the store. You will easily find an analogue.

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