Mirror in the bathroom with illumination: with shelf, cabinet, cosmetic and wall

Mirror in the bathroom with light
  • Types
    • Wall
    • With shelf
    • With cabinet
    • Cosmetic mirror
  • Backlight type
    • LED
    • Internal
    • Decorative
  • Forms
  • Dimensions
  • How to make your own hands?
  • How to connect to electricity?
  • How to hang?



Wall mirror is an inexpensive option."Highlight" such a mirror is not difficult. As a rule, for this, hinged lighting lamps are used, for example, sconces. Most importantly, they should not be too cumbersome.

Wall mirror with illumination in the bathroom
Wall mirror in the bathroom with light

With shelf

Mirror with shelf - not only beautiful, but also convenient. The shelf will contain all the primary items of personal hygiene.

Usually such a mirror has one shelf, rarely two. Most often the shelf is made of glass. Ideal for any style of interior. This useful element is located from the bottom or the side of the mirror part of the structure, but it is also possible to combine them simultaneously in one model.

Mirror with shelf and backlight in the bathroom

With locker

The mirror in the bathroom can be integrated in the locker. It is its mirror door. His placement in the bathroom is the owner's desire. It can be over the sink or simply as an element of the interior. The ideal lighting option in this case is a spotlight.

Mirror in the bathroom with cabinet

Cosmetic mirror

The cosmetic mirror with illumination is very practical. This kind of mirror is not the main element of the interior. They use it as needed. It can be two-sided, one of its sides has a magnifying effect. Such a mirror is convenient when creating makeup and is therefore so beloved by women. Before buying, pay attention to the sufficiency of the light in it.

Cosmetic mirror with illumination for the bathroom

Backlight type


LED ribbons and lamps are incredibly popular these days. They do not require any special care. Consume little power and do not pose a threat to life.

LED Mirror Light in Bathroom
Illumination of a mirror in a bathroom of light-emitting diodes


To create an internal illumination, use LED lamps or ribbons that are fixed to the back of the mirror and give the light the necessary intensity. It dissipates by passing through a matte mirror surface.

This lighting structure is fastened around the perimeter of the mirror, from the side or from above. As the owner himself wishes. The material used to make the backlight is an aluminum profile. Its spraying can be the most diverse from silver to gold. The profile aesthetically hides from the eyes all components of the wiring and makes the design beautiful and complete.

Internal illumination of the mirror in the bathroom


Illumination of this type is not intended to perform the lighting function as such. It is rather an addition, its muffling introduces an element of romance. Can illuminate a particular section of the mirror, being an unusual design decision.

Decorative bathroom mirror lighting


Forms of mirrors can be very diverse. Everything depends on the desires of the owner. The main thing is the convenience and combination with the style of the interior. For a bathroom in a classic style, an ideal round mirror. Rectangular will fit in modern. Mirrors are asymmetric and irregular forms - an ideal solution for hi-tech.

Forms of mirrors with illumination in the bathroom
Mirrors of unusual shape with illumination for the bathroom
Mirror shape with backlight for bathroom


Before you buy a mirror, you need to decide what size the acquisition will be. Usually the mirror is located above the sink. Therefore, first of all, you need to proceed with their this parameter. If the mirror does not have a special shelf, you will have to purchase it separately. Leave for this 35-45 cm. In width, the mirror can be flush with the sink, and maybe go beyond it. There is already a matter of tastes and preferences.

Dimensions of mirrors with illumination for the bathroom

How to make your own hands?

Self-made mirror with backlighting is possible. Of course, in this case, some moments are better still performed by specialists, for example, they will cut out for you a mirror of exactly the form that is necessary.

After the mirror is already available, decide on the backlight. What will it be like? This, maybe, a lamp that is mounted on a wall or on a mirror itself or cuts into a mirror part.

If the LED strip is used as a backlight, then you need to purchase a profile specially made for this purpose from aluminum. The LED strip is placed directly into it.

Please note that the surface of the wall on which the mirror is fastened must be absolutely level.

Backlight for the mirror with your own hands in Vana
Setting the backlight for bathroom mirror bathroom

How to connect to electricity?

Connecting to a power source is a very important element of installation. The main thing in this is security. Water should not get to the wires. Their protection must be very reliable. Failure to do so may result in a short circuit and, as a result, a fire. In general, all electrical appliances in the bathroom must correspond to the second class of protection level( IP44, not less).

Wires must have a protective coating.

The source of electricity is supplied to the mirror in the first stage. On the second, a lighting device is connected.

Connecting the mirror lighting in the bathroom to the electricity

How to hang?

Drill drilled holes in the right places. Further in them are placed dowels. And only then self-tapping screws, which ensure the reliability of the fasteners.

If there is a shelf in the set, initially it is fixed. Mirror - in the last turn.

Mounting the mirror with the backlight on the bathroom wall