Decorative partitions in the room, a variety of ideas


  • 1 What are the partitions?
  • 2 Partition types depending on the design
  • 3 Partition types depending on the workmanship
    • 3.1 Fixed partitions of plasterboard
  • 4 Selection of partitioning design for partitioning the room
    • 4.1 Video ideas for partitions from different materials

When it comes to repair,something new, transform the room, make it lighter, cozy and comfortable. To bring into the design some zest, which would become the main element of contemplation. Such a decorative element can be a partition in the room. In this case, it can perform both a separating function and carry a functional purpose. In it you can make several levels, it can be without walls, thereby creating a visuality of the existence of the partition.

Partition of wood in the form of a shelf

Wooden partition in the form of a shelf

What are the partitions?

Today everyone strives to make of their home something individual and unique, so no one has. Often this leads to the most extraordinary solutions that allow you to get the most original and sometimes unimaginable designs.

Plasterboard partition

Partition from gypsum board

When considering all types of partitions, all of them should be divided into two main directions:

  1. Solid and stationary. Have the purpose of a specific demarcation of space with soundproofing properties. It can be used to install doors, make archways and so on. Also, such partitions can be made in the form of a cabinet wall or shelving with shelves, but at the same time it will perform specific functions of space delineation.
  2. Decorative. Represents a certain element of interior decoration. Partitions in the room, designed only for visual zoning of the room, can have a wide variety of design solutions. This often affects its functionality and practicality.

When creating a decorative partition in the apartment, the whole mental potential is used, because it is possible to produce a wide variety of designs that will not necessarily fit perfectly into the interior, but will also perform certain functions.

Types of partitions depending on the design

A lightweight plasterboard partition is an excellent opportunity to divide space in one room into certain zones. Each of them must perform its functions fully, even can have its own, in no way unrelated interior with neighboring areas.

Stationary partition

Fixed partition

So, depending on the design of the partition, there are:

  • stationary;
  • mobile;
  • transformable.

Choosing a specific type of partition for the room, you need to consider its purpose, design and interior.

If space is not easy to divide into zones, but at the same time create an individual fully delimited atmosphere, then you can apply partitions-transformers. One of the varieties of such designs can be an accordion. It is a complex, which can consist of several sections, connected in a hinged way. This partition easily folds and moves back, creating a completely delimited space, providing their users with privacy and silence.

Transformer partition


But the main disadvantages of this partition in the apartment will be its cost and complexity of manufacturing. If desired, you can save on materials. The design and material of the application depends on the style of the interior of the room. But as a rule, such partitions are installed at the stage of creating an interior solution, so their design must necessarily be in harmony with the surrounding situation.

Partition types depending on the fabrication material

The material for the manufacture of decorative partitions can be anything:

  1. wood;
  2. drywall;
  3. plastic;
  4. glass;
  5. imitation straw.
    Strip from straws

    Partition from straw

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Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be connected both with the installation and the practicality of its use. Partitions made of materials such as wood and gypsum can be made in a variety of shapes with a variety of shelves and niches. Such designs have excellent indicators of practicality and functionality. They can be made through without the rear walls, which will create a visual sense of the division of space into zones.

Glass partitions

Partitions of glass

The most cheap way of zoning the room will be a partition in the room of plasterboard. It can also be mobile, this can be done with rollers and wheels that will move along special guides or even floors. This variant of the partitions is good because it can be moved to the right place without changing the shape and without removing from its shelves books, flowers and souvenirs. After all, it can be made in the form of a rack with a lot of various compartments. If you want to create the impression of massiveness and bulkiness, then the design can be made of metal and plasterboard. But if practicality should be on the forefront, then it should be made of wood, for example, chipboard.

Stationary partitions from gypsum board

Today it is very popular that stationary partitions in the plasterboard room. What is their advantage in contrast to mobile types?

The first and main advantage is reliability. The stationary structure has good indicators of strength and resistance to various loads, which will ensure the integrity and integrity of all the contents on it. Also, it has an unchanging design, which allows not to disturb the overall picture of the decoration of the room.

Solid of plasterboard

Solid from plasterboard

The choice of the design of the partition, to divide the room

You clearly decided that you need at this place a decorative partition. You have decided on its exact location and orientation, because decorative barriers can be located in a variety of ways, which, of course, also depends on the design of the whole room or the fenced areas. Often in a large living room there is a need to separate a small piece for personal space, for work or leisure. That raises the question of comfort and level of illumination. If, of course, this partition is not made for the pantry. If you can separate a zone for rest and without windows, then it's better to build it with the capture of one window for work. This will create the necessary comfort and comfort of being in the zone.

Partitions into the room

Partitions in the room

To choose the design of partitions, you need to have a general idea of ​​the whole picture. On the one hand, the partition should be in harmony with the interior of one part of the room, and with the second it should be a complement to the second part. At the same time, if in the design there are elements of originality, curvilinearity and randomness, then the partition can become something inconceivable with irregular geometric shapes. With the help of plasterboard you can realize your very creative ideas. The partition in an apartment with such a design can be made with non-standard forms, it can contain incomprehensible, but original elements that will be a highlight in the interior of your home.

Video ideas for partitions from different materials