Niche in the kitchen: 70 photos, the best design solutions and examples

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Niche in the kitchen can be a highlight of your interior, becoming both decorative and functional space. Consider the best examples of how it can be implemented. In this article you will find lots of pictures detailing.


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Ways to use Niche

You'd be surprised how many you can think of having in the kitchen depth space of different sizes. Read on spoon ideas and be inspired.

In the niche can define part of the work area and cabinets of kitchen units. And look at the photo below, where in the next niche space and used more for decorative purposes.

Lockers and a work area with a sink in a wall niche

If space allows, it almost the whole area of ​​cabinets and cooking can be recessed into the existing niche.

All cabinets and cooking area of ​​the kitchen corner in a wall niche

Niche allows successful hide hoodSo very often it is placed slab.

Range hood hidden in a wall recess where there is a stove

If the hole in the wall of the deep, the "hot" cooking zone - the oven and work surfaces - completely determined in such a groove.

Stove, two working surfaces and close hood completely in a niche

You can extract and do not close, but on the contrary, to make it the property of the public review. A "hot" zone design decision to allocate a recess of the glass blocks. And original and practical, since glass is easily washed from the dirt of any kitchen.

Cooker hood and are in angular recess of the glass blocks

As well as the hood and the stove in a niche can push any kitchen equipment. Often this honor receives a fridge - the bulky kitchen object. As the saying goes, there he and the road, so as not to get in the way.

Large refrigerator stands alone created a niche for him

For those who live in his house, and not only for them, will be interested in the option of using a niche for installation in its autonomous heating system and hot water. I hid all the equipment in the usual niche and closed or folding door.

Autonomous heating system in the kitchen alcove behind a door

A flat screen TV in a niche right place. In a separate niche or among the shelves - it does not matter, all determines your taste and design.

TV in an alcove under the shelves

TV in a separate alcove behind the dining area

You can make a niche in the whole combination - the same place where the fridge, put the oven and add to the space in cupboards and shelves.

Large niche in which a refrigerator, cupboards, oven and shelves

Can not be combined, and in every single niche to put his technique, wardrobe, table or decor.

Several individual niches along one wall: a refrigerator, a stove, a part of the headset, a decor

Interesting idea, placed in a niche above the cell fridge for storing wine bottles.

Niche with compartments for bottles of wine on the fridge

By the way, for wine or jars with spices can be identified shallow and thus narrow niche in free space kitchen wall. This place is always there, it will look outside the box and you will save space on shelves and in cabinets.

Narrow vertical niches in the wall of a bottle of wine and a jar with spices

One of the most popular design techniques - to organize in an alcove dining area, separating it from the workspace as dining area and recreation. In this place will be very useful pictures with calming scenery or an aquarium with fish.

Dining area in an alcove on the wall with a collage of pictures
Dining area near the wall with an aquarium in the niche

Additional lockers and shelvesWhich can be arranged in the niches, create new storage space for various dishes and utensils.

Great buffet dish in the spacious kitchen-dining room

In addition to dishes on the shelves can stand banks with cereals and spices. Also, it is an excellent location for storing the literature, such as cooking.

Open shelves in the niche with different utensils and books

Shelves and cabinets - it's good, but why not combine them under a single idea and create a niche in the closet? All that is not often used, does not look presentable, all stocks of the products can easily be put on the shelf, put in the basket and closed from prying eyes by a sliding door.

Storage room in the niche to-ceiling windows with a sliding door

Nisha does not have to only perform a useful role, it can be used in a purely decorative purposes, placed on a shelf beautiful dishes or small works of art and decoration.

Beautiful crockery on shelves in a shallow niche in the narrow wall

In addition to all sorts of statues and vases in a shallow niche fit well houseplants. The main thing is that they have enough sunlight in their personal whereabouts.

Small niche in the wall for decoration and home colors

Excellent fit in the niche and such a frequent component of many dishes as bar. Why not? Apply for special niche design, set a high shelf and bar stools and enjoy a pleasant pastime.

Bar Front glass in the recess to the left of the working zone of the kitchen

It is worth remembering and kitchen apron. It was there and very handy to be a small niche under the basic spices and bottles of different kinds of oils and vinegars.

Small rectangular niche behind the plate on an apron for spices and oils

You can not skimp, and to give a niche albeit narrow, but the entire length of the apron space. Thus there is still fit and commonly used utensils.

Narrow niche full-length skirt for bottles and glasses

Or look at the option even more generous niche design on an apron, decorated to the ceiling. Instead of standard cabinets in the wall niches apron made by public and private Cupboards. As on the main wall, and on the side next to the sink.

Open and closed shelves in niches on the apron on both sides of the hood

What should I do if the niche is to get there, where is the box? There is best to arrange a meditation area or, simply, relax. Make finish this zone different from the color or material of the main dishes, add soft cushions and shelves for books, and you are ready to relax and enjoy the view outside the window.

Kitchen with a niche in the wall where the window
The large window-niche in the wall with a wooden bench in the entire length and pillows


This design decision makes sense to tell apart. This is the case when the entire kitchen is located in an alcove. Moreover, such a niche is often specially built in a separate part of the living space.

Kitchenette for a separate partition from the bedroom in a small apartment

This may have different reasons. For example, you have a non-standard housing, where the plan does not provide a special place in the kitchen and other rooms. Most often, this is a large open space where you can decide where and what to post. Here arises the idea to build a kitchen separate niche.

Kitchen corner in the big long room

In these spaces, there is usually no rooms and doors, so you can not only place the kitchen in the niche, but also to cover up her folding door.

Kitchenette with folding door

Up to the contrary, you may have a very small studio apartment, where you want to or not, you have to push a little kitchen set in a deep niche in the kitchen.

Kitchenette in a small studio apartment

Making niche

And last, but important point. If the niche is not completely closed furniture or appliances, the space niches requires registration. If you do not like variegation in the interior, let the niche is in one color with the kitchen walls.

Kitchen furniture, walls and niches in a blue color

You can make a niche in consonant with the color, which is on the wallpaper or elsewhere kitchen design.

The niche is framed in the blue color of the wallpaper on the other wall

A niche can be identified, having painted it in a lighter shade relative to the surrounding walls.

Bright on a dark wall niches

Nothing prevents you to do otherwise and to paint a niche space in a darker color to contrast with the base.

Two niches dark near dining area along a light cream walls

A well-known technique highlight some areas - it wallpapering. For example, for a niche, where there is a dining area, can be an excellent solution to cover the walls with bright pink succulent wallpaper.

Bright pink wallpaper in an alcove behind the dining area

And, of course, the lighting, she just asks to be installed in a niche. At night, lights not only decorate the interior, but also banal help you find the right item. options highlights may be different - from spotlights to LED strips. However, as the location of the lights. Side or top, the entire perimeter or only on three sides - the decision, as always, is yours.

Narrow niche high near the window illuminated the perimeter

We hope that our article was informative, helpful and inspired you to an interesting solution for the interior of your kitchen.

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